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Wednesday, March 5th, 2003
10:19 am
YAWNN...........!I'm so tired yesterday I went 2 bed at one!
Sara is comming soon on this joyous event!!!My poor baby!!!!I
don't have the channel of the starz game!!!Well i'll make it up
2 coinkers next month...when i get some of my channels back!
My mom gave me 20 dollars 2 buy whatever the hell i want!!!!What 2 buy?
1.junk food
2.maybe a magazine

N y way I can't wait until Coinkers comes!!!I need a
good laugh.................it's never boring when coinkers is around!!*WINK *WINK

My sister is bitching 4 the computer !DAMN!


I had 2 put this pic !ADORABLENESS!

current mood: cranky

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Monday, March 3rd, 2003
10:07 am - Spring Break!
This week i s a joyous one!NO SCHOOL!!!YAY!!But there still is the stupid
bio project and math project 2 do!!!hmmmmmmmmmmm.......!Sad to say
I'm kind of bored at the moment!U noe wat craked me up though christopher
bucci's(EGGEY's) msn name was something like <>.
When I asked him wat his name meant he said Cher was on the simpsons!!!!
LOL he probably was singing along and getting horney!Ewwwww! I saw My Big
Fat Greek Wedding yesterday!It wasn't as good as i thaught it would be but i
thaught it was pretty funny!This week will probably be a boring week except 4
wednesday!Sara/Coinkers is sleeping over and I will actually watch the stars game!!!LOL!.......

Stupid english book...not only is it perverted but its really really boring!Theres
over 200 pages !I'm still at like 100 or something!!!O yeah and we have 2 study
4 i.t.t !!I forgot my books!!!!!To top it off 4 geo i got a 60 on my sommative!I got
the lowest mark! O well!

Milan tied yesterday !!!*sniff*!Inter lost 2 those bastards JUVE!!(3-0)!!!
Now milan and inter r tied 4 second!!!!Screw JUVE!!!
OMG GAttuSO'S hair he change it!!!

current mood: awake

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Thursday, February 27th, 2003
3:44 pm - BLUE PIXIE STicks!
Today was a pretty exciting day!Me and Mike discovered blue pixie
stiks for the first time!LOL! Coinkers was her usual sarcastice self!
Im kind of getting fed up of Subways!We have been eating at subways
4 the past 2 weeks!!!
On a worser note Stamkos is pregnent !!!Oh man i wonder how her
children will look like !!!!! They will probably end up with all oilly hair!!

My baby inzaghi is a really nice guy!He donated to the children's charity
fund !!!!He's not some selfish hypocrit!!!
Here's a cute pic !!!!

current mood: cheerful

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Tuesday, February 25th, 2003
4:06 pm
Omg its really cold outside!Brrrrrrrrrrr!Well n y ways today was a typical
boring day!!!It was really funny though wat happened in class!Amanda
started telling Tania off!It was like a bitch fight! Amanda got me quite nervous
2 day! Well shes not mean or anything she just has her moments! I still mis
Bon JOvi very much!!!!*Sigh*!
I'm debating over who i should be with for my geo project!Theres Tania and
francesca or Amanda or Samantha!!!What should I do!!!Projects with tania r
torchure!!!!I noe from experience!!!I think I might go with ciccone!!SHOULD I???????????????????

Well lall i have 2 say is quote "MILAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

They're # one in their group !!!!Here's a pic from 2 days
game against Lokomotive!

current mood: cheerful
current music: Bon Jovi (Born to be my Baby)

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Monday, February 24th, 2003
8:11 pm - LIFE SUX SHIT!
U noe life is not fair!Sometimes I think why me, what did i do 2
deserve this krap!Well everyday during the week is usually a krappy
day!Like 2 day for instance all my friends were fighting with one another!!!
If it isnt bad enought that my parents are going to be recieving a phone
bill with utlest 6 three way calls made. My father is going 2 shoot me !!
Literally he will!Mike's mother is like grounding him
or something, he had 2 pay 12 dollars !

Mike is pissed off at FRANK and Sam!!!I was pissed off at Jessica!But we
reconciled!Sadly! And Coinkers is mad!I don't really know what to do, because
usually when i say something i end up making it wrse!I guess i'm going 2 have
2 keep my mouth shut 4 a while!!I just hate knowing that there's something wrong!

Well i forgot my geo books at school and i have a sommative 2 morrow!I'm a dorK!!!!!
U noe I'm in a really sad mood!Life put's me down many times!!!Sometimes I think 2
myself wat is the point when ur not treated with respect!!!

2 days entry is definitely a sad one and hopefully 2 morrow will have happy things
to talk about!

current mood: disappointed

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Sunday, February 23rd, 2003
3:02 pm - Boredom!
Today has not been much of an interesting day!I still can't get over the
fact that Bon Jovi is gone.....sigh!!!
Well my dad got 2 tikets to the red hot chillie peppers, and he's on
the floor!!!(really good seats)! The best seats I have ever sat in were
whites which is pretty sad!!!My annoying friend samantha keeps on
telling me how shes going 2 the next bon jovi concert.......yadayadayada!
The only songs she probably even heard of are always, bed of roses
and some from the new album!Lets not forget this aint a love song!

The good news is that there is one more week until march break!Thank
God!No Lepore for a week!!!She can't pronounce my name!!!She calls
me TREESA!!!She's always complainig on how i never do my homework!!!
Well Milan is in 2nd place, and i am happy for them! Screw Juventus!

It's snowing cats and dogs !!!This weather sucks!My mom is listening to
U2 full blast !My head is going 2 explode!
Well this is my boring day 4 u !


current mood: bored
current music: David Usher (forest Fire)

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Saturday, February 22nd, 2003
8:12 pm - The Amazing Concert!

Yesterday omg the Bon Jovi Concert was so AMAZING! Jon was so
sexy, as well as Richie!!!Lets not forget TICO(ADORABLE)hmmmmmmmmmm..........SARA!
ME and coinkers had a blast! Bon Jovi is comming in the summer and this
time we will get better tikets!Thank god i have american express.....!

Today was also an amazing day! I slept over at sara's house!We went
to watch the movie OLD SCHOOL!It was really funny!

Last but not least my inzaghi scored and milan are in second place!!!!

current music: Bon Jovi (You give love a bad name)

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Friday, February 21st, 2003
2:08 pm - Bon jovi DAY with COINKERS!

Omg !I actually took the time 2 update my journal after a month!!
Today was a pretty lame day!But 2 night is going to be a freakin
blast!Me and coinkers/sara, r going 2 the bon jovi

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Sunday, January 19th, 2003
12:38 pm
OMG......Austin Powers Goldmember is such a funny movie!I crack
up every time I see fat bastard!

Any way My media teacher Mr. Tiseo is really getting me nervous!
He expects us 2 hand in a project in a matter of 2 days! He always
bitches and complains.................he reninds me of this stupid annoying girl named
Amanda. They are perfect for each other!They always bitch and complain!

I'm surrounded by freakin idiots!

Im in a huge fight with amanda/anne frank!Supposebly shes going 2 kill moi! Im
not afraid of that bitch !The worst she could do is scare me with her uglyness!!

On a better note!!!! My favorite soccer team AC Milan one 2 day !There so far
in first place!My baby Inzaghi scored a dissalowed goal!O well next time!

current mood: cheerful
current music: The Tea Party(temptation) I love that song

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Friday, January 17th, 2003
10:36 pm - That Dam Fuc*in BITCH CICCONE!
Well n y way! 2day I was god dam pissed at this ugly girl who looks
like Anne Frank!Always
bitching!Saying how immature Les Pimps are(sara, Mike, Me and
well bucci..............)!She has no life !

I hope she rots in a ditch some where!!!!!!!!

Well now all my friends are in big fights! My crazy friend Micheal
keeps calling his only friend
Christopher Bucci an EGG!! This fag in my class Jonatnan i sratting
out on Les Pimp!
The only one I can trust is my Bestest Friend Sara!!!!

Im a giant next to her!Shes pretty short!We make fun of each other
all the time!What r friends for!
We hate STUPID BITCH ANNE FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 day was a shity day filled with retarted people!!!!!My supposebly
thinks I'm her friend!All my efforts down the drain!

Well on the better note.......my bf/baby won their last game!!!!!I'm so proud of my baby!

current mood: frustrated
current music: Creed...........

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Monday, January 13th, 2003
5:02 pm
First entry.
Go me... Alright so am new and i have no freaggin clue on wat to right!
Consider this a practice!Here's a picture of my boyfriend
(cartoonish version)

current mood: cheerful

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