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oh boy.. how entertaining.. [18 Feb 2003|11:03am]
[ mood | amused ]
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yea, well i think its funny when people tell me oh well adam screwed me over, he'll screw you over too.. okay whatever, thats what dating is.. you screw people over, but you grow up at the same time... then you meet that one special person, the one you know you wanna be with the rest of your life, whether it happens when you're 18 or 87, it happens if you're ment to get married.. some people think that me and adam aren't going to last, and from ashley's little reply, it's up to a whole whooping 3... congratulations! doesn't matter, bcuz it's a proven fact when people are against your relationship, that it brings you closer together.. me and adam are totally close after this whole sarah j thing... there's not much that could tear us apart...

my newest horoscope:

After your recent treatment at the hands of others, you're happy to keep your own counsel. You have a plan up your sleeve. In later retellings of the story, you'll come out of this whole thing looking like a hero.

hell yea! i'm starting to love these things.. hahah.. it's great

oh yea, after that last post we got another round of prank calls, adam went on a rampage.. we visited joey tho.. then the next nite sarah and becky wanted to talk and we said, sorry we don't want to .. and then we cleaned my room!!! yay! it practically done.. adam screamed like a woman when he saw the carpet.. yes it was that bad people...

oh yea supposively i'm gonna get kicked out of school and told i can't go to prom.. YEA RIGHT, MY ASS!! HELLO! what number am i? WHAT FUCKING NUMBER AM I? i know it's a number, but i'm using it to my advantage... and the fact that i made an honest pledge to NHS... and the fact i did nothing to deserve expulsion... losers..

i wish i could just throw my arms around adam right now.. he's so wonderful, there are just things that he says to me and i know, i just know.. i love everynite at around 12 we get settled in my bed, and sometimes he just says little things and puts me right to sleep.. or we talk, and we talk which is a good thing.. i love midnite talks with adam... we talk about everything... from our past, to our future... we agree on so many levels about stuff, that it makes me inseparable with him... he told me when we first started dating that he didn't want to be with me everyday bcuz he thought it would make us weaker.. i agreed bcuz my last real relationship wasn't i have to see you everyday.. and it was a strong relationship.. but we make each other weak in the knees i suppose, bcuz last tuesday, adam had fire school so i wasn't suppose to see him, but he called me when he was done and asked if he could come over... so it's like we feel the same, and i love that.. i just love every little thing about that boy.. and finally he's starting to think that there are things about him that are irrestiable and wonderful!

oh yea, to ashely, i guess my friend joe could say that adam stole me from him.. but you know what? he's not! bcuz he's a mature person.. grow up! and who cares about spelling? i can read it and that's all that matters!

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