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Good Mornin! [12 Dec 2003|09:23am]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | too early ]

Ju Ju woke up at like 9am and I walk out side to find one of my sisters watching tv. I thought dad didn't wake up for work, but I guess he did but late and it was too late for my sisters to take them to BIMBOs and for school.

Jalissa (Ju Ju) couldn't sleep for shit last night. The lights in the window fell around 3am and that woke my daughter up. She staied up til like 5:30 amd woke me up at 9am so ughhhhh I'm tired as all hell! When Jalissa goes and take a nap you bet your ass that I am too. Right now my sisters are playing with Ju Ju Bean. She's got a new thing, going under the table and chairs. It's so cute!

Well i'm to tired to write so i'll be back lata!

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Good Mood for once! w0ot w0ot! [11 Dec 2003|02:24pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | Rated R "Hos Be Fuckin" ]

I dunno for some starnge odd reason I'm in a good mood and kinda hyper well not kinda VERY!!! LMFAOOO

Another strange thing is that lately I've been thinking about Joel. I haven't talk to him in a while and its just been worrying me. I just wish he want fighting in the war shit. If he was in Germany I would be ok if he didnt call. But nooooo hes in Bagdadd :'(

I NEED A FRIGGIN BOYFRIEND. lol I want Joel! But thats VERY unlikely! I have to laundry in a lil bit. I'm so far be hind in laundry its not even funny. Better do it now before I get lazy or a in bad mood. See ya

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UGHHH [11 Dec 2003|12:04pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Evanscence "Wake Me Up Inside" ]

Jalissa cut her third tooth the other day wooohooo!

Last night I just noticed that some people can be really selfish. It just makes me so sick. But they don't see it and still they think of only themselves. Sorry it just pisses me off. I'm saying they because I don't wanna offend anyone. But anyways back to what I was saying. They just pissed me off to all hell last night. They have it all and yet they complain "ohh i hate my life" it seams to be there favorite word. They have it so good compaired to us. Gets everything they want and shit they don't even need. UGHHH someone stop me before I call them out.

Jalissas is cranky right now I'm giving her a bottle and after that I'm gunna put her down for a nap. She whining while drinking the bottle lmaoo!

So far its taken me like two hours to write this damn thing because Jalissa is being the bigest butt in the world today.

I don't think dad and I can afford the apartment unless I get a job. But we can afford daycare. So I have to get a night time job but the thing is there dad will have to wake Jalissa up. I don't want that. ::sigh:: so I have to find a job in walking distance but fuckin a-hole there are none around here. Once they build the Wal-Mart thats across the street I will apply there but who knows how long that will be. So, I guess we'll just have to tough it out until then. See the thing is we can affordthe rent and the bills and stuff for jalissa and food. But after all that we have no extra money to go out and buy extra things. It just makes me so depressed, expecially around this time of year. ::sigh:: well enough for now ttyl

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Srupid Apartments [08 Dec 2003|04:28pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | FootPrints by 50 Cent ]

OMG This apartments we live in is pissin me off! Ok get this shit. The people up stairs got evicted. So the cleaning people where here to clean and shampoo the carpets, and I guess the office messed up the paper work and put our apartment down for the one that was evicted. Make a long story short calls were called and ugh pisses me off got it all straighten out now tho. I have to go back up to go to the office so they can turn my damn washer and dryer like they were suppose to on the 1st. JuJu is sleepin again. Its gettin cold and I want a cigarette but I forget where I put them. I have to clean JuJu and my room and the hole house lmfao just wasnt in the mood earlier so blah

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UGHHHHH This rume of year sucks!!! [08 Dec 2003|11:18am]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | Wangsta by 50 Cent ]

Ok Ok Ok, I figured I'd start an online Journal. Well Anyways this time of year sucks really back, expecially since we moved here and its just dad buying all the gifts and yet he still has to pay for rent, gas, phone, dsl, electric and ugh! I know I'm not getting anything for x-mas. That does kinda upset me but oh well I'm use to it didn't get anything for my birthday or x-mas last year :'( Right now JuJu is sleepim. I know I should be takin a nap too but I will as soon as I'm done here. Imma try and keep up with this one because I NEVER kept up with my jurnal on AOL. Dad said that in January I could get aol back but HAHAHA I doubt it. I rather get a new puter & and digi cam instead. But knowing dad he'll go for the cheaper way and get AOL back, in a way its good because i HATE MSN & YAHOO! Well Imma take a nap before it's too late!

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