12:36pm 08/03/2003
mood: excited
music: captain jack - grandale remix
taken from vanessa.. my LOVELY cousin. i would link.. but she owns an lj

I love Vanessa
Vanessa is a WHORE haha
If I were alone in a room with Vanessa, I would smack her
I think Vanessa should go a job
Vanessa needs .. she DEFINATELY needs attention..
I want to beat up Vanessa
Someday Vanessa will ..eventually she'll sleep over my house.
Vanessa reminds me of an alien donkey.
Without Vanessa theres NO vanessa, haha
Memories of Vanessa are.. are what? ..theres too many to name
Vanessa can be MORONIC but thats alright.
Worst thing about Vanessa is-the fact that.. that, uh.. i don't know, she's weak?
Best thing about Vanessa is.. is, SHE SUCKS MORE THAN I DO hahaha..

anyway, i'm still not sure what i'm doing today. me and tina might go to the arcade for ddr with tina.. she's going to force her uncle to drop her there.. her, alive uncle? ones dead, i know that.. so uh.. aherm. anyway, io don't want to go to alejandras house for the dramatization. maybe i'll tell her someone died.. family emergency or something. haha. OH WELL, and im gonna go out with my father later, also. so i guess ill go figure out something..
06:38pm 07/03/2003
mood: confused
music: the smiths - girlfriend in a coma
today.. equals HELL. jackie came over, but her mother actually WOULDN'T let her go.. but that's alright. cynthia, alejandra and i stillll have to finish our literature dramatization. my father never picked me up, because JON was supposed to, but he never did, thus jackies mom drove me home, then jackie just ran up. haha. fun.
we did absoloutley nothing. played a few games, and went to the store. some candy machine gave us another p. after one, so we got more then 50 candies ;D and same with the ball machine. THAT was fun. we walked home telling everyone to look at our balls.
i think i might just go to goodtimes tonight.. ddr with crystal. tomorow, i need to go over alejandras, then out with dad later, see a movie or something. i miss him.. vanessas supposed to sleep over.. maybe. but she' a fucking whore.. she seems to 'caught up' with her boyfriend. he' a whore too. besides, she hasn't come to see me since i was a baby.. why should i count on her to come and see me?
.. ALRIGHT, i just realized something - bad. not good. plans are ALL fucked up. tonight was supposed to go to the arcade for ddr. BUT its over 21 night.. and im not 21, tomorow i cant go, tomorow i dont even know what the hell im doing anymore.. dad and alejandra - yes, vanessa - fuck her, i dont know. sunday? bad day for fun. its usually like we have ALL day sunday, because everyones busy around here on sunday. ooooh no. i dont know.. how about, go out with dad TONIGHT, alejandra and ddr tomorow. good.. alright.
wow, that took a while to figure out. anyway, i saw vyvyan today, haha. he's funny. he was talking about e.t. fairfax and stuff. anthony called, also. wait, no.. cynthia called me, and i called anthony. THEN cynthia called brian. i never realized how moronic he actually is. he was like: "don't call me anymore.. fuck off." meh. im supposed to call anthony back, but im too lazy now.. too worried. AHH sooo confused. i feel left out of everything tonight. ooooooooooooooh, i hate a few people now, too.. they know who they are.
that reminds me, i burnt donalds hand during 5th period with a hot pen. AMAZINGLY hilarious. wow, and then i burnt it so much, the copper fell out of it. and THAT sucked because i wanted to burn jazmines hand.. that BITCH. i felt like burning an eye of out her head. i haaaate her. but, oh well.
yes, alright. bored, and MUST go figure out some plans or something..
03:34pm 06/03/2003
mood: uncomfortable
music: orion 78 civilization re-venge
once again, hello.
mehhhhhh depressseyness is.. shit