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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

10:05PM - Silly hoes

Took the link out of my profile. So now only cool people and internet stalkers can read my blurty. Happy Readings.

So sprained ankle = crapppppy
ive been out for the past week doing nothing and watching my team play. i went to the docs today, and i cant play in a game for another week or two. i cant take this anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh matey. (cuz im a pirate)

my weekend pretty much sucked too. except for friday. cuz i got to see my amazing kick butt members. julias cupcakes were soo yummy. we ate soo much food, its great. no one else brought me food so they dont get mentioned in here. =)

so this is pretty much a waste of an entry. oh well.


Current mood: jubilant
Current music: we won 52-28 over webster
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