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jessica's Journal

10th August, 2003. 10:16 pm.

hey i have no fucking idea if this is working, xangas pissing me off so im going to try this thing.yeah so yesterday warped was amazing, apart from the small detail that i didn't get to see fucking taking back sunday who i wanted to see the most and i was wearing the shirt and i felt like a dumb ok heres a breakdown of my scandellously good anyways day:

wake up..get dressed..wash face..brush for tommy..leave..

go to bank..wait for rory..listen to tommy on cell phone..leave

on the road..listening to radio..listening to afi..listen to stuff about black people

get to scary randells island exit..i love kids..rory sees pat

get out of car..tommy pisses..we cut warped tour line..haha

on line..freak out hears sic transit brand new..why acoustic?

but brand fizzle shirt..find out no afi..still have hope that i will see tbs

get free all american rejects..mikes a nice kid

but a.p. subscription..see melissa..say hi..

see vaux alone..see rancid..flee the used..scared of that pit..

see s.t.u.n...they fucking rock..i love them..bobby is sid vicious

wait for all american rejects..see crowd fill around in front

a.a.r. come out..mosh pit begins..rory bails..

katie and i survive for a little while..we flee..i curse out a man "stop fucking pushing you asshole"

dumb a.a.r..they make me angry..sadness tommy and katie wanna leave..

my stupid conscience catchs me..fuck you mother fucker..tell them we should just fucking pissed and sad

see mike kennerty.. say hi again..take pictures..

drive back to starshaped..happy..happy..happy

there you have it, im sad so many people saw tbs, fuck my life.but i had fun anyways.went home from ct today,found out courtney saw tbs, wanted to cry,talked to aunt rosemary,talked to my dad and mom on the phone,my lizard bob marley got put to sleep,im sad,went to deannas for her birthday thing..going to florida

thanks i really fucking needed you but you never showed up...........

Current mood: depressed.
Current music: the shower scene.

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