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07:03pm 27/10/2003
mood: blank
music: Lit- Completely Miserable
Well lat night christine stayed the night and we got up and went to school. right when i got to school i relized how much i didnt wanna be there!!! so i begged christine to leave with me but she said no, so on my way to 1st i see kerry, and she wanted to leave. so Kerry and i went out to breakfest it was pretty good, after that christine TM's my phone saying she wants to leave after 2nd. so we went and picked up christine then we chilled at my house for a bit. we watched part of spice world and we still knew all the words, scary huh? lol. then we went to jordan's house and smoked out, yay!. after that we went to my house again then took kerry back to school and then christine and i went back to her house and slept till like 5 sumthing!! it was so funny. then i took her to work and now im at home CHILLIN. and guess what... 5 DAYS TILL 311!!!!!!!! i can not wait! tomorrow christine and i are sposed to leave early and go clean goose's and jeremy's house that should be fun lol. and i have to goto the docters tomorrow at 3:30, which blows. alright i cant think of anything else to say so im gunna go, im still kinda out of it lol. see ya kids