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Sunday, September 7th, 2003
3:21 pm - recap on last night...
yeah in my entry before this one, i said it was the best night of my life and you were prolly wondering why. well heres the 411 on last night....
so me and dani were babysitting my two sisters, my two cousins, and dani's little sister. lees called so were like come kids were going on a field trip. so we rounded up all the little ones and headed down to lees's. after we got lees we were walking back and tommy and cully were outside we stopped and chatted for awhile. then we told um to come over that we would come bk later, they said okay and then went to cully's. when we got back we pumped up the volume(turned on the radio) and were hitting the volleyball on the driveway. we saw DJ riding his bike back from somewhere so we called him over and he stayed for a little bit. then 8:45 rolled around and lees's dad wanted her home. so dani offered to stay at my house with the little ones while i walked lees home. on our way there we stopped by at tommys house. as we were crossing the street to his house, this middle-aged man, wearing all black, rode past us on a scooter. he starred at us the entire time he went passed as. after we got out to 59th street, he turned around and was coming back at us. he was basically like chasing us and we almost fucking pissed ourselves. so we ran up to tommy's door, rang the doorbell, and were like omg tommy help us!! so he came out on his driveway and we were just talking for awhile. then lees had to be home so we asked him for a flashlight. when he came back, he offered to walk us home. little did we know...he was scared at fuck too(for one reason im not gunna mention)!!! so us three start walking to lees's then tommy sees a sheriff, and THANK GOD it was his substitute teacher! tommy told him the story about the stalker man on the scooter, and so MR SMITH(AWESOME PERSON) gave us all a ride home in the CoP cAr!! yeeeeahh that was my night, and if dani wouldnt have stayed home with the kids, lees could have been kidnapped by the evil scooter man....dani ur a doll!!!

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3:15 pm - shoot me why dont you
yeah well..last night was like the best night of my life, besides the fact that me and lisa were almost raped but yeah....if i could have just one thing, one thing that would make me satisfied for the rest of my life, it would be all of my friends and i just getting along. i mean i know that i am far from perfect and i have my many flaws and i feel extremely sorry when i cant do something with everyone of my friends, but i mean we are all changing. were getting older, its not like pre-school anymore. this is the real world, and i think we all need to wake up and realize that, or its going to be hell...

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Monday, September 1st, 2003
6:17 pm - what do i do??
yeah, wow, i havent updated in like weeks....but schools started so im kinda busy. yeah well today something bad happened and now my mom is like soo depressed and i have no idea what to do...if anyone does...please help me..

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Thursday, August 21st, 2003
7:24 pm - go cubbies!!
yay! lol yeah i havent update in a while....oops. but ive been hanging out alot with my friends, fun stuff i tell ya. today i had vball clinic. i was partners with lees, shes great. we hit it really good but it was really hott in the we ssssssweat lol. then me and lees met up with dani at the pool. corey and derek and danny were there too. yeah so im kinda mad about something that happened, but i mean yeah ill get over it. now were waiting for dani to get home from vball.....and im watching the cubs!!!! woot-woot!!!!!!!

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Saturday, August 16th, 2003
8:01 pm - freeeeezing....
yeah so today i was forced to go to the CuBs game. i told my parents i did not want to go and yet where was i today at the game, blah. it was okay i guess but i dont even like baseball let alone the cubs of all teams.....we did get some autographs though>>Dusty Baker's adorable little son Darrens(hes like 4 lol), Dave Veres, his little son Ty's, Mark Grudzielanek, and Kenny Lofton. not like super famous people but yeah...anyways now im home watching Cheetah Girls, hahah.

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Friday, August 15th, 2003
yeah i have decided to keep my blurty(thanks lees, lol) cause its fun and i like fun stuff. yeah yesterday i didnt really do anything. today i wanted to watch dawsons creek but it wasnt on, grrrrr. later today i want to go to the pool and invite everyone i know!!!! lol i am hyyyyyper! g2g byeeeeeee

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Saturday, August 9th, 2003
8:47 pm - hEy
yeah i havent really updated in awhile but thats okay right? lol. yeah today i went shopping. i got a skirt and a wallet from AE, earrings and my little pony shoe laces from claires, D R E A M perfume from gap, shorts and hair clips and make-up from charolette russe, and a hat that is the shit from anchor blue. yeah that was my day, i gotta go now cause my sister is a bitch! later

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Thursday, August 7th, 2003
10:40 am
:x: name = sara
:x: piercings = 4 in each ear, bellybutton
:x: tattoos = none yet
:x: height = 5'5"
:x: shoe size = 7 1/2
:x: hair color = brown
:x: length = almost middle of my back
:x: siblings = three sisters

:x: movie you rented = head over heels
:x: movie you bought = old school
:x: song you listened to = bootylicious
:x: song that was stuck in your head = bootylicious
:x: cd you bought = no clue
:x: cd you listened to = Stripped
:x: person you've called = dunno
:x: person that's called you = dunno
:x: tv show you've watched = I watched the CUBS game does that count as a show, hahah
:x: person you were thinking of = grandma sissy

:x: long distance relationships = if two people truly are in love then I say go for it
:x: using someone = against
:x: killing people = against
:x: teenage smoking = against
:x: driving drunk = against
:x: gay/lesbian relationship = for
:x: soap operas = ????

:x: food = grilled cheese with tomatoes, apples, and salad
:x: song = somebody like you ~ keith urban
:x: thing to do = hang out with friends
:x: thing to talk about = boys
:x: sports = basketball,soccer,volleyball
:x: drinks = water and any type of *clear* pop, no dark pop!
:x: clothes = hoodies and skirts, not as one outfit!!!!!
:x: movies = my best friends wedding
:x: band/singer = none
:x: holiday = any
:x: new nerdy saying = ………
:x: disney movie = the lion king
:x: scent = love spell
:x: word = ????
:x: nickname = sar bear, sawa
:x: guy name = Lucas
:x: girl name = Murphy, Haleigh, Sydney, Charlie, and Sadie
:x: eye color = blue
:x: flower = roses
:x: piercing = bellybutton
:x: actress = Lisa Kudrow

:x: pretty = ever heard of inner beauty?
:x: funny = oh yeah
:x: hot = um no, lol
:x: friendly = yes
:x: amusing = most definitely
:x: ugly = at times
:x: loveable = course
:x: pessimistic = yeah huh
:x: optimistic = you betcha
:x: caring = certainly
:x: sweet = when I want to be
:x: dorky = who isn’t?
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9:10 am - were moving districts....
hello hello. yes, yesterday me, lees, dani, alli, nicole, kelly, angel, anita, rachel, and kristina, my mum, and my aunt all went to see FrEakY fRiDaY. it was a really good movie, i suggest you get your ass off the computer now and go see it. yeah well after the movie, i came hom and slept cause i had a migraine :( then i went online and was talking with everyone. today, august 7th, i found out how much of a pig all the guys at my school are. god it just makes me so mad and im not lying when i say this, i would seriously switch schools if i had the chance (taking all of my friends with me of course) lol. all they want is to "get some" and theres only like a handful (not even) of girls that go to lisle that will just give guys whatever they want. obviously these girls have no respect for themselves what-so-ever and that just makes me sick. yeah well im feeling better now, ill prolly go to the pool or something with lees and dani, until next time! xoxo

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Wednesday, August 6th, 2003
10:06 am - S U N D O W
yeah i havent really updated for a couple of days cause my computer was being fucked up. anywho, on tuesday night i saw Pirates of The Carribean: Curse of The Black Pearl. man that was a grrreat movie!! i really like it. what i liked even more was one of the characters in it, Cap'n Jack Sparrow a.k.a Johnny Depp. oooh he was so sexy in the movie, probably the most sexy pirate i have ever seen in my thirteen and a half years of living. wow! yeah so now lees, dani, and i are kinda "obsessed". okay im obsessed, lol. yeah im going to see FrEaKy FRiDaY with some people, it should be fun stuff. after the movie we might walk over to alli's house, hehe. gotta go shower, hope you have a fun day!

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Monday, August 4th, 2003
5:54 pm - i love yew!!!
hey! im so happy now for some reason, hahah. anywho, today me, alli, and lees all went to the pool. we had to drag my sisters and cousins and neighbors along too...blah! yeah it was really fun. we were discussing all the gross memories from school. alli was telling us about how dan would get boners in english and then danny would try and hit um with a book to see what it does, lol. i was like practically pissing myself. yeah then we came home and alli got picked up and they gave lees a ride home. DANI is home now! i am so happy, i missed that girl to death. now it will be like old times with dani, lees, and me, hahah. yeah i think me, lees, and dani are going to find some guys and do something tonight, so later!

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9:28 am - yeah...
why hello again. last night it was funny cause me, lees, timmy, and bryan were all in a chatroom and we were like using reversed psychology on the guys kind of. anywho, !DaNi! comes home today from Michigan. i havent seen her since july 25th when i got back from Florida, thats crazy. yeah her, lees, and meself will prolly go to the pool or something, maybe find some hott guys, you know, the usual, hahah. yeah well i have to "get off the computer now" cause my parents are stupid like that, blah. ttyl.

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Sunday, August 3rd, 2003
8:37 pm - some people.....
aloha! today i got back from my [camping trip]. it was pretty gay cause there was nothing to do. the pool was like a giant pool of piss and there werent ANY hott guys, hahah. anyways, it was pretty fun when me and kyle were hanging out and i did win CaNdY bAr B*I*N*G*O. yeah well i just came online and started talking with lees. she was telling me about the conversation her and an un-mentioned somebody were having. it was basically how like every guy chooses hottness regardless of brains and respect for themselves over true beauty and morals and brains and personality. it just kills me to hear how low some of these guys would go just because a girl is 'hott'. whatever that means because its different in everyones eyes. the point is lees is a great person, beautiful, smart, athletic, hilariass, caring, generous, and just an all around S U P E R person, and for all you people out there that cant see that.....YOUR FUCKING BLIND!!!

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Friday, August 1st, 2003
10:37 am - fuck this shit
good'ay mates! last night i spent the night at lee's house. it was great fun. we played vball in her front yard, we hit the ball like *500* times, no lie! it was madness. then both of our arms started to bruise, but mine werent nearly as bad at lee's. then we went inside and lee's mummy, being the super nice person she is :), made us some MaC n ChEeSe. i put pepper on mine, and lees put salt, it was yummy in our tummys. then we had vball this morning. it was fun as always. we scrimmaged (sp*), and yeah that was fun too. today i am being forced to go stupid camping. lees was gunna come but there "isnt enough room" and she has her lesson so she couldnt :( the tomkos, the prindevilles, the potters, the dooleys, the leonards and my aunt and uncle are going. i would rather sleep the whole time then hang out with some of the people that are going. maybe ill just chill with calli (a 3 year old) hahah. yeah well i gotta finish packing, ill be back sunday morning, love yew!

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Thursday, July 31st, 2003
5:59 pm - hey yew ~
before i tell you about my *oh so exciting day that your all just dying to hear about*, i want to thank my lees for helping me with the kinks on this {blurty}.anywho, this morning i had vball camp. its always so much fun i just love it. me and lees were partners, thank god they didnt split us like the other day! after vball i came home and took a shower and then took the ^children^ to the pool. no one was really at the pool, but then luke came. so then i talked with him and his little brother nick, theyre some fun boys. hahah. yeah now im just pondering about what im going to do this evening, fun stuff, aint it?

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5:52 pm
this isn't sara, this is lisa. just making an entry to see what it looks like!
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