i feel like chicken tonite. like chicken tonite   
11:46am 09/10/2003
  hey ya'll wuts crackin' ay. ya so ugh hmm um.. what to say. i met this dude his names ryan. he is inaband called is grace enough. hes pretty darn cute. today he said something funny . hes like my horoscope said that a really hot gurl would randomly start talking to me, and for once it was right! haha blushes* i found it cute. i dunno but ya. lets see. lets see. i just came back from skating and took a nice long shower and drank hella lot of ice cold wata. mmm ya nothing like a glass of water after streneous workout lol. well my sis hooked max up on his cell phone. since she works at rogers she gave him free voice mail, text messages, and caller id. not bad. so ya i hope he is happy. and stuff, and i have gotten permission to rape that motha fucka lol and by all means i will do so!! mu hahaha . alrightly tomorrow is carleton university day. woo hoo wake up hella early and go with mel cuz i dont want her to be alone. NOW that is a GOOD friend. well ya know i try. :) and plus being nice always works to your advantage. its true. try it sumtime. hehe ok im sick of typing and typing . im rambling now. see look this is called ramble jamble bo mamble lol fuckin hell