i feel like chicken tonite. like chicken tonite   
11:46am 09/10/2003
  hey ya'll wuts crackin' ay. ya so ugh hmm um.. what to say. i met this dude his names ryan. he is inaband called is grace enough. hes pretty darn cute. today he said something funny . hes like my horoscope said that a really hot gurl would randomly start talking to me, and for once it was right! haha blushes* i found it cute. i dunno but ya. lets see. lets see. i just came back from skating and took a nice long shower and drank hella lot of ice cold wata. mmm ya nothing like a glass of water after streneous workout lol. well my sis hooked max up on his cell phone. since she works at rogers she gave him free voice mail, text messages, and caller id. not bad. so ya i hope he is happy. and stuff, and i have gotten permission to rape that motha fucka lol and by all means i will do so!! mu hahaha . alrightly tomorrow is carleton university day. woo hoo wake up hella early and go with mel cuz i dont want her to be alone. NOW that is a GOOD friend. well ya know i try. :) and plus being nice always works to your advantage. its true. try it sumtime. hehe ok im sick of typing and typing . im rambling now. see look this is called ramble jamble bo mamble lol fuckin hell  
05:58pm 25/09/2003
  weelllll i am bored. i am bored. yesss i am bored get it? mel dude i know i just known her for like 2 weeks but she is sooooo chill. lol shes one crazy motha fucka i tell ya. shesaid there is a party tonite but who knows ? haha matrix reloaded looks gayyyyyyy as hell. but also well see how that is. she has digital so w'ell prolly just get NaKed and watch pORn allllll night long baby! lol jk. ......or not.... no no u sick freaks get those dirty images out of ur head! ok so ya i feel sooo nasty . i hate looking at myself. my hair feels gross . and when it feels gross i feel gross. if it looks good i feel ok . but argghh what-evs i am not gonna be a COMPLAINER like you know who.. haha wait you dont. but like I know who lol. i crack myself up. im such a retarded a.d.d case. yay for A.D.D if you have a.d.d hit me up ! we'll be buddies. and KADY note to you. i dont like MITCH no more. haha anywhoo
boom boom boom   
04:51pm 24/09/2003
  i feel like dancing! i cant control myself. ahhh anyways mel is STILL figuring which to go to. go to what you ask? karaoke or party free drinking .. on a saturday night what would you do?? party eh. ya thought but karaoke is fun as hell too. but if we go to the party its west end and we'd have to sleep over at this dudes house i dont know. ithink mel knows him lol i hope so! anyways not much is new bio test tomrrow. prolly hitting it up to manda's house in a bit . haven't seen my girls in a while. been a while since we hit it up. ya what what. im bored ive been listening to a lot of hip hop lately. i used to not like it . well i did but i thinki was brainwashed into thinking nothing is beyond punk.. whatever i dont care no more . my flavour is everything. anything that sounds good i will listen to. i dont care if you judge me. and YES even if it is country! lol no no i never really heard any country shit i liked . maybe i have i dunno . anyways late  
p -OHDUH   
08:30pm 23/09/2003
  damn everything! ya. geepers creepers i am sick of ppl and they're oh no what to do bull shit. DRAMA die! die! i hate you. i hate how people are so INCONSIDERATE of what they have. get over urselves.. stupid headcases. well ya so me and mel being chit chatting it up at school its tight. i like this girl. shes pretty chill and a wigga on line lol ..yea represent . ha anyways shes chinese and soo pretty but she dont thnk she is. whatever YOU ARE! she thinks i am really pretty. LAUGH IN FACE. is what i think. but whateves. can't wait to chill we live so close and all. i dunno dudeeees i feel really weird at the moment like something inside of me is dying to be released maybe its a DEMON!! nOOOOo! ahhh they always come at the wrong times eh? its like nOT right now! well i been thinking alot of stuff . my life. me and other ppls lifes together. and MAN does my head hurt from Thinking. well no conclusions yet just plain confusion blockages. everything is a blur. i guess nothing is sinking in yet. as for other people the CLEAR picture is there. lucky them. i guess sometimes you gots to fall to realize it aint worth it to keep falling so pick ur God damn self uP! and show everyone up who thought you couldn't do whatever it is ur trying to do! --> good advice? ya . ya i know! dr. jag always at YOUR service. i don't know where that came from, but i was feeling it at the time and it just popped up so why not eh? give a lil GET ALOT!! ya .... if only .. if only. im gonna go do fuck all now. anyone want to join? ..... ANYONE?? lol fuck it im outtttt
JAG to the w - HAAATTTTTT..
07:30pm 23/09/2003
  talked to hottie max today. he is sick tho :(  
werrd yo   
09:18am 01/01/1996
  ok what the fuck? i dont get this motha fucker. this motha fucker ya u stupid motha fucker. lol what the fuck. ya man today was fucked. some stupid yea stupid. how could u forget a skateboard. whatev's i gots lucky and now its MINE. some person left it at the bus stop. ya ok so i was like should i. or shoudlnt' i. to Do or not to Do.. lol shakespeare? o no thats to be or not to be. i dunno oh wells. anyways so i said if i dont take it someone else will. so being the THEIF that i am. i took it. now i got this lil board that i can call my own. and ya i went riding. giiddied it up from here to there. it was fun. but TIRING. riding does get tiring lil ones. well what can i say. lets see here today was ok. ya. not bad day. but you know what im feeling sykick . right now. i think tomorrow im gonna BLOW my CALC test. wow funny how you just seem to be sykick at the bad time. well good golly i need a fuckin massage . ass massage . any volunteers lol i kid, i kid. i REALLY wanted to talkto max. cuz i wanted to see him tonite. and no i wont call him cuz id feel weird. ya well ill keep waiting like the pathetic girl i am. COME ON U HOT PIECE OF ASS!!