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I want to learn more html [27 Sep 2003|01:11am]
[ mood | artistic ]

Oh my goodness! I love my bluty journal! WOohoo! Im so happy!

*gasp* awww..
Its so pretty.

Im so proud of myself... even though I didnt really do it....
Yes I did.

I found out today, that my cd burner can burn cd's and I can also copy cd's! But yet, they both still cant read the CD's! GRRR! It makes me mad... I really miss The Sims.

And also...
I think I broke the cd burner... :(
The tray thing was out, and I forgot to close it.
And then I turned my chair and my leg accidently nudge it.
And then the thing wouldnt close!
I was so pissed at myself.
Then I went to go wash something. Like the dishes. And then I felt better.

Tehee! That reminds of The Emperor's New Groove. I love that movie.

Hopefully I didnt break the cd burner... My mom would be very very angry at me.
And then I would probably be depressed for the rest of my life...

Just a thought, But If anyone, anyone, if anyone would happen to stumble upon my journal, if anyone knows anything about why my cd-rom drive and my cd burner wont read cd's but yet they still let me burn and copy cd's, if you know the problem behind it and know how to fix it...
I would really like to know.

*End Transmission*

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