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Its a wonderful day in the neighborhood. [15 Apr 2003|03:49pm]
[ mood | complacent ]
[ music | piebald- they dont understand us... ]

What a nice day. I think it should stay like this for the rest of...um ever. Today I forgot to set my alarm so I got up late and missed film class for the first time ever. So then I'm like whoops and I go to lunch only to be bombarded with 600 high school students, ok then didn't actually bombard me, but there were a lot of them. So then I went to lunch and went to check if my temperpedic mattress sample had come in yet, well it didn't and I didn't get anything else in the mail, but Sam did like always. So then I went to meet with my film group and we planned to do some filming one of the kids couldn't make it and I really don't care if he never makes it again. So now I'm in my room and I want to do something because its so nice outside. Maybe I'll just go sit outside, we will see!

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