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Tuesday, April 29th, 2003

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    FIRST day on blurty
    yay a new journal! i was on Talknjot, and for some reason its like fucked up now, but if anyones reading it my talknjot name was konstantine43 if you wanna check up on me :) as everyone can tell im a HUGE soco fan so if you are one too you and talk to me b/c soco fans are the coolest!!! school sucked i'm so far behind in everything and ugh i just want it to be summer! the American hi fi concert is canceled for this weekend! i feel soo unlucky when it comes to shows i wanna see, such as the soco one when we got like 6 feet of snow the night before ugh i can't even remember that w/o crying!!!! well hopefully warped tours not canceled b/c of snow! haha with my luck it will be...okay thats it for now, gilmore girls tonight :)

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    Current Music: Counting Crows- Anna Begins

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