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Friday, March 12th, 2004
5:35 am - forever and eva.
It has been forever since I've updated this..2 months to date. hehe, crazy. O.o


so much has happened.

hehe, later.. i'll do it later..
I hope so anyways.

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Monday, January 12th, 2004
7:36 pm - The trouble with love is >.
Love can be a many splendored thing
Can't deny the joy it brings
A dozen roses, diamond rings
Dreams for sale and fairy tales
It'll make you hear a symphony
And you just want the world to see
But like a drug that makes you blind,
It'll fool ya every time

The trouble with love is
It can tear you up inside
Make your heart believe a lie
It's stronger than your pride
The trouble with love is
It doesn't care how fast you fall
And you can't refuse the call
See, you got no say at all

Now I was once a fool, it's true
I played the game by all the rules
But now my world's a deeper blue
I'm sadder, but I'm wiser too
I swore I'd never love again
I swore my heart would never mend
Said love wasn't worth the pain
But then I hear it call my name

Every time I turn around
I think I've got it all figured out
My heart keeps callin' and I keep on fallin'
Over and over again
The sad story always ends the same
Me standin' in the pourin' rain
It seems no matter what I do
It tears my heart in two

current mood: blah
current music: trouble with love [Kelly Clarkson]

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Saturday, January 10th, 2004
1:17 pm - ack, those Emo ways..
I got a kick out of this.. haha, =P

Top 10 Most Emo Ways To Die/Injure Yourself
01. Hanging yourself with a scarf
02. Drowning in soy milk
03. Slicing your wrists with a 7"
04. Accidentally ingesting black hair dye or parts of a sharpie marker that was used to X your hands
05. Crashing into a tree while trying to read the band stickers on the car in front of you
06. Dehydration from tear loss
07. Getting your bangs caught in a record player
08. Getting attacked by an emu
09. Actually wearing your heart on your sleeve
10. Suffocating from wearing too many layers of v-neck sweaters

-taken from
Rj Fiorenzo
"" diary

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current music: you catch me right before I hit the ground

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1:57 am - Your lips upon my lips.. can you picture this?
got me thinkin' about..what it was like.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I didn't go into work until 4p. a usual nowadays. gawd, I didn't go to bed last night until what, 6am. yea..haha, I was talking to a guy online..I like him! He's so nice and attentive on the phone and on the net. I talked to him for about 5 hours or so last night. He didn't get any sleep at all. awe, poor baby. I told him to go to bed.. he's so cute/adorable. I saw some pics of him his friend sent me. They were sooo cute. =) He's so much fun to talk too. We talked tonight for about 30 mins, then we got got disconnected. He tried to call me back but eh, whatever. lol. We'll talk again. ;P fo' sure.

After work I came home and got on the computer..then took a shower. I went to walmart to get a few things. I saw that Jennifer was working, she got off about 10 minutes after I got there. She shopped around for some stuff. The longer we were there the more things I bought that i didn't need... ggrrrrr, I spent 30 dollars I didn't need to spend.. o.O
I bought the dvd "Thirteen Ghosts" and Jessica Simpson's new cd "In this skin".. I bought pudding..yea, pudding I'm such a freak. haha. mmmm, pudding. ;P

We also went bowling and I saw Patrick, I told him to come sit with us and watch us bowl. He so wants to go back out with me, he's too shy to ask. haha, i'll say no anyways. so yea. Bowling was fun, Jennifer won.. we only played one game though. The guy gave us a deal..instead of 3.25 a game he charged us 2.oo each. =)
We left and went to the store to get some stuff for her. I bought a few things. I took her home and then I got gas and came home.. While I was gettting gas..he called. haha, then he called me back when i got home. he's so adorable! awe awe awe damn. go me. bleh.

*yawn* I'm not tired..but then again..
night night

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current music: sweetest sin [jessica simpson]

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Thursday, January 8th, 2004
10:43 pm - if you're happy and you know it...
I am in a great mood! wait..a really really great mood.

rock on.

current mood: happy
current music: kitten band playing happy music on the beach

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12:09 pm - feelin' groovy
Yesterday was a great day.

Work was slow but the boss was in a good mood, so it was all good in that department, even though i had to work ALL day. blah, enough of work talk.

Came home totally lookin' forward to C.J.'s (george) surprise birthday party!! I wound up getting there a little late but at least i showed up with Alisha and John..which always makes me feel better when I am late, haha showing up with other people. ;P WE all had an awesome time.
When we got there I was sooooo happy to see that Lindsay hadn't left yet..and i was really happy that Shannon was there, he makes the life of the party I swear. but yea, there were quite a few people there, including Michelle who is awesome. And there was this other guy I had never met before *dave?* I think..haha, anyways i spotted him right away..asking michelle about his status. She said..straight, single, smart, and very very quiet. He was really cute, I thought, and he reminded me of someone else.

awe yea, he is shy...

SO..Michelle has this big idea of switching him places making him sit by was so cute she said, "go sit over here, so you can play the game too." haha, i knew what she was up to. So shannon was the first player then me then him and so on. I wound up kissing *dave?* on the cheek and blowing in his ear which he was all to shy about but it was cute. well, actually I got picked to give someone a kiss somewhere and I asked dave where he wanted me to give him lots of kiss and if it was okay.. awe.. I think he kinda liked me blowing in his ear. haha! It was great.

Lindsay and Shannon wound up having to spin around 10 times fast in circles, both falling down about killing whoever was sitting on the floor. ;).. Um, dave had to sing a song in front of everybody, but he just kinda hummed something.

After the first game -tess- made shots and when you picked a white jenga piece you had to take a shot. She made shots out of these two drinks, and which now I can't remember what they were. everyone seemed to like them though. Dave didn't look much like a drinker, but he was up taking shots too. I kept on taking Shannon's Smirnoff Ice and drinking it..tasty stuff. I also had (before) a glass of sex on the beach.
C.J had to "ride" something..i'm thinking he hummped air though..hehe. Um, John and Aaron and Michelle had to do belly dances. We all played a second game and on the third we kinda stopped playing then Michelle knocked it over. =) good times..

We popped in "bring it on" and we all watched that. Shannon previously fell through the door he was sitting up against and said," thank gawd the Aztecs didn't get me, they'd take all muh gold"..he's soo weird sometimes. we all got some good laughs out of him!! I member shannon leaving and alisha and john..or vice versa.
Lindsay didn't leave til around midnight which rocked..but i knew she had to work in the morning anyway, so it was cool that she could stay that long. We all planned a trip to Peoria next Saturday, which i am really looking forward to 'cause i haven't been in awhile.

I stayed until around 1am. talked to Michelle for a long time about diets and stuff. She told me to check out this one called "The South Beach Diet" she said it works really good, even better than Atkins. (I bought both of the books at Walmart when i left the party, haha.) I said my goodbyes and left, went to walmart. I came home flipped through my books and went to bed, a bit tipsy.

awesome party, great friends, good times. =)

I gotta work again at 4p today. ack.
I might go back to bed for a couple hours yet, dunno.
for now.

current mood: thankful
current music: and so..i'm walkin' out the door.

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Wednesday, January 7th, 2004
12:05 am - you decide.
break your mirrors ·· cut off the sleeves on your tshirts ·· cut off your hair ·· cut off your heart from bad relationships ·· pick one: go to church, go to a new church, stop going to church ·· pray more ·· fill up a notebook and start a new one ·· take a roll of photographs, but don't develop them ·· spend more time dreaming ·· make love, have sex, and fuck, and try to understand the differences between them ·· give birth to something ·· kill something ·· let go of something you don't want to ·· hold on to something you don't want to ·· take a nap when you're tired ·· make a list of the people you've been wanting to say 'fuck you' to, and say it, in some form, to each one- and then, move on ·· get wet ·· spend time alone ·· read ten books recommended by friends ·· photograph yourself naked ·· sketch yourself naked ·· watch yourself naked in some reflective surface ·· if you want chocolate, have some ·· get a small tattoo ·· get a box of miss clairol ·· draw on your own skin ·· fall in love with someone else ·· fall in love with yourself ·· fall in love with something ugly ·· fall in love with the world ·· fall out of love ·· find responsibility ·· make a really big mistake ·· make a list of rules and break them ·· make a list of rules and follow them ·· take a bubblebath ·· learn something useful: how to change the oil in your car, how to knit, how to make great quiche ·· give in to honesty for twentyfour hours ·· give in to honesty forever ·· stop worrying. cry about everything you've been meaning to cry about ·· say yes to the next person who asks you to dance ·· write a novel ·· tape a picture of who you were at five years old to your fridge ·· rearrange your furniture ·· paint something ·· masturbate ·· say yes when you mean it and no when you mean it ·· ask for a miracle ·· try blue fingernails and red toenails ·· stop wearing makeup ·· emphasize something you've previously downplayed ·· pay attention to details ·· buy a snowglobe and watch it ·· unplug your television ·· turn off your radio ·· write your will ·· make a list of what you are, and believe it ·· wear something leather every day for a week ·· write down your fantasies, and share them ·· make friends ·· take a walk somewhere you haven't been ·· draw on the sidewalk with chalk until you have any kind of revelation ·· psychological house-cleaning ·· physical house-cleaning ·· fast until you realize that no, you really don't understand what hunger is ·· remember to not believe everything you read ·· find out what faith really means, how long hope lasts, and whether charity still exists ·· be kind to a stranger without caring if anyone's watching ·· sleep under the stars one night ·· drive somewhere at night with the windows down and the music loud ·· play under sprinklers until everything feels perfect ·· change your sleep schedule ·· watch the sun rise ·· memorize someone else's face ·· let old wounds heal ·· play devil's advocate ·· keep your mind consciously open ·· (and just don't try to erase your history)

-this is taken from someone's journal who got it from a friend.

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Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
11:51 am - And I'm running from my problems..I got my funny face painted on.
At work, (and i don't remember the exact date) but not so long ago. A young girl and I think her mom came into the store and I rang them up. The girl was young probably 11-12. She said "Hi" to me, and proceeded to ask me how my day was going. I told her, "just fine." She asked me what my name was, and extended her hand to me to shake my hand, she then told me her name. I was amazed to say the least. I couldn't believe someone so young could be so polite and friendly. The girl's mom didn't even blink an eye to this, I am guessing this young girl is always polite. After they left I thought to myself, "what if everyone could be polite like that, what if everyone could say "Hi" and shake hands as to meet each other." That young girl made me want to be more polite and extra friendly. It made me realize that if one person can be friendly, that maybe another person will want to be that way also. And if one changes anothers attitude towards this, in time maybe most people will become friendly.
This made me happy.

Yesterday I went and signed up for classes again. They start the 20th, which i am half and half looking forward too. My paychecks from there on out until summer will be very small. Just enough to pay my phone bill, insurance, & Bergner's charge. Hopefully a little will be left over for the "wants of life." i.e. dvds, chinese, good ol' walmart shopping. haha.
Yea, so, I didn't go into work until 4pm. yesterday and I go in at 4pm. today. We have been slow and will stay like that until right around the first of summer. So until summer either way my checks aren't going to be great. I get paid this Thursday and this will be my last "big check." I know I have to pay my phone bill, and insurance out of it. blah. >.<

I didn't do a lot yesterday. I got my classes done, I went to work for 3 hours. I basically came home, took a shower, watched tv, and went to bed. I wasn't even on the computer, which is amazing. I also watched the movie "The sweetest thing" which i bought a couple days ago.
Today I'm gonna work for 3 hours again. I might call Jennifer to see if she wants to hang out. Besides that, nothing else. =P

welp, i got my ramen and a diet coke.

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current music: the wreckoning [boomkat]

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Sunday, January 4th, 2004
10:31 pm - goodbye.
I thought it was supposed to snow yesterday, it didn't. So i woke up sometime this afternoon and peeked out the bathroom window and boy oh boy did it snow. haha, it was pretty but i knew it was going to be horrible to try and drive.

I came down stairs and got on the computer. Checked my e-mail and as always, nothing of interest to me. I had been and still am getting the junk e-mails about PENIS ENLARGEMENT PILLS. I once in awhile open them. I got off the computer. I attempted to go to Wendy's to get some food. Aaron was working drive thru and he gave me his new cell phone number. I told him I would call him and jessica sometime to hang out. He asked me what I was doing tonight but I told him I might be hanging with Alisha or Lindsay, or both.

I came home and watched "Gigli" which I was late in returning from a couple days ago, i think?! I really liked it, thought it was funny. The handisnacked kid in it was great. I liked the ending a lot too. I'll probably buy that movie and I also want to buy "Bowling for Columbine."
I went to Target on Saturday night and looked at all the dvds there. There were a lot on sale, some were only $7.50. I bought "Romeo and Juliet" and "The sweetest thing" both for $16 bucks. I was happy. There were so many more I wanted but I didn't have a ton of money to blow. I will probably go back on Thursday when i get paid to see if they are still on sale. The other two that i definatly wanted were all sold out. I wanted "Don't say a word" and "Panic room"... hopefully they have some more in when i go.

after watching "Gigli", I took a shower. When I got done I saw that Jennifer had called. I called her back and told her I'd come get her. First, I went to the movie store to return the 3 movies I rented and I also rented "American Wedding" -the unrated version. I am planning to watch that tonight before I go to bed. I picked her up and we went bowling, I won the first game and she won the second game. (like the night previous.) gawd, it ended up costing me $11 just to bowl 2 games. I think he over charged us. He was like, "i'm giving you two a deal." blah. I am broke now until payday. We checked up in the pool hall but no one of interest was up there, well to me. We left and I took her to Econo's so she could get some things. Took her back by her house, then to my house, then back to her house. whew... haha, anyways.

I'm gonna go watch "american wedding"

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current music: none of this is real.

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1:47 am - flip the switch.
sun, jan. 4th 2004.

feels like I am stuck.

no more bullshit.

dragged down, can't breathe.

having one hell of a time.

sat, jan. 3rd 2004.

I admire a certain someone. you could almost say as a "role model" type. I only wish i could tell that person that, and I wish they knew. things seem routine.

can i ever shake this?
does everything eventually work out in the end?
does it?

do questions get answered along the line. do people become more happy as time progresses.
again i ask..what makes you happy?

what does make people happy? what can give someone prolonged happiness and comfort.

I cried a couple days ago, I went out back behind my work and cried. I cried for myself.
what will i do to make me happy, where will i go. when will this happen? feels like i'm stuck still.

I'm just not satisfied with anything anymore. how many times can you put on your happy face and leave the house knowing damn well you aren't happy. how many?

-the little things-

a change is in order.
sometimes, wait..all the time.
I feel so alone. like i am walking around in a world where there is no one. or of the people still here everyone has somebody else. someone, anyone. are some just so unfortunate? I believe so.


current mood: distressed
current music: there's gotta be more to life.

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Friday, January 2nd, 2004
1:18 am - perpetuous dreamer.

yea..i'm still sick.
still gotta cold.
& it still sucks.

Thursday Jan. 1st 2004

woke up at noon something.
got ready and called jennifer 'cause we had plans to go shopping.
she called me back after she got ready, so i went and picked her up.
we went to the mall. stopped at Claire's first 'cause her mom was working.
there were tons of nice things on sale. they had this 10 for 5 sale. and most of the stuff was really nice, unlike usually when they have the cheap items on sale.
i got so many things. I was happy. I got this one really pretty necklace with a blue stone. haha, me and jennifer both got some huge silver hoop earrings.
Angel and jen's mom kept on bringing more things out for us to look at before everyone else got a stab at them. ;)

-my poor decongested nasal passage. ='(

her mom went on her break, and we all went to diamond daves to get some drinks and chips w/salsa.
but when we were done i needed to go to k-mart to get some shampoo 'cause somehow mine disappeared out of the shower?!? grr. yea but i got me a huge bottle of pantene pro-v on sale for $5. had to grab a vicks vapor inhaler and some aleve sinus pills. i think i used the inhaler too much 'cause my nose started burning like crazy. o.O ack.
we left the mall and decided to go to Jalisco's to eat some yummy mexican food. and by then the inhaler had worked its magic and i could "smell/taste" somewhat. well, enough. it was good none the less.
hmm, after eating we went to jennifer's mom's house.

jennifer's mom's friend connie had came over a little while after we had got there. she was looking through the paper and had just happened to metion something about a guy who was 21, and was being charged with sexual assult of a girl who was 12 years old. i asked her what the guys name was and she said Richard Tapper. OMG! I go, " I KNOW HIM" i grabbed the news paper from her and looked at it. at first i doubted ( i have known this guy,he even went to school with me..i have talked to him before and everything)

I freaked out...I was saying no way, no way. I couldn't believe what it said in the news paper. and jennifer even remembered him. His family has lots of money and his sister is popular and is attending a good college, this is so going to look bad for him and his family. it's so weird how they explained it all in the news paper though. There is no way it could've happened like that. It was such bullshit. I have a feeling that he would never just approach some 12 year old in the park and "supposedly" stick his hands down her pants. Unless this girl lied to him online and told him to meet her in the park, and lied to him and told him she was 18 or something..that is just twisted and sick I mean, he is 21 years old!!! what would he want with a 12 yr. old anyways. ewww. yea but he is sitting in jail right now 'cause of this. I was so shocked when i saw that it was actually him and they had a pic and everything. wow, ya just never know what's gonna show up in the paper. I honestly don't think that it happened like that though. I think this little 12 year old is prolly a lieing bitch..who got caught up by her dad in the park and lied to him to make it seem like she didn't do anything wrong. gawd, this is so weird.

eh, enough of that.

we left her mom's and thought we might go see a movie, but we were to late. we went to walmart instead. we saw chunky and some of his friends on the way there and they pulled into walmart too, they got out and talked to us and walked in with us. we looked around at some cds and i looked at some more fishy stuff. I was deciding on if i should get a bigger tank for MEESTER CHUBS, haha. I might do it later on. I did buy him some fishy pellets and me some toothpaste. blah, so we left and drove around and then went bowling. we played 2 games. I beat her at the 1st and she beat me at the 2nd, so it was all good. everytime she went up to throw it looked like she was going to fall over in the lane, she's a bit off balance. hehehe.
after that i dropped her off at home and got some gas.

so i filled up the tank and went in to pay came out and the car wouldn't start. ahhh! i was pissed. I tried to call my mom but she didn't answer as usual. but luckily i saw christian pull in and he offered to give me a ride to my house. grabbed my mom and of course she knew what was wrong, but he waited anyways. he's so nice. but after 10 mins of the security light blinking if finally started. blah. so we came home.

whew, what a nice day off i had.
but yup it's getting late
and today will be hell at work.
and i should get my sick/beauty/gotta work sleep.


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current music: the sound of goodbye

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Thursday, January 1st, 2004
12:04 am - cheer
Happy New Year yo.

i have a cold...

i hope everyone had a good time.



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current music: it takes me away.

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Tuesday, December 30th, 2003
11:15 pm - what makes you happy?
I decided that some people must just have a lot of will power, as on a regular basis i don't.
It must come easier to these people, like naturally easier.
I wish i could think/say something and stick to it. Maybe i have done this once, maybe twice.

I have also decided that this town is horrible. Some people are rude, & dirty don't understand why people do the things they do sometimes. I have been thinking a lot about this.

also, why are guys so weird.
I want to know why the guys in this town are either duggies, alcoholics, loSers, or just plain nasty. gawd..
why can't i just meet someone good for me. even though honestly i would be better off alone.
a guy would just hold me down.


~off subject.
I have been thinking about colleges lately, and how i need to get my ass in gear sometime soon. [even though it would be next year when i go.] but I seriously need to think about what i want to do and where i want to go. I need to get a really good education, so i can get a good job somewhere, and get the f*** out of the here. I hate this town with and undying passion.
I want that will power and devotion that i see in some people. I want to go to that great college and get that great education and show people that i am actually smart and can do something great.

so sappy. :'(

I need something more.
my job is not fullfilling,
my family is getting on my nerves.
I don't see my friends a lot.
I work and then come home and do nothing.
I am so bored and tired of this.

I need a change.
I need something to make me happy.
I need to stop complaining and get off my lazy ass and do something about it.

this is my breaking point &

I have decided this all.


current mood: hopeful
current music: sand storm [darude] 7.28

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Monday, December 29th, 2003
10:46 pm - CHUBS.
I wasn't sure what time I was supposed to be at work today so i randomly showed up at noon. There was maybe 2 cars parked in front of the store. So i'm like, "okay mom just wait a minute and i will see if he even wants me to stay." He didn't, but he told me to come back at 3 or 4pm. I came home and waited for my dad to get ready and i took him to get his truck. Then took jordan out to walmart so he could buy this video game he had been bugging my mom about for the past week. he actually found it there so he was content.

I took him home and got me some wendy's before i had to go to work. I got on the puter for awhile and watched some tv. I headed out to work around 4, haha. I worked about 2h and 45m. blah. We were slow and i ate some cookies that Chris made. ^_^
Came home from work decided to take a shower. I especially love using my ~warm vanilla sugar body wash~ which i got as a gift from bath and body works. mmm, i love that store. I am addicted to that scent and always get complimented when i wear it. I recently bought a purse gift set thing from there. which had the warm vanilla sugar..body cream, creamy body wash, antibacterial hand sanitizer, and body spray all for $25. that was such a good deal. =) i'm happy for that.

- I am hungry and want to eat.

but that was about my day. after my shower i watched a show, i kinda remember seeing it before about conjoined twins, which interested me. must have for me to watch the whole show over again.
gonna eat

nighty night.

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current music: thank you (trance remix) dido 9.06

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Sunday, December 28th, 2003
11:40 pm - .room to make a big mistake.

had an okay christmas.

I loved giving everyone something i knew that they would like. It felt good to give this year. got a camera from my sister, an awesome ring and earring set. from mom and dad: some p.js, a sweater, purse, a pop up hamper thingy. hehe. I got a trance cd from lindsay which i love, a plant, an oil lamp. alisha got me some twinkie chapstick, a walmart gift card, some lotion that smells like candy.

I went shopping, tried to hit all the sales. I went to the mall on saturday after work and bought 3 cds at sam goody 'cause they're going out of business. So i got 'boomkat', 'junior senior', and a 'telepop' cd for like $12 something. I also bought some blue comfy pants from JCs. Today i went to the mall again and bought a whole bunch of stuff from Claire's, i also got a haircut ( a good one i might add) I also got a mini crimper, which i had been wanting, on sale for $6. um..bought a headset for my phone. (which now..i won't be getting much use out of) blah.

today i watched finding nemo finally. i bought it on..saturday i believe. along with a cd holder thing that i "kinda" broke and.. the other dido cd i was wanting.

my goal for tonight, tomorrow, or any day this week is to clean up my room. 'cause geez, it became sort of a mess. I wanna use my new cd holder. and re-arrange all my things, so much clutter. ack. i also need to get all my clothes that i don't want together and give them away. I have a hard time parting with stuff. and doing that will be hard. but i am in serious need of doing this. i have so much crap i don't want, but then again can bearly part with..ahhh! >.<

i should be going now.
nighty night.

current mood: aggravated
current music: i'm okay [christina aguilera]

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6:44 pm - got a haircut.

i need to update later tonight..
not now.


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current music: something (trance) Lasgo.

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Thursday, December 25th, 2003
1:40 am - "all of the sudden the x-mas spirit whacked me in the head." ;P
christmas eve. -yesterday.

worked 9.30-3 when actually we were supposed to be off at 2..but pat left the damn doors open (as always) so everyone could keep on coming in..and guess who had to wait on them..yup, me. i was really expecting to get out of there at 2. grrr. but the good thing was i got me an x-mas bonus in cash.

came home took a shower. went to jennifer's, picked her up. we went to target and i got alisha some stuff for x-mas.
and i bought jennifer a new purse and me one too.[ 'cause i'm a fanatic OCDer, sheesh.] >_< we went to wal-mart and they basically said, "we're closed get the F*** out." I still needed to pick up one more thing. (well, a couple more actually)
so we went to both walgreens and they didn't have what i wanted to get. then i thought maybe k-mart would still be open, they were until 8. so i got what i wanted and also bought jennifer a fleece blanket. after k-mart we went to eat at.. old? new? china buffet..which was nummy. hehe. ;P went back to jennifer's and opened presents. well, she did. 'cause wal-mart and all the employees got together and bought jennifer and mike a whole bunch of shit. haha. so i watched them open 20+ presents and after that i went exciting.
wrapped the last of my gifts. and started to watch "the cell"..
which i will finish..



*merry christmas!!* ^_^
nighty night

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current music: my lonely days are last.

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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003
12:54 am - breaks.. what's that?!?!
x-mas in 2 days yo.


went to work as usual. we were damn busy. i really didn't have more than a couple minutes to myself all day long. i woofed down lunch as fast as i could (seeing as how we don't get breaks there).. I could work a 11 hour day and not get one damn break.. i barely have time to pee. gosh.

got off work at @ 8/came home. got on the puter for a few. I decided to tidy up the ol' room a little. which amounted to not much. blah. um, mom came into my room and goes, "what happened." I go, "huh?"..
so Jordan comes running up the stairs and goes, "something broke, and I don't know what it was." (yea..right..
he broke it.) so mom and I go down stairs..and jordan had broken the glass on the coffee table which he denied..he was like, "it just um..fell threw." my mom asked him if he was swinging his swords and he admitted he broke it..
mom got all mad and yelled..blah, blah, blah.. told jordan to go to bed..
He also spilled cranberry juice all over the floor which pissed her off even more.. then i saw blood or something tracked all the way up the carpet into his room.
i went into to check on him..and he is curled up ballin' his eyes out with a cut foot. bleeding all over the place..
so i took him into bathroom and fixed him up with some hello kitty bandaids..hehehe. ;)
long story short..
broke it
lied about it
admitted it
stained the carpet
got blood everywhere.
then got off by mom saying everything was ok
sheesh, kids for ya.

that was my highlight. how exciting.

work tomorrow at 9am.
we should be equally busy..
nighty night

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Monday, December 22nd, 2003
10:11 pm - haha, a hand job is still a job. o_-
busy. will update soon.

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12:49 am - the voice within
i slept.

i slept a lot yesterday..or just laid there and barely moved.
i should've wrapped presents or washed laundry or something...
i was so tired. -_-

i finally watched my movie..which was supposed to go back at midnight, oops.
it was as good as the first time i watched it... haha.

let's see..i have to work at 8.30a. today, we are gonna be busy, i think. it'll suck none the less.
i hope we get our paychecks early so i can finish up the odds and ends of my x-mas shopping.
i still have a few ppl. to buy for. -thinking-

*ppl. are fuckin' retarded sometimes*

christmas is in 3 days and i am less than thrilled. *sigh*
presents and some food. whoopie. no biggie.
hopefully i get at least one thing that i really like ;)

ho ho ho.

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