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Date:2003-04-22 13:22
Subject:OMG Why wont he effing leave me alone?!?!
Music:Taking Back Sunday- Cute Without the E

Stupid freaks dont they get the fact i dont like them. jesus christ. im gonna kill him yes..anyways besides that its been cool. spring breaks all over and it bites, but i did get my belly button pierced finally. jesus that took forever to convince my mom to do it. the craziest thing is i got it done on her birthday haha its all good. or its all good in the hood and its all gravy in the navy. yea lol vincent taught me that one. soo yea and i got my new cell phone.. its awesome i love it yea ok this is like so retarded so bye

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Date:2003-03-23 18:34
Subject:Blah Blah
Music:Above Me- Rufio

I need to learn how to do this mess.. Eff learning.

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