04:21pm 20/04/2004
mood: ecstatic
music: Nena - 99 Red Balloons
This morning I went to NC with Bob and met new people and saw old friends and overall had more fun thatn I would have at school. We laughed, we yelled, we went to class. School was the same old boring shit...only shorter today, and my Legal Studies teacher yelled at Kyle, Jenn, and I for leaving class early because we work in the cafeteria and he forgot. He turned sooo red! The rest of school can be described as "bleh"

After school, we went to Kimmel and picked up my Letterman's Jacket! It smells like fresh leather! *squeel*

In a coupel hours I'm goign to see the Spokane String Quartet with a few people from school for extra credit. It should be fun.
Test week...YAY!   
08:04pm 19/04/2004
mood: excited
music: Lollipop Lust Kill - Black all over
State testing is this week. For the Juniors (me) and the seniors class won't start until 10:50 for Shalde and 10:10 ( I think) for NC. So Bob talked me into going to NC before school. I'm looking forward to this, I'll get to see my NC buddies! *squeels*
Another long day   
07:40pm 18/04/2004
mood: cheerful
music: Taty-Doscitaj do sta
Bob and I picked m brother up from his Lan Party and went to the mall for some pool. We played cut-thoat, what a fun way to play pool. Later we went to watch people at the park and Bob and I got bored so we went to the Valley mall to get her some nummy perfume becuase they didn't have it at NorthTown. We have decided to stalk a guy that works at the Hot Topic out there. He's fun and was hitting on us...well mostly Bob.

Now I sit here in the dark, typing away, clicking randomly trying to understand the life I have created for myself. I'm trying to figure out how to make it better, how to enjoy it even more.

Yes my weekend was awesome but I could be happoer, I can always be happier. There is just something missing in my life and I cannot figure out what it is.
We went far   
06:43pm 17/04/2004
mood: amused
So I spent the day out and about with Bob. We went all over the Northside! Hillyard, Nine Mile, The "Y", Northtown, Downtown, even the fair grounds! It was much fun. We applied for a couple jobs, one at a preppy store in the mall for shits and giggles, the other at Avista Stadium doing things during the baseball games for the summer. I forgot to ask how much it pays, but that's alright.

They had this tour thingy and one station was the promotions and they had us race RC cars. I was loosing so I ran over the other guys truck. It was great. Everyone was yelling "THAT'S THE WAY TO DO IT!" and "If you can't beat ' 'em off the road!" The supervisors were laughing and High 5'ing me. Great Times. I have an interview next week.

One last thing for the hell of it. I drove my brother to his Lan Party Thingy and I'm picking him up tomorrow with Bob and then we're going to Forever Knight, it's a fighting thingo at the park. I've never gone but my brother goes and a few of his friends. Bob talked me into going tomorrow. It should be fun, and if it blows there will at least be some sexies to hit on!
09:28pm 16/04/2004
  So I skipped 6th today right? Normally the school calls to inform the family that their student was absent from a class. They didn't call. It's kind of odd. That's ok though! It jsut drives me nutso when you expect athority to do something and then they don't.  
06:46am 16/04/2004
  Flay away small butterfly
From that which scares you
Does this make you cry?
Like at owl in the night “Hooo”
Ask yourself “Why?”
Why do what you do?
Why would you lie?
They talk   
07:29pm 15/04/2004
  So my brother talked me into getting a blurty. Oddly enough he didn't do much talking.

While I'm on the subject of talking. Eric is being an idiot! He asked me out and I asked him what more we'd have if we dated right? So, he goes of and talks about how he's ok with us not dating. What's with that?

Now you're probably thinking "Great another guy obsessed girly-girl" Well I'll have you know that I'm NOT a girly-girl and guys don't really do it for me all the time, we'll leave it at that for now I suppose.