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Monday, March 3rd, 2003

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    Spring Break!
    This week i s a joyous one!NO SCHOOL!!!YAY!!But there still is the stupid
    bio project and math project 2 do!!!hmmmmmmmmmmm.......!Sad to say
    I'm kind of bored at the moment!U noe wat craked me up though christopher
    bucci's(EGGEY's) msn name was something like <>.
    When I asked him wat his name meant he said Cher was on the simpsons!!!!
    LOL he probably was singing along and getting horney!Ewwwww! I saw My Big
    Fat Greek Wedding yesterday!It wasn't as good as i thaught it would be but i
    thaught it was pretty funny!This week will probably be a boring week except 4
    wednesday!Sara/Coinkers is sleeping over and I will actually watch the stars game!!!LOL!.......

    Stupid english book...not only is it perverted but its really really boring!Theres
    over 200 pages !I'm still at like 100 or something!!!O yeah and we have 2 study
    4 i.t.t !!I forgot my books!!!!!To top it off 4 geo i got a 60 on my sommative!I got
    the lowest mark! O well!

    Milan tied yesterday !!!*sniff*!Inter lost 2 those bastards JUVE!!(3-0)!!!
    Now milan and inter r tied 4 second!!!!Screw JUVE!!!
    OMG GAttuSO'S hair he change it!!!

    Current Mood: awake

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