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Thursday, December 4th, 2003

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    Halloween Revision
    I just went through the quite soggy campus to deliver my revised halloween paper to get checked. I changed a few things in it, especially how i didnt address that opposition. If my teacher for english in high school tried to teach me one thing over and over it was to address the opposition. Well i forgot to do this mostly on my draft that i already handed in but i did it a little better in this revision. I hope to have enough time to push out one more revision for both of these papers so that they can be that much better but i dunno. By my turning in this paper today i think i may have enough time. I might be able to do another revision to the papers over this weekend. It would give me something to do in this rainy weather anyway, but if i need to do anymore interviews i am kinda locked in because i dont have a car and anyone off campus would have to be a phone interview because i dont like walking in the rain.

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