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    Tuesday, March 4th, 2003
    9:07 pm
    hey there! welcome to my journal.. bare with me because starting an online journal isnt exactly something im used to. itll probably take a while for me to post regularly at first (its just who i am ; ) ) so sorry in advance. to start off, im a freshman in high school currently with a busy and hectic life. ill use this diary as a way to vent the extremes. when something tremendously happy occurs.. this'll be one of the first places ill go! when im really bummed out or upset about something.. ill be back. so if you start to think that my life consists of bad points or that im particularly pessimistic.. its not so really. im actually a rather happy person generally! quite optimistic i think.. i do have happy mediums occassionally, but who really posts when their day is just peachy? i mean.. honestly..would you? exactly. currently single.. although that too is pending. more on that later. it feels so strange writing this to complete strangers. well, having it available to complete strangers. so i shall try and keep all information impersonal...except for names and whatnot. im heavily involved in softball. at my school, we practice like 3 hours a day (generally) 5-6 days a week. its crazy and extremely time consuming. sometimes i just wish to quit..just stop racing around soo much. but then im reminded that hey! #1. God gave me this talent for a reason..#2. its the middle of the season. you cant just up and stop going when your team depends on you. i mean, jeez! i spend more time with these 20 girls than i do with my regular friends practically. yes, it is quite dampening on my other friendships and relationships.. which is a bummer. most of all though, occassionally if i dont watch it, my walk with God slips as well. talk about eye-opening. when life suddenly overtakes me and im comsumed by stress, i realize "crap. i've slipped again. God.. help.." its crazy. and quite an annoying cycle. the sad thing is i realize i shouldnt let this become a shouldnt even be a possiblity. rather depressing.. more on that later. hmm.. sleep is conquering my senses.. perhaps i should go to bed now. its crazy to think that its only 9 pm and i wanna go to sleep! i remember back in middle school (i say it like its so far in the past.. what? a year at most?) i used to stay up until like 1 and *still* get 7 hours of sleep! so naive.. lol ill post more later! adios muchacho (or muchacha depending on whose reading this ; ) )

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    6:33 pm
    first time : )
    hey! im just trying to see if this works the way its supposed to..

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