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[12 Jan 2007|06:52pm]
[ music | the january 7th mix, on the 12th ]

so i'm not sure where exactly you go from a weekend spent seeing bands for free, hanging out with the pietasters, saturday morning chubb, endless cleaning, hours of rooftop conversations, wife and no work. but i guess this would be it:

monday was full of the most amazing macaroni and cheese i've ever had and sifl & olly.


so prances rather than runs, all of you are missing out. wednesday i visited home and hoagies and got to hear everyone scream.
kari mcelwee makes the best mexican food i've ever had ever in my life. ever.

not my bed. come home emily!

More Comeback Kid and more sleep please. more shows to take photos of and better understanding of this digital rebel, at that. More Monday John Cusack Marathons with myself (Charlie, you bitch! let's work it out!) and sifl & olly til i get tired of it. More motivation, time to get back on my bike. time to buy the camera bag from tamrac. MORE N64 GAMES.

tomorrow Doug of Ruder than you is going to drop me a mix cd
two nights ago i wrote lyrics for New Beat Vampires
tonight i see my wifelife and tomorrow morning we go to that bagel shop in jersey
as long as there's music and friends, you know?

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