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this day sucks... [19 Dec 2003|10:24am]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | tv; nick jr.; blues clues. <3 ]

I went home early from school because I feel really sick, mostly because I thought there was Honor choir and I went in at 7:10 when it starts and I see 5 kids in Honor choir saying" there isn't any today." Great. So I put my stuff away and went to go look for my friend, but Mrs. Cleveland, stopped me and told me to go outside, but today was the awards thing so I asked her if she needed any help with that, so told me no, then told me to go back outside, I said I didn't wear my winter coat because I thought there was honor choir and I right into the building... She said,"freeze this time and remember next time." That biytch! I hate her, I said okay and left. I "had" to wait outside with only a afi shirt and my tyath sweatshirt on. I more than feezing! So my mom came to the awards thing and I told her I didn't feel good and I there was no honor choir and I had to go wait outside. She said okay and I signed out and went home... I have a really bed ear ache and a head ache too. But the good thing is, it's Friday! My mom had to go into work. I'm going to go watch some more nick jr. I might write more later.

_______xxx Love, Chelsea


xxx new journal [18 Dec 2003|07:58pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | afi mp3s; Whatever I do. ]

________________________________This is Chelsea's new blurty;
because Blurty is stupid and deleted my older journal.
This username [ivebeenalonely1] means; I've been a lonely one, a lyric from the song Now the world by AFI.
My older username [urdone4noescape] meant; You're done for no escape, a lyrics from a tsunami bomb song, 1000 nights and 3 days.
Love ya all,
xxx Chelsea

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