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heyy! [21 Feb 2004|04:47pm]
hey i got a new layout. .thanx again brisky! ly
well michelle and sean broke up for the . .hm. . 4th time i think? well im not sure but this time michelle is reely over him and im reely happy for her because she is movin on and gettin wit sum kid tomorrow i dunt kno his name but anyway ly hunni!

well nuffin is reely goin on wit me rite now same old and nuffin new so i guess ill just go cauz im bored and this is gay!
-ly- [xO]
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NEW LAYOUT * iCON! [08 Feb 2004|06:24pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | SLOW JAMZ ! ]





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heres the deal! [24 Jan 2004|07:09pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | sLow Jams ]

Current News!
ok well currently a lot of shit has been happenin and goin on so here it goes!
well 1st of all skool is hard as shit and im soo fukin sick of it. .but its all good cauz im doin good this trimester. .thank god!!
2nd of all MICHELLE AND I WERE NOT DRUNK AT THE CHEERLEADING DANCE!! dude ppl r complete assholes "theres vodka in the water bottle" nah shut the fuk up!
3rd michelle and sean broke up but its ok i kno that they will find each other again. .and michelle is very depressed but its ok . . im just hopin that she cheers up soon!
4th michelle's grandparents r very ill. .and im sayin prayers for them. .and u should too!
5th my daddy got hurt at work. .he broke 3 of his ribs. .but he is gettin more better everyday say a prayer for him too!
6th there is no 6th this is all that i can think of so please help out where ya can!

heres my thoughts on all of the situations above!
1-skool is gonna get easier throughout the year cauz graduation is comin up and its all good!
2-me and michelle will go to the next dance and be crazier just to piss ppl off
3-michelle and sean will be bakk together in the wekk
4-michelle's grandparents will get better and have good health the rest of their lives!
5-my dad is gonna get soo much better within the next month and everything will go bakk to normal
6-fuk u!!! nah im j/m lol
iight well this is wats happenin!!
ly xO

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[11 Jan 2004|06:35pm]
hey ladies!!
I Love You

Sorry! [08 Jan 2004|08:41pm]
Hey guys im sry that i havent been updatin. . i have been soooo busy wit skool and cheerleading that i dunt have time for my blury'z ill try to give ya a reel update over the weekend. .if im not studyin:writin essays:takin tests:and a whole lot more of shit!!! well g2g
-ly- [xO]
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hey [29 Dec 2003|06:15pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | The ULtimate ]

hey well christmas is over :( o well it was funn while it lasted!!! i was at my g-mom's all weekend. .omg it was soo much fun. . i cant wait to go bakk down thurr. . next weekend!!!. . .iight well i dunt reely got nuffin else to say. .i gotta go do my communities
-ly- [xO]

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hey [29 Dec 2003|06:12pm]
hey christmas is over!! :( o well. .it was fun while it lasted. . at least we still have off!!! well i went to my g-mom's for the weekend. . wow how fun was that!!!
I Love You

ItS aLL oVeR! [26 Dec 2003|11:16am]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | ToXiC ]

hey well yesterday was christmas. .and i hope everybody got wat they wanted. . i kno i did. . lol brisky the surpirse present was a tv/dvd for my room!! yey! i have a tv in my room and a dvd player!! well i got a whole lotta stuff so lemme tell ya:
tv/dvd for my room ( yey! )
2 new pocket books. . 1 is a cigar box its reely hot. .and the other 1 is like jean and it has MD on it yey!
jenga the game!! omg its soo funn!
make up
well thats pretty much it. .and thats only the DeRocini side!!
today i am goin down to deleware. .to my g-mom's its gonna be boring. .but o well im gonna get a shit load of presents!! yey!
iight well im gonna go join michelle's community cauz she made 1 so everyone join!!!
-ly- [xO]

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[24 Dec 2003|07:30pm]
M e R R y C h R i S t M a S
I Love You

ChRiStMaS eVe [24 Dec 2003|07:06pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]
[ music | ThE tHoNg SoNg ]

iight well hello everyone
today is christmas eve. .in my opinion the most boring day of the year! ( lol michelle )
well today i got up and my mom is sick so i had to give her medicine. .i wanted to be like whos the parent again!
i kno thats mean but it was just annoying. .then i came online cauz like i said i was 100% bored! online was fun me and brisky made a community. .and anyone is free to join the name of it is reppinmfr215. .and its reely cool!
then i got ready to go to church and that was reely gay cauz it was soo packed in the gym but it cool cauz i got to leave after communion!! then i came home ate dinner and now im online soon im goin to my dad's frends for a "holiday get together" a fun! ( not ) say a prayer for me!! iight well im gonna go gotta fix my make up and my hair MERRY CHRISTMAS!! ( lol michelle ) hope everybody gets a lot of stuff!!!
well im gonna go ttyl
-ly- [xO]
ReIcE. . to sum

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->>ChRiStMaS eVe< [24 Dec 2003|11:12am]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | ->>We WiSh U a MeRRy ChRiStMaS<<- ]

hey! Merry Christmas! today is Christmas Eve! and i cant wait till tomorrow!
today will prolly be the most boring day of the year tho. .im gonna be reely bored cauz im goin "out wit the fam"
iight well i just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ill try and update soon
-ly- [xO]

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->>HeY!< [18 Dec 2003|04:31pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | ->>SuGa HoW u GeT sO fLy<<- ]

i decided that im gonna do sumtin different wit my blurty! i mean hearin about my day has got to be gettin old. . and it is kinda boring to write about! so now once a week i am going to dedicate my blurty to 1 of my *best frends* my song will be their favorite song. .same for their mood! so here it goes. .
the best frend i wanna recognize for the week is one of my very best frends. . .
((ignore last blurty entry lol))
me and michelle have been best frends since we were in 5th grade. . .even tho we knew each other since pre-first lol chelle. .home videos! we have good times and badd. . i mean we reely do fite a lot. .but that just makes us closer then we were before! and when we r havin good times. .they r reely good! michelle is a good frend because she can always cheer u up when your down and she always is listening when your tellin her sumtin reely important. . despite wat her mom thinks lol she is always tryin to make u laugh or keep your spirits up. . .she sumtimes is mean. . but at heart i kno she is a reely good person and doesnt reely mean the things she says about ppl. . im soo happy to have a good frend like michelle. .because i kno that she reely does care about me and nothing will keep her from being my frend. .espcailly not boys! lol. . michelle is true and i think thats wat i like most about her. . she is gonna tell u the truth no matter wat! and i love that. .she doesnt lie about how that outfit looks or how your hair looks. . shes honest as anything. .and i kno that i can count on her opinion! so i just wanna thank michelle for being sucha frend to me. .and i wanna tell her that i love the time we spend together. .especailly when we r laughing and even when we r crying! ly michelle always and forever! *muah*
A QuOtE tO mIcHeLLe:

when u need sum1 to talk with
or even just a smile
when u need sum1to sit with
for just a lil while
when u need sum1 to turn to
night or day
when u need sum1 to hold on to
im only a hug away

iight and thats the end!!
ly [xO]
RiSSa. . ReIcE. .to sum

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->>MiCheLLe WiLL gEt OvEr It< [07 Dec 2003|10:33pm]
[ mood | naughty ]
[ music | ->>MICHELLE SMELLS. . BY: DAN MATRONE!<<- ]

...........................................................TEAR............................................................................................................................................................WAIT. . .LEMME CHECK AND SEE IF I CARE..........................................
............................................................UM. . NOPE!!......................................................................................
............................................................ILL GIVE HER TILL WEDNESDAY!.........................................................

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->>MiCheLLe'Z< [05 Dec 2003|08:07pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | ->>StAnD uP<<- ]

yo im at michelle's its a make out party and we r havin soooo much fun!!! yey michelle!

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->>FrIdAy-SaTuRdAy-SuNdAy< [23 Nov 2003|08:25pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | ->>StEp In ThE nAmE oF lOvE<<- ]

heyy. . well i had a long weekend. .so heres how it went!
friday i had skool . . it was pretty boring. .but that night was the 1st basketball game!! it was reely funn. . we were chillen wit all these ppl!! lol michelle we went home after the bball game. . and we were chillen wit me michelle jamie tess and marc. .then breanna and her "crew" came. .and her and michelle were in a fite. . it was funny considering breanna can kick michellle's butt! lol then i came home at like 10:30. .went online till like 11. . and then i went to bedd!
i def. had like a bumm day. . it was VERY relaxing. .and i cleaned my room and did my chores. . .that nite my family and the domanicos went to see elf. .and omg that is like my favorite movie now it was sOoOoO funny!
elf is the greatest movie ever and omg go see it cauz it was reely funny!!! lol danielle. . the yellow ones dunt stop!!
sunday i woke up and went to church. .then i had to go to cheerleading and avon was in. .so my mom came and got that and then i had practice. .but we only stayed till 1:30 cauz everybody else was leavin and me jamie and michelle saw no point in staying! then we went home and i wasnt even in my house for like 10 minutes yet and michelle calls and tells me shes bored!! lol chelle. .so we decided to go down to the parade. .that was pretty funn and michelle got sum "fake ciggerettes" and sum silly string. .then M&J had to go to lindsey's b-day party. . HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSEY!! i hope u had fun at your party!! then i chilled wit vickie for the rest of the parade. .and after that was over me and my mom sorted out my avon. .after that vickie came bakk over and then we helped my mom paint the bathroom. .lol vick! vickie had to go home and eat. .and then after that we went down to wawa. .lol vick bread and milk!!. . then me and vickie helped my mom make dinner. .and then i ate. .well that was my weekend. .
please comment!!
-ly- [xO]
((ReIcE. . .to sum))

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->>EvErYtHiNg ThAtS hApPeNeD. . sInCe LaSt TiMe I uPdAtEd< [20 Nov 2003|06:56pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | ->>ThOiA tHoInG<<- ]

wow! it seems like forever since i updated my blurty!! sry bout the commentin "frends" ill get on top of that! well i guess i will start wit the sunday after the dance. . well i had cheerleading just like every other sunday!! then i went to the mall wit my grls **MM&JP** o and my [x] grl JD. . ((long story)) so we went to the mall and "browsed". . .it was ok? then normal skool week. .boring! and lots of homework!! BUT!! on thursday is was highskool visitation day! and of couse i went to HUBERTS!!! yey! omg it was sOoOoO much funn! lol jamie and michelle-jackie!! ((funny times!!)) then this week has been reely boring too! AND CERTAIN PPL HAVE BEEN REELY PISSIN ME OFF CAUZ THEY CANT TELL US IF THEY R GOIN TO CHEERLEADING OR NOT AND "WE R JUST A GRADE SKOOL TEAM ANYWAY!!" YEA WELL FUK THAT. .BUT NO NAMES MENTIONED! lol O YEA AND NEXT TIME I GET A CHANCE I WILL CALL U A BITCH TO YOUR FACE!! so thursday rolls around and we went to see the play "Jesus Christ Superstar". . well wasnt that a waste of 2 hours. .can u say HELL YEA!! that was the corniest thing i have ever had to sit through!! omg im sry Jesus but that was reely lame! so im reely happy cauz i dunt got any homework tonite!! score! and thats it. .so im gonna go bakk to talkin to ppl cuaz i got nuffin else to say
pLeAsE cOmmEnT!!
((ReIcE-to sum))

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->>SaTuRdAy NiGhT<<- [tHe DaNcE] [09 Nov 2003|04:54pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | ->>I LiKe tHe WaY u MoVe<<- ]

yes saturday night was the cheerleading dance!! and it was soooo funn! much better then the soccer dance! it was so great! i was dancin wit col and cait and jen and kim and sam and all these other ppl. . but not the ppl who left early cauz they r ditchers and thats so beat! but anyway i aint gonna talk bout rude ppl like that!. . .i got a cd! yey! i was dancin forever and it took the guy forever to give me the cd. .but i was so happy when i got it. .dom was like watch now it wunt play when u get home. .well lol dom but it did! thankfully!! then after i was all hott and sweaty after th dance was over my dad was like i kno that guy and they tight. .and he was like u should have just told me u wanted 1 i would have got 1 for u awhile ago! so i did all that dancin for nuffin! . . but who cares it was still reely funn. . well that was pretty much the end of my sat. cauz when i got home i was sOoOo tired!
iight well i g2g
-ly- [xO]

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->>FrIdAy NiGhT< [08 Nov 2003|12:48pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | ->>In Da cLuB<<- ]

well i went over jamie's house because she was watchin her sis and we were watchin a lil bit of tv butmostly talkin bout skool. .and other shit. . ((lol jamie and michelle)) then when jamie's mom came home we went outside and walked around for a lil. .we called keith but he neverr called michelle bakk . .then michelle called sean. . lol he was talkin bout his pants fell down!. . that was funni!. . then steve came over and was tellin us all bout this sadd shit that happened wit his dad. .i wanted to cry!. .then alli-breanna-pat-and sum other kid i dunt kno but talked weird. .came walkin down the block and we asked them if they had a problem wit us. .an they were so lien to our faces. .but they said that they dunt. .w/e i reely dunt care. . then i went home and came online . . lol andrew your blurty . . when i got offline i was watchin tv. .yea there wasnt reely anything good on so i went to bed. .and that is pretty much the end of my night!
well i gotta go but ill update tomorrow on wat went down at the dance!!
-ly- [xO-

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->>TuEsDaY< [04 Nov 2003|05:35pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | ->>GeT LoW<<- ]

hey its TuEsDaY. . for anyone who didnt kno! lol
today my sis was sick. .tear. . get well soon jacqui!
well michelle and jamie decide that they r gonna go mark papers
at lunch time! so i was stuck out in the lunch yard all by myself!
((lol chelle-jenna)) yes i was very lonely!! ((tear!))
i like somebody new now. . and im not gonna tell no one. .
so dunt ask me!!
well im gonna go cauz im bored

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->>HaLLoWeeN< [01 Nov 2003|01:19pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | ->>ThE MiLkShAkE sOnG<<- ]

yesterday was friday. . and we had dress down day! yey!
i had cora. . wedding consultant. . or. . chef??
those r the choices that im thinking about for my career
me michelle jamie jule sean and keith went trick or treatin that nite
i didnt reely get a lot of candy. . but its iight cauz my sis got a lot ((lol sean))
then when i came home around 9:30. . there was like a neighbors convention in my kitchen!
the like whole block was here!
i didnt get that but ok . . .
so i was reely tired and i went to bed
i woke up around 10 today
i just got done cleanin my room and now im gonna go do my homework!
so ill update laterr bout wat goes on the rest of my day

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