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    Thursday, April 15th, 2004
    9:38 am
    at my dads office, about to go to my orthodontist. there taking aout my rubberband and then who knows what. it hurts like bloody hell though.....
    omg yesterday was damn awsome. haha michele and me wer going to the store to get some shiaat but we had to stop for gas first. while we were waiting for the gas to stop pumping we heard some guy yelling and some really loud music (it was fifty pennies). some lady who was playing the music was behind us and the guy who was yellling at her was next to us. he was yelling at her to turn it down, at first she said oh ok sorry about that. but then he started mumbling about some crap about how she was rude for doing at and such. i guess she heard so she turned it all the way back up again and started dancing. and of course he started yelling and she started yelling about it was her black right and to shut the fuck up and dancing. it was soo fucking funny! me and michelle were about to jump out of the car and start dancing with her but we held back for the fear of getting shot. omg it was soo awsome though. haha

    anyways ya she came over and made a bon fire thingie outside and then we watched some movies and yea..

    Current Music: ac/dc back in black
    Friday, February 20th, 2004
    12:11 pm
    im a stain.......
    Kurt Cobains birthday.....
    but no one cares.....
    exept me myself and I...............

    Current Mood: shit and celebration
    Saturday, January 24th, 2004
    6:31 pm
    last day!!!
    omg today was our last day at kirk!im gonna miss everyone soo much!! especially nikki!!shes moving to fresno,so we wont see her anymore!but hopfully shes going to the cardinal today with brittany and thomas and rebert and tess and all of us.our last play was ok i guess. i think i did good enough.i wonder if carol will cast me in for jungle book or if i even try out for it.
    hmm.......not much to say really.nothing big really happend today.
    omg i had a really bad experience with drinking yesterday so i think im scarred for fucking life.THANX U CARLESS BASTARD.

    any ways yeah..but im pretty much happy today not a pissy bitch like most times.so yeah i think im out payce

    peace love empathy fo shizzle

    Current Mood: comfortably numb
    Friday, January 23rd, 2004
    11:22 am
    yep, inservice day, how i love them.no school, but i still have to go down to kurt for my play.this sucks ass man, i temperarily put my hair in dreads with this wax shit today it looks sooo fuckin awsome, but since i havta do the play today i think i have to take them out.but then i havta do them all over again after.damn carol.OMG it was soo fuckin funny! amanda was online and then shayna imed her saying albert and chase andjen and esther were all at her house,and then she started cussing her out about how alberts hers and to stay the fuck away from her baby aj! she like shit her pants!lol.muahahahaha.i dont know how amanda gets herself in so much shit especially with chase.like her and chase and buddah.lmao that shit is hilarious.i really dont know why she cares so much if she dosent even like him anymore. but whatever.......

    damn it i need to talk to brittany about this dread thing and carol but shes not online and i lost her number.fuck

    im listening to the radio now so yeah well im getting bored with this shit so i think im out for now...
    peace love empathy

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: SUBLIME-SANTERIA
    Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
    8:09 pm
    another day........
    omg i finally got my guitar last night! its a 20th anniversary bullet edition fender strat!its not the fender jagstang i wanted but it will do..
    this sucks man, im going to pioneer tomarrow to shadow brianna or akasha tomarro, i have to get up hella early.o well, at least i get to miss a few periods.my dad might make me go to leland! thats not fucking cool!what the hell is at leland?id much rather go to pioneer but it looks like im screwed into going there.i'll try talking to him more.

    omg it was hella funny today! i got academic exellence r whatever its called to day on my math in my life poster. didnt see that one coming did ya.......
    yeah im felling alot better than yesturday.man i was suicidal.so much damn shit going on i just couldnt take it.im sure everyone goes throught this but its such a pain in the ass.
    yep,well um thats pretty much all i have to say today.

    Peace Love Empathy

    Current Mood: content
    Monday, January 19th, 2004
    5:38 pm
    more shit.............
    journal number two, more whining...........haha, im talking to chase right now.he says he wants to get dreads.orange dreads........i dunno i havta see it.ROFL.omg i just read his story "The Story of 420 and the PotHead Canadian J0o".omg funnyest shit.u should check it out its on his aim profile.neways yeah im still trying to find a fender but no luck.o well,i'm still looking.
    im also thinkin of changing to buddism or wicken er somthing.im not sure how happy my parental guidances would be but o well, its my life, i'll fuck it up as much as i want.
    hahahahahahahahahahahahah!! amanda carved KURT into her arm today.lol.just a wee bit obsessed arent we mandy?lol.im surpsied u could take the pain.
    i've been thinking, mabey kurt DID get murdered, but then again, who would want to murder such a hot and talented man??probobly a pshyco, sweaty, jealous middle aged man who lives in his moms basment and gorges himself on kool aid and bagel bites.damn you white trailer trash!!!

    ive been thinking should i try out for jungle book at kirk c.c???it would be soo awsome if i was kaa, but carol's probobly thinking of a guy to do it.god damn, friggin amanda is like obsessed with being the damn panther, shes convinced she'll get the part cuz of her hair.i have no idea what the hell hair has to do with it but whatever.

    why the hell r we living?? i mean ok in our lives we go to school,go to work have a family and then we die.its a shit circle.we drag our asses to school so we can get a good job.we get a good job so we can make good money.we need money to survive so we canhave enough money to have a funeral for ourselves when we croak.all of this so we can just die in a freak accident, have a fucking heart attack because we worry to much about worthless shit, or commit suicide in a few years anyways.we're basically just living a fucking piontless shit hole called life, so we can die.ALL WE ARE DOING IN LIFE IS PREPARING TO DIE!?!?

    overall im feeling really depressed for no reason whatsoever, i think the bipolar-ness in me is kickin in.
    hopefully ill last until tommarrow.

    Current Mood: depressed
    Sunday, January 18th, 2004
    4:41 pm
    hey writing in your journal thing is um......interesting.Today pretty much sucked ass. iv gone through all of damn san jose and i cant find a fucking fender thta i can afford.my parents are making me pay for most of it myself because they think im a piece of shit and that im worth nothing, so i wont keep up with this guitar thing.then i had to go to the flea market to get this awsome bob marley poster she saw the other day.FLEA MARKETS ARE SCARY SHIT MAN.the was this one guy who kept looking at me really weird, i swear i thought i was gonna get eith raped or jumped.eeek....

    iv been working on a song for like a week now.i finally finished it today.its ok i guess, but i knowthat nothing i wright will never be as great as kurt, jim, bob, or anyone like that.basically, the great.

    why do people even do this journal thing, its a just a resource for people to spill their shit and whine about their life. o well............

    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: NIRVANA-STAIN
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