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[04 Dec 2004|10:13am]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | evanescence ]

hey i wanna die i am sick of my life i cant stand it no more my boyfriend brian,smokey,friends,parents, i havent had a ciggy 4 ever!!! i wanna die i am sick of likeing one of my girlfriends crystal i love her so muchi donno well lil annoying ppls need the phone brb

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brain [13 Jul 2004|10:06pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | pimp 50 cent ]

i donno what to do i am in tx for my sister weddin & i miss my boyfirend brian... my sister wont let me call ... he hasnt e-mailed me in 3 - 4 days & i keep having the worst dreams!!! i am scared he is forgeting about me ... he sid he will never & he loves me a lot i have a lotta long old e-mails form him but i also donno what to do i miss his voice his eyes!! grr... i am soo home sick shit i wanna go home!! i couold move to tx very very ezly but i dont think i wanna!!! i donno i love tx just as much as iu do mn i wanna go home so bad y did she have to get married during the summer i wanna go home sooooooooo bad plz help me ppl!! i mean this reallly cute guy that lives w/ my sister keeps hittin on my but i dont care about that && there smoking is gettin outta hand my sister & mny moms that is it has even drove me to cutting my wrist 4 times i have shed blood not e-nuf but just e-nug to make me fell better i donno what to do any more my sister told me she was gonna stop when she got married but she changed her mind* ya right* she says she never said the & she never preomised she did to the day befor the wedding!! omg my mom i am scared she is dieing i no we aint that good og friends but i just cant handle this any more i caved to my sister & told ehr stuf i have never told any 1 now i am worried!!!! o well i have given up but still i dont wanna die from lung cance w/ howe much they smoke i will say i have 20 years left!!! that aint e-nuf i wanna have kids i just wanna get away!!! you hear me?!?! just wann get away!! if you can help me in any way pm me om yahoo @

i prefur e-mails al tho i do have a mic & cam if it will help!! i am 15/f/mn i am in tx for a few more days the i should be home!! so i will like for help so thx a lot i needed it!! i love you all & thx for reading all of this!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~love ya~~~~~~~~~~~peace~~~~~~~~~


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bush!!! [19 Mar 2003|08:41pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | none ]

ok i hate bush i was in a room & these ppl are like yellen @ each other i hope iraq kicks ppl ass i cant stnd bush die bush die die die well g2g just thought i would tell u talk to yo later buh buh *kisses hugges*


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ok this is the way it happened [18 Mar 2003|04:40pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | pop ]

arter lunch i got called a name & i told mr.luckler & he told me to go in his office so i did i wrote 6 names down & the name they called me & he cald them 1 by 1 in there office skylar shaffer was ballen like a baby if the name or any thing else sky can go to dickinson oh well i accept his apologey mr. leckler said he was lucky the hardest apologey to acept was nolans that is ok tho koff koff (cris koffler) tried to shake on it i would shake his hand well i gotta go mom is gonna call i will continue tomarro luve ya!!!


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