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    Thursday, December 11th, 2003
    4:48 pm
    I figure that there is room for one last blog before I turn these in for a final grade. I think i will talk about the blogging experiment in this entry. Yesterday in class it seems like the general concensus was that blogging is a huge waste of time and that we shouldnt have done it. While i somewhat agree with this opinion because blogging indeed was a waste of time in the back half of the semester, i think that the blogs really helped in the beginning of the semester. We were able to discuss problems in our papers and also help other people with their technology papers. I do not think that we should have had that discussion changing around the amount od points that the blogs were worth though, i admit that i didnt keep up with my homework but this is college and i should have to take the fall for it. I suppose though that since the entire class agreed (even with the hesitant people who completed 30 blogs) that i should just let it slide. As a summary: blogs were good, but there were too many of them to complete, with to few topics.

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    Thursday, December 4th, 2003
    6:47 pm
    Halloween Revision
    I just went through the quite soggy campus to deliver my revised halloween paper to get checked. I changed a few things in it, especially how i didnt address that opposition. If my teacher for english in high school tried to teach me one thing over and over it was to address the opposition. Well i forgot to do this mostly on my draft that i already handed in but i did it a little better in this revision. I hope to have enough time to push out one more revision for both of these papers so that they can be that much better but i dunno. By my turning in this paper today i think i may have enough time. I might be able to do another revision to the papers over this weekend. It would give me something to do in this rainy weather anyway, but if i need to do anymore interviews i am kinda locked in because i dont have a car and anyone off campus would have to be a phone interview because i dont like walking in the rain.

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    Monday, December 1st, 2003
    3:02 pm
    I revised my first essay about that access to technology for the different classes, which also touches on different races and such. I did the basic corrections such as grammer, and i also but in some other stuff about the topic that i think helped to prove my point a little better. I cleared out a bunch of junk that didnt make so much sense and i replaced it with sentences that would make more sense hopefully. I didnt even refer to my references in the paper which is kinda important so i went about that with my revision. This actually took more time then i expected because i had to re-look up a bunch of the stuff that i used. Luckly i keep pretty good notes along with my outline so that i could still do it with out pulling a all nighter. Which brings me to another thing about revison i feel hesitant about, since i make an outline before writing a paper, i hate to have to break that outline because i spent so much thought on it to make it flow better then it would if i just sat down at my computer and started typing....i gotta get used to doing it though, its a important part of revision.

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    Monday, November 24th, 2003
    8:15 pm
    Future Portfolio
    So my future portfolio is going to be quite a task. I need to revise both my essay's a few more times i think and also i am going to need to figure out how i want it to be set up, like the order and what not. I need to consider the other points of view for my halloween essay especially. I take my point of view and explain it quite well if i may say so myself but i dont really do much to explain how people beside myself and other college students and certian enlightened professors ;) feel. I might do this by interviewing some people but i dont how i am going to go about this because i have a time constraint that isnt helping and since im really new to this town i dont know anyone but a very choice few college professors and a bunch of other freshman that equally dont know anyone outside of school. Since i can imagine the points that people that dont agree with me would make then i assume i can address them well enough if i cant find someone to interview. This may be the best i can do with the time that i have before the christmas break.

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    Friday, November 14th, 2003
    6:08 pm
    Im having a little trouble finding out articles that are not from the Orion. I trust the Orion newspaper not only because i trust Chico State as a whole, but because it has won so many awars nationally for excellence. I need to diversify my sources because they're other newspapers that im sure will have similar information, such as the Chico Enterprise Record. The Police are not being helpful at all im am being given the runaround when i go to their office. I am told to go to one person and then the other until i end up at the first person again. They dont seem to want to spend the time that they have to get me the information, i asked if i could set up an appointment possibly and they told me that they just simply dont have time to go over information about arrests with me...looks like i have to rely on the newpaper resources even more then i thought i would have to.
    Saturday, November 8th, 2003
    4:24 pm
    halloween research
    I decided that research that i need to do should include the records for arrests during the different years, the "party" years (the years before 2002) and the police years (the years after 2002, including this year). This will show the amount of income that the city has coming into it by way of drunken and public urinating students. This is obviously an important source of income for the city, and huge halloweens must help to increase it. Im also doing a few interviews with students that have been living here before halloween became so regulated and i have their opinions on whether it helps the community more or hurts it more. These interviews are going to help my paper by adding some credibility or ethos to my thesis and to the main point of the paper. I am also in the process of getting more articles from local papers that pertain to the subject of halloween in chico. The orion is an awesome source for opinon articles that give me great ideas for subjects that i should address in my paper such as halloween being a chance for out of town prospective students to see that campus and the surrounding area and also for them to see how nice and laid back the residents are, even if it is mostly due to the alcohol.
    Tuesday, November 4th, 2003
    10:21 pm
    New Topic
    While i was sitting in class listening to peoples topics for the new paper, i thought of how i was not that interested in doing another paper on language in animals. I already wrote one paper on that topic and i was going to reference it in my paper for english but i decided to pick an entirely new and different topic. I chose Halloween because it is such a controversy here. It used to be one of the main attractions in this town up until a few years ago and now police are everywhere. I am going to go the police station and check out some records that i am sure that they have regarding arrests and drunk in publics and those types of things. I am also going to go to some of the local newspapers and ask to see what kinds of articles they have on halloween either printed this year or in the years past. I think this paper will be a really cool one to write and when i am done with it i will be an expert on this topic in my town. There was a lot of speculation about how halloween was going to be and most of it turned out to be true. there really were hundreds of extra cops in riot gear. I am going to compare this to how it used to be, with many tourists coming to enjoy the festivity that used to be allowed. I am also going to address exactly why this changed.

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    Tuesday, October 28th, 2003
    11:31 pm
    Paper Dos
    For my next paper I have established my topic. It is related to a paper that i have to do for another class, so hopefully they can feed off and help each other, which would help me because i would have that much more expertise in that field. The field, and therefor the subject, is going to be language in animals. In my subect proposal i go over the differences that are going to be discussed in the two seperate papers. One will deal with the issue of teaching animals (oragutans in particular) language, and if it is indeed language and the paper for our english class will also involve the language and communication that is already existant in animals. I think that i will really enjoy this paper because not only to i really like animals and the such i also am really interested in how their language compares to human language. I have some good ideas for research such as interviewing my linguistists teacher who is a PhD in lingistics and who also probably knows of some good research that she can tell me about so i can look further into it. Also the internet has a huge amount of information to sort through on opinions on both whether animals have language and whether they can be taught it.
    Sunday, October 26th, 2003
    9:38 pm
    I have to be completely honest when I say that i never truly knew what rhetoric was until this reading. I knew it had to deal kinda with point of view and that stuff but I really didnt know and i didnt specifically feel like asking when my teachers refered to it. Now i realize that rhetoric refers to the ethos and pathos and logos of a statement. I did know these terms due to a absolutely awesome high school english teacher who organized the class in much the way my current english class is organized, which I like very much. I think that rhetoric shows us that the way that a person uses language needs to be modified according to their audience. A person needs to first be able to impress the audience they are trying to reach, so the audience listens to them. This is Ethos. Pathos refers to the emotion that you use towards your audience so what you are trying to convey to them is taken to heart. The logos is the factual evidence that is used to prove that your issue is important and useful to the audience that is being addressed. When all these aspects are combined a persons rhetoric is doing pretty well and they shouldnt have a problem reaching their target audience and being taken serious. That is the point of correct rhetoric I think-- to have your words be taken seriously by others.
    Sunday, October 19th, 2003
    12:44 pm
    Has blogging changed me?
    With my introduction to blogs only happening at the beginning of the semester, it is still pretty novel to me. I have blogged quite a bit about my project and about general areas of english and how we use our language and also technology to communicate. I think that this blog has served as a good outlet for my ideas especially for the paper and also just as a reference for when i wrote the paper. I will definetly continue to blog when we start the next project, even though i dont really know what the next project is going to be. We talked in class about the project possibilities, such as a "class" project where each person would be resonsible for a aspect of the project as a whole. I think that this is a cool idea, but i doubt that we will be able to find enough aspects of any topic so that there will be something for each person to write about. Im sure i will discuss this at my individual conference with the professor and maybe there will be some other ideas that i will be able to come up with to help with the process of finding an idea for our next topic. I also like reading other peoples blogs sometimes because they have insight to help with the direction of my own paper. They suggest things that i havent thought of before, such as primary resource tactics and plans.
    Tuesday, October 14th, 2003
    5:02 pm
    research paper
    I am just doing a nice little update on how i am coming along with the research paper. I have put together all of the information i could muster. I include a bit about the interviews that i conducted. The thing is i only have like 7 pages, i can include some more quotes from the Technicolor book full of data and speculations. I dont like that idea so much, what i will probably end up doing is telling some stories that i can get from my man Chris who is from East Los Angeles which is a notorious place for not having great school. That in turn means that they dont have great technological access. I think it would add some good insight and some nice personal touches. I feel that the paper as it stands is pretty good, and i think it gets my point accross greatly. The point is mostly that Race and Class do indeed affect the technological access that people have and i also address some other things that affect access but to a lesser extent. My paper is out with the jury (the proofreaders) right now and hopefully they will have some ways that i can organize my thoughts a little more neatly, thats the thing thats worrying me right now.
    Sunday, October 5th, 2003
    8:16 pm
    Ashley G just got her act together it seems, she was having some trouble for a little bit. I like the way her paper is headed. She might be interested in looking into Steven Pinkers "The Language Instinct." This book could help her out because he talks about a contesting point. This point is how language may in fact be a trait that we as humans possess and isnt taught to us just by adults reading to use and pounding in grammatical facts. It goes against the thesis of her paper as i see it but it could help i dunno, im just throwing some ideas around. Parents leading to the death of the book is pretty interesting though, i gotta admit.

    Sydney W. has an idea for her paper thats on a personal level for me, well kinda. Im looking into becoming a entomologist and possibly a forensic entomologist. Her topic is how these forensic scientists communicate, and it seems they dont do it very well. Poor Sydney hasnt been able to contact much anyone for a interview. My idea for her is maybe to offer to communicate on a telephone call for a short little amount of time. Most people have some time to spend just for a short phone call, maybe 10 minutes at the max, any amount will help with sydneys research. I wish i had some other good ideas but im pretty tired, ive been home all weekend.
    Thursday, October 2nd, 2003
    11:49 pm
    odd sites
    The internet can be used for many things right? well of course. Depending on many factors: age, sex, level of pervertion, career and many others, the internet is a great tool. I recently found a few crazy and also kind of scary sites. The first is a site that allows a person, most likely a well-to-do white person to "rent" a black person for use at a social event, especially a party where the renter will likely use the rentee's race to try to impress other people. This site is . It just makes a person think of where we are headed as a whole on earth when people of different races are put on a hypothetical display to impress others, for a heafty fee of course. The next site is at least equally as compelling as the first. This is . These people running this site are insane, and also great business people i have to admit. For a extremely large amount of money they will stalk a woman to find out many things about. They will then tell you what you want to know about her and set up a "coincidence" like a meeting at the library or something. It kinda ruins the fun of chasing a woman you like, whats the point of having someone else do it. I have to admit, getting to meet a girl you like is half the fun, everyone knows what the other half is.....

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    Sunday, September 28th, 2003
    11:18 am
    A huge role that texts have is to inform people. That must be the greatest role that texts play. The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence probably have the greatest effect on the United States. These two texts changed the course of history for many people. In Britian at the time when we were forming these texts they didnt really have 1 text labeled the constitution, it was a collection of court ruling and legislation. Im not sure exactly where i was going with that, i guess it was just to prove that the declaration and the constitution are very important texts to the united states. In many peoples lives texts play a very important role in religion. Texts are typically what measures out the boundries of a religion. The Bible and the Koran and other texts that i am ignorant about help people to follow their faith, or at least know how they should follow it. Rule texts are another type of text that influence people on a every day basis. Rules for playing sports, driving a car, driving a boat, living in an apartment (in my case dorm) or rules for more abstact things like morgaging a house or taking out a loan are very important texts that make sure everyone is INFORMED. what im trying to show through all this is that most texts inform people of something. The one type that doesnt really fit is entertainment text, but even this can infom people by telling a funny story in someones life or by teaching someone how to do something, like a hobbie. So even entertainment texts fall under the informing catagory of texts in a way.
    Friday, September 26th, 2003
    4:27 pm
    Floppy's suck
    Since we are always talking about how technology is such a great thing and how it helps us to communicate and share ideas, ill share this with everyone. I typed up my report on my progress so far in my investigation and i used the trusty ole floppy drive to save it. Something went terribly wrong and my Dell started to sieze up. I quickly shut the program down using the tried and true ctrl alt delete method. I thought (hoped to god) that i didnt lose the document, even though it wasnt that long, its the fact that I USED to trust the damn diskettes. Anyway I tried to print it off on my friends computer and it wouldnt open. It was corrupt as a california politician. I have the good fortune of having a computer whiz brother that told me to try and open it on a computer with windows 98. That somehow worked and i was able to save the document. What does all this have to do with anything you ask? I think that we put entirely too much trust into computers, I know I do. We use them for all kinds of communications, from instant messaging to this....blogging. What would everyone do if suddenly all of our technological resources were severed? makes a person think....and also makes a person hate floppy's.
    Monday, September 22nd, 2003
    8:02 pm
    First topic interview
    I interviewed a guy that I met when i moved up to chico state. His name is Chris but he goes by Primero (his nickname given to him when he moved up and was the first to check into the dorms.) He is originally from East L.A. and i believe i got some valuable information from him about the resources available to him and his friends that lived in L.A. I asked him about what types of computer and other technological resources were available at his high school and how it compares to the technology that is available now to him. I also asked him to recall his elementary school and its technological resources. I also wondered how recent the technology was that he used at his old schools. I inquired as to how often he used online services such as e-mail, instant messaging and news webstites. He told me about how the technological resources were in the public library and in other public places, such as pay per the hour computer labs. He told me also his general bias about technological uses in lower class areas as compared to higher class areas in America. I think it was a good idea to get someone from a notoriously low class area to give some insight. I will try to contact other people through use of e-mail in other parts of the United States possible in other lower class areas such as the south and rural mid-west. This should be me a wide base to judge usage on.

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    Saturday, September 20th, 2003
    1:14 pm
    Internet Literacy
    The definition of internet literacy is pretty damn broad and i cant see how to narrow it down in the least. Techies would say that being able to make a webpage is the signature of being literate online. An old person may view using a search engine as being literate. I personally think that if you can use the internet to find ANY information that you are looking for and then show others how to do it,you are literate online. This includes a practical use of the computer hardware of course, like the mouse and the keyboard and the on. Beyond the use of the computer a working understanding of e-mail would be included in my definition of internet literacy. Of course being able to use links, search engines and news services is also important. I think everyone with access to the internet should be literate in the use of it. This is because the internet is such a great tool for keeping up to date with news and information that is available anywhere on earth. The internet can be used to meet people that can be sources of even more information. Eventually i forsee that in our "world culture" the internet will be very commonplace, as the t.v. is today and everyone will know how to access it and use it to their advantage, which is a good thing.

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    Thursday, September 18th, 2003
    5:00 pm
    Yesterday i recieved a bill from our friendly CNS located on campus. Wasnt it nice of them to sign me up for phone service without letting me know? Well supposedly i was notified, through the housing paperwork. Funny thing about that paper work was that they included so many ads and useless crap that I thought CNS's paper was a ad...Well i guess it told me that i had to cancel my service by the 1st of september in order to not get charged. I didnt know this and when i found out that i was automatically signed up for the service i immediately called and canceled, it was the 5th of september. Anyway so when i got this bill in the mail for $31.75 i would be understating my feelings if i say i was only outraged. My roomy and i went down to the office today and since hes a laid back kind of guy i did the talking, i know how to get my business done. well after a good amount of debate they decided to revoke the bill and not make me pay. They had better haha. The reason im telling everyone about this is because it of course has a good deal to do with communication, or lack thereof. I feel that the way CNS is set up is very deceitful, that is automatically being signed up and having to personally call to cancel. Its just another way that communication technology is both a blessing and a curse.

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    Sunday, September 14th, 2003
    8:13 pm
    Reading Hyper-Text
    When im online I never read everything that is available on a page. Especially on which is a nice little homepage with news headlines that give you a overview of the days happenings. Once I choose one of the headlines to read from on msn, I immediately begin tearing apart the article. Fist I skim over the bold "grabber" for the article. Then I check out the picture for the article which more often then not gives a good idea of the main theme behind the article, this is called "filming." I then start on the body of the article. When I read the body I "peck" around in no particular order until I get the whole story, or as much of it as I deemed necessary to know what im reading. Of course this isnt how Chico State would have me read online because I, as a scholar, should read everything in its entirety. Blah... thats a waste of time that I too often forget to tell myself and end up doing anyway. I cant think of a article or essay or just plain tangent that someone decided to post online that I have ever read all the way through. I dont think this is a bad thing at all and frankly im trying (unseccessfully) to teach myself to do it for all of my classes, so I stop wasting hours on end reading text books. I will be able to stop wasting my time one day....I just need to hone my skills.
    Friday, September 12th, 2003
    11:02 am
    How I arrived at my topic
    The topic that I chose (see: is the difference between how minorities and lower class (economically) citizens use the interent and other technological resources compared to upperclass access to technology in America. I couldnt think of a good topic at first, probably because I was thinking too much about it so I read off that green handout. I saw the topic that I was interested in and I narrowed it down to only in America. Of course different races ability to access technology in different countries is an entirely different topic. I also surfed the internet once I thought of my tenative topic, I wanted to make sure that I would be able to at least find some info on what I wanted to write a ten page paper on. I havent actually consulted with anyone that is knowledgable in the field yet but I plan to.

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