9th March 2005

11:44am: Foreshadowing pleasantness
Well I got a call from the OBGYN's office this morning. they want tme to come in and take a pregnancy test. Now I am worried. I thought all of this was over with my visit on Monday and giving my four vials of obligatory blood for every test under the sun(including HIV- knowing is beautiful!). Just had a conversation with my brother yesterday about all this and just sex in general and now when I thought I was all clear to go about living my life as a childless 21 year old here it all comes again. Good thing I didn't talk to Marc yet.

Marc. What can be said as to that subject. My head and heart can't even grasp what is going on.

Cody has come around again. I have promised to call him tonight and so I will. I look forward to it and yet not with the new pending news that I just finally told him about but now look like a liar.

This sucks.

I have two more very important tests today and tomorrow and I am so nervous I can't even get the willpower to study!
Current Mood: anxious
Current Music: My Chemical Romance-Helena
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