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    Wednesday, August 27th, 2003
    5:14 pm
    Hey Guys
    First Day Of sucked was friggen 110 degrees out and we sat in homeroom(the hottest classroom mind you) for at least 4 hours...i hung out with mike today for like i dono 45 mins...yeah he ditched me to go running, then said i dont wanna sit out side and went in....but its all good im talkin to him now...he's a reaalll cool kid ;-) o well...its too goin to eat my sub that i dont have yet. laytah all
    Tuesday, August 26th, 2003
    10:47 pm
    School Tomarrow!
    hey, school tomorrow. summers over :-( im not lookin forward to anythin tomorrow...i slept ova mikailas last was fun. im talkin to the ho right now..he's iiight. this is my first entry and im so excited! :-) well i gotta go take a showa n get everythin together for fun. talk to u guys soon. much luvv J-Cro