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Sunday, February 2nd, 2003

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    men are like buses...
    ok, so last night i went to the cinema with dan. almost died on the way there, his car is pretty nippy for a rover metro, but got there all the same. not a bad film, although dan persisted on getting cramp all the way through it which was mildly amusing to watch! it was hard to break old habits of watching a film with a lad, ok, more than hard, it was impossible and i failed. my head was on his shoulder and his hand on my knee before the trailers were over. flirty comments were prominent throughout the film and i managed to tell him about nearly all my past broken relationships. this didnt put him off however.then there was the journey home. my life flashed before my eyes again as we raced his brother's clio. he pulled up on the drive and the inevitable awkward goodbye came. he went to kiss me on the cheek, and i let my hormones overtake me and kissed him, rather pasionately on the lips. whoops. but i could deal with that, alfter all he was hardly ugly. however, dafydd texted me. he's finished with lowri. now i have two to choose from. i'm debating whether or not to go c him in work later, just to show him i'm stil interested. cos at the end of the day, dan vs daf - result is inevitable. i'll write more when ive seen him... x

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