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[31 Jan 2004|08:13pm]
this is why i dont come on Blurty no more....you all drama lovers...bye...sorry janers enjoy the immature people....
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someone hold me!!! [31 Jan 2004|03:05am]
[ mood | scared ]

OMG....I saw the Butterfly Effect tonight....creepy movie...I dont mind gore, and violence but that was a mother fucking extreme. Like imagine if that was really your life...gah, I think I would kill myself. I jus cant even believe someone could have created such a disturbing movie...and altho Ashton is a sexy god...it was still way out of control...i covered my eyes god knows how many times, i jumped and i shook...haha im such a girl...damn...not to mention I am gonna have nightmares tonight...eeek! Right now...i jus want a bf...someone who would jus hold me and kiss me and protect me from all evil...that would be soooo amazing and i wish i had a bf at the movies. a chest that i could have buried my scared face in...that would have been perfect...
damn im gonna try and go to sleep...sweet dreams and flying machines everyone

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wowzers [30 Jan 2004|05:47pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Pretty in Punk-FOB ]

haha i havent updated this journal in FOREVER...I have an LJ now, but maybe I will update this one too. Anyways life has been interesting for me to say the least...my winter break was cool yet it was not but the best part was the party my brother and i threw when my parents were out of town...classic haha and making out with your brothers friend is even better...oh drunken times are wonderful...my mom thought it was funny and was impressed that i choose my brother best looking friend....i must agree...

Ummmers...there are tons of concerts coming up! Fuck ya....I'm excited...I went to a Fallout Boy concert and Spitalfield concert with Nic Nic and Mik Mik...they were good cept I threw up at the FOB show...haha and then again I had to get off the L to throw up again...good time....yea right...

My classes this semester seem cool....one of my teachers is young and a good loooking guy at that...haha to bad he is married...grrrrr....lets seee what else, my Poli Sci teacher looks like an elf...haha good times and he talks about his son being the devil...I never heard a teacher talk like that b4 makes it funny...OOOOOO I have an UBER hot boy in my Biology Lecture and Lab...oooo soooooo hot...he's shy tho...making me do all the work...haha o and he smokes...i gotta work on that one...but hes still a good looking guy...umm besides that I guess that would jus be the rest of my boring life...

it snowed to much here...but I miss being a kid when I actually wanted to play in it and make snowmen...haha remembers a few years ago when I was in hs..and Nicole and I made a snowman and I gave him a dick with balls...yes I miss those days, when I was free and loved life....ooo the memories..

I guess thats it....leave me some lovin please <3333

--Car Car

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Whats on the Mind.... [02 Dec 2003|12:08am]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | Perfect~Simple Plan ]


haha ok moving on, well life is a lil complex at the moment, I kind of distance myself from people but hey I guess that is just the way I operate...also, during religion class today we were talking about Christianity and my teacher brought up the theories of the Rapture and what not, and that brought me back to the realization when Brandon tried teaching me about it. The theories are a lil out there somewhere, but hey if you gotta believe in something then its all ok, I dont have to believe in something but maybe I would be happier or more intouch with myself if I was, but somehow I cant bring myself to actually get in touch with the things internally in my life, sometimes its jus easier to let them go! I've thought about read the series Left Behind...but again I dont think I could handle it, I sometimes have a hard time dealing with all the theories and rules and everything else to comes along with some religion. I guess me and religion jus dont get along and maybe thats best for not, but I'm not closed minded, I'm open to hear about peoples thoughts of religion and what they believe in as long as they dont tell me that I should believe what they do!

Besides that like I said my I'm rather blahish today, I jus been thinking about a lot of stuff, and not thinking about other stuff. I sometimes wonder how IMPORTANT I really am to my friends, because sometimes I dont feel important but then to someone who isnt as good of a friend I feel like they care for me a lot. It's weird...I wish things could jus be damn easy, and better yet I wish it was damn easy to forget all about the past. Every night I lay there sleeping cuddling to the one thing that still brings a smile to my face. The stuffed dog from my ex Sam, that he gave me for Valentine's Day this year, I mean yea I know that was a while ago and I know we been split up for a while but it all jus comes rushing back! I will never be able to love someone like I loved him, and I will not ever stop loving him. Even though we have fought in the past, it all comes back to all the love we once shared. I never knew in a million years I could possibly love someone as much as I love him, You know how when your in Junior high and High school and how you say you love ever boyfriend or girlfriend you ever get...I was kinda like that, but with Sam, I wasnt...I KNEW IT WAS REAL! I knew that I could spend the rest of my life with him, and I knew that ever time he said "I Love You" my heart skipped a beat and my how body tingled. It wasnt some stupid feeling in my stomach, it wasnt butterflies or anything like that, It was love...my first love...and you know how it goes you never forget your first love and truly you never stop loving them...and I will never stop loving Sam...

I’m never gonna be good/Enough for you/I can’t stand another fight/And nothing’ alright/‘Cuz we lost it all/Nothing lasts forever/I’m sorry/I can’t be Perfect/Now it’s just too late/And we can’t go back/I’m sorry/I can’t be Perfect/Nothing’s gonna change/The things that you said/Nothing’s gonna make this right again/Please don’t turn your back/I can’t believe it’s hard/Just to talk to you/But you don’t understand --Perfect...Simple Plan

I will Always Love You


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[27 Nov 2003|03:39pm]
[ mood | amused ]

ok...so yea, I'm jus updating because I feel like it, I mean I know that no one reads this and everything but meh I jus felt like giving in my two cents on my school life...haha so I NOW have to figure out where I wanna go to college...I was gonna go to U of I but NO! I dont wanna go there now...theres nothing there for me so its a waste and plus why would I wanna get an apartment with my best friend and then possibly 2 chics I dont know that she will know so that I can be the outcast, naw thats ok, I been thru that shit in college already and fuck I cant live in an apartment with three other girls, that would fucking kill me, so now I need to find somewhere that has football...GOOD FOOTBALL, at that! And also I need Journalism so that I can major in it and that would be the shit, I would be all set! hahah gah, must find school and find soon so I can know all that I need to know for it. Anyways Happy Turkey day to everyone...and I guess I'm out because I dont really like writing in this shit anymore but I jus thought I would for today....cuz I was bored...ok well peace!

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change... [18 Nov 2003|03:25am]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | Something Corporate <3 ]

When you look into someone’s eyes you can see it, feel it, be it, you are a part of their fear. Change is what they fear. The cold, helpless, lonely world outside the walls that protect them from the harm that the outside can do but who can save them for the internal harm they do to themselves? The answer is no one but himself or herself. That lost person in search for the one thing that has to be the hardest human task, the ability to change who they are. The strength to be someone better then what they had once known, the mind set to overcome the harsh realities of their lives. They need to have the courage to stand up to the world and show what they’re made of and not be afraid to stand-alone to their own beliefs. Not everyone is the same. No one person will see the world through your eyes or see the things in your life the way you see them. To yourself, the things you go through are harder to fathom and you believe that people could not handle the shit you do. Honestly, there are millions of people out there who do any every day task a past that haunts them just like you but sometimes there’s might be a little harder. Instead of curling up hiding from the things that cannot be changed why not look in the mirror show hope for a brighter day and remember that it could be worse, but that better is just around the corner. Don’t think about the stupid things in life. The people who shot you down, the people you let walk all over you, the ones who no matter how hard you try cant tell you the way they really feel. But look to the sky and ask yourself why? Why do you say what you say, or do what you do, why is it hard to let go of something that wont be coming back yet it clings to your every internal existence? I am nothing in this place, someone to nobody, a shadow in the darkest corner.

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*college sex...* [13 Nov 2003|03:09pm]
[ mood | devious ]

The night had been boring. My sexy man and I were just chillaxin in my room but we started to get bored. Earlier that evening we had heard of a frat party so we got ready and headed out the door. My sexy self was seen wearing tight black pants, my black tanktop with a see thru shirt over it. My sexy man was dashingly hot wearing his somewhat baggy faded blue jeans and a white button down shirt with a dago underneath it. God he looked hot...but damn so did I! When we arrived the place was not happening. Everyone was just sitting there kicking back a few beers, so me and my man walk in grab us some drinks and head over to the dance floor. There were only like2 other couples dancing and since the two of us were known as the hot couple market at the school we thought we would show everyone what a real party is all about, we turned the dance floor into hot stuff. Of course they had the best dance song playing, Sean Paul's Get Busy and that is just what me and my sexy man wanted to do. Facing him we start to grind one another. His pelvis digging deep into my hips ocassionally kissing one another while we grind down low to the floor. I turn around with my back to him, I start grinding on my making my booty touch him in all the right places. I go down real low and come back up to him. I slide my hand down my back and run it over the zipper of his pants, I can feel his cock growing hard inside them. I put my hand around the back of his neck still grinding on him and he slides his hands around my waist, slowly inching his hands further along my stomach and then along the front of my pants down inbetween my legs. He starts to rub my inner thigh knowing that is my weak spot and I feel my body becoming weak in his arms. I've had enough with the dancing. I take my sexy man by the hand and lead him up the stairs with me, I turn around only to catch him checking out my ass and I smile at him and wink. My sexy man's best friend of one of the Frat brothers so we quickly slipped into his room, hoping no one saw us. He comes from behind me wrapping his arms around me kissing my neck. Slowly he slides his hands up my shirt, he pulls it up over my head. He kisses my shoulders softly as he starts to slide the straps off and then trickling his fingertips along my back he undoes my bra and slides it off me. He turns me around pulling me close into him and kissing me soft but massaging his tounge with mine hard. He pushes me back onto the bed and lays me down softly while he continues kissing me. I slide my hands up his shirt and remove it quickly and I kiss both sides of his collarbone. He gets on his knees on the bed and slides his hand down my body then over my pants and down along the seam of my pants, all the way down towards the back. He slides them off and then pulls my thong down revealing my wet pussy to him. He touches my pussy and i see the excitement grow in his pants. I motion for him to come closer so he does and i start to undo his pants, then sliding the off with my feet. He lays on me and teases me by rubbing his hard cock on my pussy through his boxers, I moan softly caressing his chest then down his back and i slide of those boxers. His cock springs free hard as a rock and he starts to rub the head of his cock on my clit. My moans get louder... and he looks me in the eyes and kisses me as he very slowly slides himself into me, making me feel every inch of his cock as he goes deep inside me. I let out a cry and he starts to move in and out very slowly. Gently he touches my face trailing his finger along the tip of my nose and down to my lips. The he kisses me sooo passionately and I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me. He starts speeding up, sliding ina nd out faster and harder, I can feel his cock pulsating inside me. He pulls out for a minute and hits his cock against my clit slightly making me wetter and then he rams himself back inside me. Faster he goes, leaning on top of me moaning deeply into my ear, sending chills all over my body and i moan back and nibble on his ear lobe a little. I wrap my legs around his waist and he pounds me harder and I start to moan real loud. he softly touches my lips telling me to be quiet and he slows down a little, I know that he is soon to cum and so am I. Right when he is ready to cum, he speeds up really fast both of us scream in extasy as he shoot his hot cum deep in the back of my pussy and my cum surrounds his cock, and he leans in and kisses me deeply, being very gently, softly touching my face! He slows down but still slides in and out. he lays to rest on my still buried deep inside me and him nor I wanna get dressed to leave so we decide to spend the night, his friend wont mind. and me and my sexy man lay their and cuddle all night eventually falling asleep in eachothers arms, only wait to see what happens the morning after....till then...

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A Change! [12 Nov 2003|10:11pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

i've decided something...this journal is going to be used for one thing and one thing only....stories...sex stories, love stories, heartache stories, jus stories, none about me because I have come to the conclusion that none of you people online need to know whats really going on my life...it is afterall my life and I do what I want with it and no longer will it be public information, I have better things to do then to broadcast my life, and so now, it will be for your sole entertainment to read and get indulged by these very stories...so enjoy...

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