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Yup. [21 Apr 2003|10:00pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Happy Late Easter/4:20 and Happy Early EARTH DAY and all that shit.

Trace got himself a journal, little fucker better stay his ass around this parts this time around or im gonna whip him, in a non-sexual way of course.

Hey to everyone and im sorry manning but uh the :-x face is way better then the >:O face. haha.

that is all.

Love You Brit

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Good Morning Mr. Sunshine..... [18 Apr 2003|04:41pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

so Britney said i need to get my ass up and update, so look, that's what im doin

im such a whipped man, i swear.

yeah as you can tell im lurkin, only cause i gotta step out in a few so don't hate alright?

I need trace around here, im gettin lonely i got none of my boys up in here, though i admit yall are cool, but ya know hah.

I swear ill make a more meaningful update lata when i get back from my little trip, don't worry the justin lovin will be spread to all.

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wow. another post. [13 Apr 2003|10:19pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

so ya know the kids choice awards were yesterday

had myself some fun burping for the public. Afterwards i met up with brit we had a little talk, and what not. she was cold so i provided warmth for her, none of that groping shit ya know just cuddling, it wasnt till today that we had a somewhat.....nicer talk and well i think we are in it for the long haul once again, well im hoppin we are.

As much as that girl hurt me, i still love her with all of my soul.

Trace just better get his ass up in here, i wanna see what he has been up too its been like 3 fuckin hours since the last time i talked to him. that aint right. hah.

oh and hello to Taryn, cause she is a kick ass girl, we have a group but we havent thought of a name yet but all we know is that we are cooler then anyone up in this joint, and she will always be my favorite girl from crossroads, ya hear? sorry brit i still love you :-x

oh and also hello to Jace, thanks man for talkin with me, i hope everything goes well and ya know im gonna be the first in line to get your solo album. I'm feelin it already.

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first entry. [12 Apr 2003|03:21pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Pharrell ]

hey the name is Justin

go figure. hah.

I'm 22, i like to sing and im hotter then you. durrr.

I would write some long ass entry right here and be all sweet and shit, or find someway to make you wanna love me.

but I know you guys already do.

holla @ me mr j timbalake

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