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wheeee! [04 Oct 2003|10:40am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Limp Bizkit-Eat You Alive ]

i went to daisys on thursday instead of monica's bc shes too cool to hangout with me and daisy now. =p just kidding. lol. she was busy or something. but yeah. at daisys we went on the computer...woot woot. haha. mmm we had yummy garlic bread thingys. yummmm. haha. that girl has everything in her room! a computer with internet, a tv w/ a dvd & vcr, a fone, a bigggg stereo, and a huuuuuuuuuge bed. haha. i only have a stereo and somewhat of a bed [lol] and a fone out of those things in my room. pshh. anyways. lol. then we watched the ring. but in the middle of it we started looking at roger's yearbook. hahahaha. it was funny. :]

then yesterday [friday] i babysat and wen i came home i went to amys and hungout with gabe, amy, and edosa for a liddle bit. at around 5.30 daisy came over and then we walked to amys house to see if everyone was still there. but gabe had left and edosa went inside. and amy said that i had just missed _______ !!! ggrrrr. i was so mad. lol. but then me & daisy went back to my house and then my mom ordered pizza for us. yay. lol. while we were eating we watched even stevens. =D haha. then me and daisy went to that churchy thingy. lol. and yeah. that was my night.

today i want to go to the mall...



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