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First entry [30 Aug 2003|05:25am]
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Well well, I'm updating with this sudden burst of energy that I got going for me. -grins brightly- This is my first update so don't expect it to be anything too special. I'm busy doing other things. I'm multi-tasked like that!!
-laughs- Anyway, big night last night. The VMAs. I'm sorry that I disappointed a lot of you and especially J by not showing up even though I was nominated for that one award.....but I had other things to do. I feel a little guilty for not showing up, but work is work. And I definately would've loved to have been there to see Justin win. Congrats goes out to you J! 3 moon men! -grins- I knew he was going to win for best Dance Vid. I mean hello?! he knows how to work those hips. Mmmhm, I taught him good. -winks- Just kiddin' he's just really talented. All them awards were well deserved for sure. -smirks- The talk of the night was the whole Madonna performance though. It was well.. rather.. amusing?!.... if you like that sort of thing.

Well, I'm going to's gettin' late and this kitty needs some beauty sleep. Holla at me later for shizzle ma nizzlez!! (-looks at J for approval- Did I get it right?!)

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