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Unsaid Chap.3>>Problematic Issues and Unexpected Snogs (beta) [28 Dec 2003|04:26pm]
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Thanks to ALL who reviewed for me and I am happy to say that the first 2 chapters of this story have been succsessful on fanfiction.net! Weeeee!!! Thanks to all those who reviewed there as well.

I hope you all enjoy this chapter of the story, because, as you can see I've stayed up VERY late for this. I shall be checking for reviews soon. I also want to apoligize in advance to everyone, because a lot of the characters in this chapter(and ones to come) are seriously OOC. Due to it being very late(early O_o) when I write these.....that may not be the reason....but anywho...If you think that it doesn't sound right the way its going PLEASE inform me. I can and will make changes if necessary. Because thats what having it beta read is for right? ^^ Thank you!

~Disclaimer: Only the plot is mine. HP belongs to JKR and The WB and all the companies and persons with ties to the said persons and companies. xD No copyright infringement is intended.

**Please be wary of heavy language, and mild sexual situations.(ie: snogging)***
**This story IS Rated PG-13. For the above reasons.***
*****The original characters Freya Lancester, Olivia Parla, Van Tomiko, and any other original characters
defined in the profile of any original character of the Toxicity RPs community are the sole property of the character's creator. Freya is (c) to me, Olivia is (c) to Alisha, Van is (c) to Collin.*****

Hermione's eyes fluttered open and the chirp of crikets caught her hears. "Wha-?" she muttered, sitting up in her hosptial bed. "You're alright then?" said a soft voice from the shadows of the doorway. "Urm.....yes. I guess so....where am I.....I mean.....How did I get here?" she said, slightly unaware of who exactly she was talking too. "Well....I suppose McGonagall had Potter levitate you up here." said the voice and Hermione saw a vague outline of the figure,(her eyes were still blurry) because whoever it was had shifted onto his opposite shoulder. "Well.....Why am I here then?" she asked,in an irritated sort of tone, as she had not been satisfied with the previous answer she had recieved. "Well....If you must know everything!" The voice said. "You hit your head and got knocked out." 'There....simple, but telling it like it is.' he thought to himself.

"Who are you anyways!?" she retorted. "You didn't know already?" said the voice as the figure stepped out from the shadows. His grey eyes glinted in the dim candle light, and strands of silvery blonde hair seemed to frame his face. His eyes looked as though they had softened, there was no hint of the usual malice within them. He seemed handsome to her just then, with the dim light and all. 'NO WAY!! Musn't think such vile thoughts!!' Hermione caught herself.


"What are you doing here, Malfoy?!" she said, nearly spitting out his last name. "I didn't ask to be here Granger!!" He snapped, really spitting her name out. "I was sent here by Dumbledore after being given Veritas serum so I could be foud innocent!" Draco really needed to learn to control that temper of his. She scoffed, "Don't you dare take that tone with me Draco!" she said, playfully using his first name. And surprisingly enough, she didn't cringe in saying it and though he did look slightly taken aback, he said nothing and his eyes had no trace of disgust whatsoever. She continued, "You don't want to ger me riled up. If you did well, I.....I know some really nasty hexes and jinxes and what not...I--" Draco cut her off. "OH PLEASE, HERMIONE! I know a lot more jinxes and curses than you'll ever know. Besides, everyone knows that you are the top student of our year." he smirked. Hermione blushed, then she realized he had just said her name. Draco Malfoy, Slytherin, and Pureblood, was talking to, and using the first name of Hermione Granger, Gryffindor, and Muggleborn, in a normal, civilized conversation. But he had to go and ruin it didn't he? "Besides me." he added.

(AN: Fluffy moment alert!!) That was it. How dare he talk to her like that!? 'How dare he talk to me like that!!? And smirking his little evil smirk that always drives the girls crazy? Not with me you won't!' She thought. Hermione was not going to fall for his little trap. 'I know what he's playing at. He likes my new look doesn't he? Just because I straightened my hair and I'm wearing a little bit of makeup does NOT mean that I'm any different. I'm still Hermione Granger. And he is a Malfoy.' she fought with herself right then. One side of her mind was telling her to seize the moment, the other was telling her to back away.

She drove all the thoughts of backing away out of her mind right then and there. She was going to beat him at his own little mind games.


Meanwhile: (Gryffindor Common Room)
"Harry?" Ron asked, hoarsely. "What IS IT Ron?" he answered, rather annoyed. "Is she going to be alright?" Ron asked timidly, noting the anoyance in Harry's voice. Harry clenched his teeth(AN: TEEF!!! XD) and said, "YES RON!! For....the...40millionth time! She is fine! F-I-N-E!! Didn't you hear what Dumbledore said!? Shes in the Hospital Wing, they gave Malfoy the Veritas serum and questioned him, she just hit her head and it was and accident and everything is just hunky dory!!!" He finished by flailing his arms around for effect. (AN: Just picture Harry saying that. o.O) Harry then felt very stupid for acting like that with Ron. "Sorry Ron. Just because I'm sleep deprived doesn't mean I need to go picking rows with people, espcially you. Sorry mate." he said, sinking back into his poufy armchair. He sighed, "Listen, Ron. Why don't I go see if she's well enough to come to the feast with us? Since you have Prefect stuff to do and all. You know, to make it up to you, for going off." (Sincerity) "Yeah!?" Ron said, "Would you!? That'd be so great! Thanks a billion Harry!" "No problem." Ron then left for the Great Hall and Harry ventured to the Hospital Wing.


******Please don't review until I finish this!!!******


Author's Note01 [15 Nov 2003|10:19pm]
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Hello Minna!!! Welcome to the first AN! YAY!!! *dances* lol..*ish lame*

I would like to take a moment to thank those, very few, that left reviews for me.

If you have read a chapter I would like it if you could review. I need to know what people
think of my writing style.

Welp...I'm off to write chapter 3!

Sayonara! Ja ne!


Unsaid/Chapter Two "Start of Term Suprise" [27 Sep 2003|04:16pm]
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Chapter Two (Its very long and full of language.)
AN: Thanks to Korin-kun and June for reviewing! Hope more ppl leave reviews! Also..if you don't know anything about Harry Potter...you probably won't understand this at all. I stayed up till 3:10 typing this so you guys had better like it! ^^lolz
Please R&R.
***Language Warning> Note that this story is rated PG-13 for language and mild romance.***
"None of your damn business Malfoy!" she exclaimed.
"Testy are we, Granger?" Malfoy retorted. "Heh heh...So, did you hear about the new Prefects arangement?" he asked. "Yes. I was on my way back from the Prefect meeting.....duh." "Oh yeah, right! You're a prefect too. HAHAHA! I forgot, guess I've been busy over the summer." "So, whats that got to do with forgeting that I was a Prefect?" she said. "Oh! Nothing. Its just....well....never mind....hmmm...Oh yeah Granger, do you mind if I call you Hermione?" Hermione gasped. "What!? What in the bloody hell!?! Have you gone mad!?" she screamed and stormed off to the next compartment, hoping that it was where the others were.

"Wait! Granger! I just...." Draco called out to her, but she already went into the adjacent compartment. "I just thought we might be friends this year...thats all. Oh God! Now, I'm talking to the door. Wow, I am mad, aren't I!" he laughed. "Hey Malfoy! You're blocking the way with your big stupid ass!" Ron said as he came down the corridor. "What did you say Weasel!?" Draco said turning his bad boy voice back on. "I said get out of the way so I can get through!" Ron said through gritted teeth. Ron, now standing well over six feet tall, stood almost eye to eye with Draco, who was 6' 2" himself, and glared evilly at him. "Whatever Weasel.....you wait!" Draco said in the most drawling tone ever and stormed off down the corridor. "What?" Ron thought. He shrugged it off and went into the compartment.

"Hullo Ron." said Hermione, not looking up from her book. "Hey Mione!....um.....HEY! Ginny! Harry! God, could you two get a room please!" he said throwing a velvet pillow from one of the seats at Ginny and Harry, who both sat up with a jolt. "Oh! Hey Ron!" Ginny exclaimed. "Hey Ron. Heh.....How was the meeting?" Harry asked, fixing his jacket and rubbing his eyes.(A.N. >No blasted glasses anymore! Harry got contacts the previous Summer! Go Harry! lol) "Oh....dreadfully boring as usual." Ron sighed and sat down beside Hermione and planting a small kiss on her lips.(A.N > Yes! They're dating at the moment! I promise a little HG/RW romance then it will be HG/DM all the way after that!) "Reading Hogwarts: A History again Mione?" Ron asked sweetly. "Yes...but I find it very boring after the 5th time reading it." she laughed, putting away her book and leaning her head gently on Ron's shoulder. ''I'm so bored." sighed Hermione. She closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind. But there was that one thought that kept nagging at her mind. Why hadn't Malfoy called her a mudblood like he usually did?

Hermione still hadn't told Ron about it, so she decided now would be the best time. Soon she had explained it all and Ron now realized why Draco was standing outside the compartment. "Whoa...." said Ron, stupefied. "Oh GOOD LORD! Would you two break it up for a second!!" Ron exclaimed, throwing another pillow at them. "Sorry!" said Harry and Ginny in unison. "Yeah right...." Ron mumbled, turning back to Hermione. "They're more of a couple than we are." thought Hermione. And in a split second Hermione had grabbed Ron and kissed him square on the lips. "Wicked!" said Ron, giving off a slight pink glow. Hemione laughed at her own boldness. "Come on Ron!" Hermione said and they soon got an idea from Ginny and Harry.

It was about half past seven in the afternoon(or a little after) and the four Gyffindors were all asleep. Ron's head lolled over toward the window(on the right) and Hermione's head was resting on Ron's left shoulder. In the seats across the aisle, Ginny was using one of the pillows Ron threw at her on Harry's stomach as a headrest. And Harry's head was leaned on the other pillow which was propped against the window sill. There was an eerie silence that was suddenly broken by....Ron's horrific snoring! Hermione was jerked awake by the loud noise. "What the bloody hell was that!" she yelled jumping up from where she was lying. The sudden movement roused Ron from his slumber. "What? Where am I?" he shot up into a sitting position and saw Hermione standing in front of him laughing her head off. "AHAHAHAHA! Ron! HA HA! You snored!" Hermione laughed. She laughed so much she lost her footing and fell forward onto Ron's lap. ''Aw...Mione! Did you have laugh at me like that!?" Ron sighed. She sighed and walked over to her bag, and grabbed her pocket watch. "Well, we'd better change into our robes, Ron. We'll be at school soon." She went back over and sat by Ron. "You'd better wake them up then.'' Ron said, getting up to fetch his robes. "Okay." she answered.

Soon everyone was wide awake and the scarlet and gold of their house showed bright on their robes. Harry, Ron and Ginny were milling about the compartment gathering their belongings, owls, and cat, while Hermione used some simple cleaning spells and charms to tidy up the mess Harry and Ron had made with Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and Chocolate Frogs. "Scourgify!" Hermione said and all the beans and wrappers disappeared. "Locomotor Pillows" said Hermione pointing her wand at the two pillows and moving back to their respective places. "Okay...I think thats all." Hermione sighed and tucked her wand away. Just in time too, because the whistle sounded and the Hogwarts Express rumbled into Hogsmeade station. "Here we go...the start of sixth year term!" Ron exclaimed. "For all of us except Ginny." Hermione said as they stepped out into the cold night air. " Firs' years over here! Firs' Years! This way!" said an all too familiar voice. "Hullo there Ron! Hermione! Blimey! Harry, wheres your glasses!?" Hagrid asked, befuddled. "Oh! I got contacts, Hagrid. They work just like glasses." Harry told him. Hagrid looked puzzled as to how, exactly they did work. "They're a muggle thing Hagrid. Don't worry about it." Ginny said.

Hermione rolled her eyes, and walked off toward the Prefects carriages with Ron after telling Harry and Ginny they would see them at the feast. And wouldn't you know, Ron got the last seat in the carriage so she had to take the next empty one. And i don't even need to tell you who joined her on this ride do I? Yes, Draco.

"Uggh!" Hermione said, disgusted. "Oh! Granger....its you." Draco smirked as he tossed his two bags into the carriage and sat down across from her. "Guess we're stuck together. Heh heh." Draco then sighed and stared out the window longingly. After a minute Hermione couldn't stand the silence anymore. "God! Why the hell is it so quiet in here!?" she stood up abruptly forgetting that she was in a carriage and bumpeher head hard against the ceiling. "Oh fuck!" she shreiked in pain, and collapsed to the floor. "Hermione! Oh God!" Draco hadn't realized what he said when the carriage came to a halt. "Hermione!" yelled Ron as he ran from the carriage in front of them,he had heard all the commotion. Ron jerked open the door and gasped. "Malfoy! Let go of her! What'd you do to her!? You bastard!" Ron yelled.

***End Chapter 2! Please Review! Constructive Crit is welcome!***

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Unsaid /Chapter One : A new Begining [21 Sep 2003|03:38pm]
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Please Read and Review
Finally! The Whole Chapter!
The Hogwarts Express rumbled along the tracks toward the Wizarding school. Hermione Granger left the prefects meeting and ventured to find Harry and Ginny. She wasn't focusing on where she was going, as she was thinking about how she would tell Harry and the others that she and Ron where to be moved into seperate dormitories designated to Prefects only, (Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall had agreed upon keeping the Prefects seperate from other students this year.) and she bumped into someone. "Oh...um. Sorry!" she said and continued on walking. Then she heard a drawling voice behind her, "Granger? Is that you?" she spun around, Hermione gasped at who she saw. He had changed. His hair was shorter and it wasn't slicked back, it was all in spikes, and his skin wasn't as pale. And he was taller....much taller.

"Um....yes. What do you want, Malfoy?" she stated with sarcasm. "Oh, nothing. I just wondered if it was you. I couldn't tell with your new look going on. Well....see you around Granger." he flashed her his signature smirk, and walked off. No doubt to find those pea-brained companions of his, or to go to the boys Prefect meeting(most likely). "What did he mean, "my new look". I don't have a new look." Hermione thought, and continued to search for her friends. Then it hit her... Draco Malfoy was a prefect as well. Now she would have to live with that insulting prat all year long. She shuddered at the thought of haveing to share a common room with that git. "I can't believe this!!!" she yelled. "Um..oh did I say that out loud? heh heh..." "Oh my God!" she thought. "What was that Granger?" and some one tapped her on the shoulder. "Uhh...erm...nothing Malfoy! None of your business!" she said.

"Testy are we, Granger?" he retorted. "Heh heh...So, did you hear about the new Prefects arangement?" he asked. "Yes. I was on my way back from the girls Prefect meeting.....duh." "Oh yeah, right! You're a prefect too. HAHAHA! I forgot, guess I've been busy over the summer." "So, whats that got to do with forgeting that I was a Prefect?" she said. "Oh! Nothing. Its just....well....never mind....hmmm...Oh yeah Granger, do you mind if I call you Hermione?" Hermione gasped. "What!? What in the world!?! Have you gone mad!?" she screamed and stormed off to the next compartment, hoping that it was where the others were.

Sucsess! She had found them. Ecept Ginny and Harry were having a snog fest near the window. (they had gotton together after Ginny and Harry confessed the undying love for each other during the Summer) Hermione cleared her throat and said "Um....do you two mind?" They both were startled and sat up. "AH! Hermione!" Harry said loudly. "Um....we were just um... you know."he said, souding a bit dazed "Uh huh..yeah I know." Hermione answered. "So um....what's up Hermione? You look kinda down." Ginny said as Hermione sat down in the seat across from them, to read Hogwarts: A History again. Soon she had told Ginny and Harry everything about the new Prefects arangement to what Draco had said to her in the hallway.
"Did he really ask you that?" Harry asked. "Yes." Hermione replied and sighed. "So, what did you say to him?" Ginny asked.
"Oh! Um....accually I called him mad and stormed off..." "Well, at least her didn't call you a....a you know, what he usually calls you." Ginny added. "Yeah." Hermione said. And she thought "Why didn't he call me a mudblood?"

End Chapter One
Please review! ^^

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Title: Unsaid Chapter: One SUMMARY [07 Sep 2003|02:33pm]
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Description: Hermione has feelings for Harry, or does she?. Draco gets a personality makeover. Ron get majorly jealous and Hermione changes her look. Can all this really happen during one year? Welcome to Hogwarts in their Sixth Year....
Rating:PG-13 for language

Ok I suck at summaries but this one is definately my first HP fan fic. Don't laugh at meh when ya read it...k?

[EDIT}September 21, 2003 - I have typed it!!! w00t![/EDIT]

Look in the entry above.


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