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Don't waste your time on me your all ready a voice inside my head. [19 Mar 2004|01:14pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]
[ music | The Cranberries- Linger ]

What an eventfull day i had yesterday! I thought i had an exam at college, thursday is normally my day off but i thought i had still better go in to make sure i wasn't sitting the exam. So i missed my hair appointment which i am so gutted about. I picked my two friends up who i usually take to college with me as they were sitting the exam. On the way to pick up my second friend i had to stop the car as my friend who was sat in the back had a really bad hangover and was sick. Luckily i managed to stop in time before she was sick in the car. When we eventually got to college she was sick there so she couldn't go in the exam so she waited in the car with me because i wasn't down to sit the exam. So we were sat in the car waiting for my other friend but we decided to go through McDonalds drive through for a drink. We got a drink then set off back to college and i had to pull over again, this time i almost crashed the car because i shot up on to the path by accident when i pulled over and there was a que of traffic watching her being sick. We then went and picked my friend up after her exam and travelled home. Yes i did have to pull over again on the way home and this time i had to put the hazard warning lights on. So what a morning that was...
Last night i was at work, i work in a residential home and i quite enjoy it its not too bad. I'm certain i saw a ghost last night. I have worked there for over a year and i hear that most people see ghosts in them places but i had never seen anything like it before. Everytime i get to this certain point down the corridoor i always forget what i am going downstairs for, its a strange feeling and happens quite a lot to me.I was doing the drugs down at the other end of the home (near to this spot where i always forget) and i had taken some tablets into someones room and i was just coming out of the room. I looked up and just saw somthing moving it was black, like someone walking towards me but i never thought anything i didn't stop i just walked past. Then i thought to myself who was that immediatley i turned to look, there was nothing there and i knew i had seen a ghost. I wasn't scared i was more amazed and shocked but i didn't feel as scared as i thought i would have done. I didn't tell anybody at work as i didn't want them to think i was being silly. It was sort of like somthing black, i know this sounds typical but it was like a long black cloak frilly round the bottom, i only saw the bottom half i never looked up as i was walking quite fast past the corridoor. Then i thought to myself it was the vicar i was scared as theres rumours about a dead vicar wandering around at our work. I don't know what it was or how to explain it i just know i saw somthing. I do believe in ghosts but when this happend i was trying to think of an explanation that it wouldn't have been a ghost. Its very freaky... anyway i haven't gone into college today i don't have anything planned. All though i am working in the morning and going out with some friends tomorow night so that will be good fun :]

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Ikon Diva Wakefield Tonight!!! [19 Mar 2004|01:51pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Peter Andre- Mysterious Girl ]

I NEED to go to Ikon Diva in Wakefield tonight! Lord Brocket's going to be there!! :]

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