24th June 2005

10:32pm: Pickle in the Middle rocks my world
Ok. Hi.

I have so much to say, but will make this short and sweet in any case. :D

EXAMS ARE OVER!!! Yes. Yes. And more Yes. Math was quite hard, thank you very much. I got an 89, but according to my cousin (who got an 85 on it) they are rescaling it. I'm excited, because my proof mistake is what screwed me over and it was SO stupid. All other exams...don't know. Will tell you when I do.

Ok, so Sunday is an all day marathon of SVU and I'm MISSING IT!!!!!!!!!!! *dies* I'm taping 3 episodes of it though. *glomps Moth* I love that I got you into it and Chris Meloni. *drools* Gosh. I swear, he is the hottest man I know over 40. *gets weird looks* Oh shush. http://www.livejournal.com/users/echoing_inside/21737.html < Tell me you're not in love with him there. :D

Camp. Ohmygosh. It's SO soon. Isn't that crazy? I'm so excited to see Tori and Sam. Seriously. It's going to rock, just because they will be there. I can't wait, but I can because it fell on weird dates this year. Plus, with the Senior High retreat after? I don't know.

I've been dying to talk to Shelly all day today. I dnk why, but I went to call her a zillion times and stopped 'cause she's in PA and I don't know if she has her cell or what's up. Will call her while I'm at camp though.

Last night. Mal, I heart you. Our walk rocked. Russians rock. "He was hanging there like a...puppet...on a string" lol!

Ok, all, pickle in the middle tournament this summer! Dead serious. Teams of two. One of the people from the team is in the middle, the other team are the two people on the outside. When you get out of the middle, your partner and you become the outside people, and someone from the team you were playing goes in the middle. It's timed. You have to get the ball in less than 10 min or no points. If you get it in less than 5 min, you get 3 points.

Games every other Thursday, at least. NO CONTACT unless the ball is on the ground!!!

Team colors?

I think that's about it. I don't know. I'll let you know. But, pickle in the middle is all the rage. :D

Erm. What else? I'm soooo hyper.

Went shopping with Alicia. She bought THE cutest Build-A-Bear ever. I love Reed! lol. Him and his bear boxers. So cute. And, then I got this black zip up from Lady Foot Locker. It rocks. It was way too expensive, but I've wanted one forever and it fit and I just was like, wth? I want it, I'll buy it. So I did. Then we went to the Korner Kaffe. Mrs. Tanner was there, but won't be anymore. She'll be at the Sr. High retreat though, after camp. So, cool. I had the best brownie desert thing that I've ever tasted in my entire life there. It was SO good. I swear...it rocked the cabash. :D

I think that's it for now...

Ok, I'll update tomorrow, maybe. If not, definetly once I get home from camp.

xoxoxoxox to all,
Current Mood: hyper
Current Music: colin raye? I don't know.
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