khaterine's Day

Saturday, November 23, 2002

3:02AM - Zero

The basis of the concept is, that the Universe has evolved from an origin of absolutely nothing. No time, no dimension, no energy-matter. It has evolved from absolute non existence.

From an origin of non existence, by default, an eternity has elapsed just to start time moving from the stationary time rate of non existence. The Universe, right from the very origin, was always of infinite proportions because of the always infinite distance to the zero origin.

From this almost incomprehendable origin, in order to create the very first and almost infinitely vague signs of existence, there would need to have been some minor offset in the nothingness, and everything in the Universe, including the (always relative) dimension of the Universe itself, has developed around this disturbance, over an eternity.

This is what I think. The origin of zero, the number of nothingness. Created somethingness. Something needed to embody the strange happenings on an early world. Something to give a name to why there was rain and thunder. A creator. Something comes from nothing. Zero could have been the first idea of what we would consider God.

Just a random thought.

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