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yea [14 Aug 2003|12:49pm]
i got my addy for college today so if anyone wants it or whatever.. get a hold of me and i'll hook you up
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because i have no life.. [10 Aug 2003|10:34am]
[ .. ] first name: Stephanie
[ .. ] middle name: Marie
[ .. ] nickname(s): steph, stef, stephie, stephy, steffy, stephie looper, looper, biff, foofy luver
[ .. ] gender: girl
[ .. ] birthday: 12/11/84
[ .. ] height: 5'5
[ .. ] hair color: light brown
[ .. ] eye color: Hazel
[ .. ] do you wear glasses or contacts: yup
[ .. ] do you have braces: when i was like 13
[ .. ] is your hair long or short: getting long
[ .. ] where were you born: North Tonawanda
[ .. ] current location: North Tonawanda
[ .. ] zodiac sign: Sag
[ .. ] how many languages do you know: 2 - english and deustch
[ .. ] bad habit: itching obscene places
[ .. ] piercings you have: ears
[ .. ] piercings you want: Lip, eyebrow (ew erin you copied me)
[ .. ] tattoos you have: :(
[ .. ] tattoos you want: a shooting star and the little man off the olp cd Spiritual Machines and a four leaf clover
[ .. ] today's date: August 10th
[ .. ] the time: 10:50 AM

: pets :
[ .. ] do you have a pet: one gorgous fish named MORRIS
[ .. ] are you still in school: yea.
[ .. ] did you drop out: oblivously not
[ .. ] least favorite subjects: i thought this was about pets
[ .. ] most humiliating moment: prolly those times i was talking about someone LOUDLY and didn't know they were like 2 tables away.. haha

: favorites :
[ .. ] numbers: 23
[ .. ] shoes: Vans
[ .. ] saying: eeek
[ .. ] tv show: the price is right ... or like anything on court tv
[ .. ] vegetable: brocolli
[ .. ] fruit: strawberries
[ .. ] candy: pez
[ .. ] gum: koolerz
[ .. ] candy bar: butterfinger
[ .. ] ice cream flavor: Vanilla from Finale (YUM!)
[ .. ] color: purple
[ .. ] season: summer
[ .. ] holiday: December 11th
[ .. ] type of music: anything goes
[ .. ] thing in your room: my bed
[ .. ] place to be: the couch
[ .. ] tv channel: 35 - court tv or 41 history channel or 42 A&E
[ .. ] overall food: applesauce
[ .. ] store: goodwill and amvets
[ .. ] fast food: MC D'S YEA! hahahaha
[ .. ] restaurant: Dennys-- only bcuz they have a kickass claw machine .. Perkins would be first but they need to invest in a claw machine
[ .. ] shape: STAR
[ .. ] time of day: midnite
[ .. ] mall: umm
[ .. ] board game: my mom
[ .. ] car: Kia
[ .. ] word: yuck
[ .. ] month: July
[ .. ] team: MC D TEAM -- YeA DOG
[ .. ] possession: my engangment diamond ring that i don't have yet

: what's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear :
[ .. ] eminem: hair
[ .. ] dog: poop
[ .. ] sexy: calves
[ .. ] britney spears: grr
[ .. ] nsync*: grr
[ .. ] real world: my butt
[ .. ] orange: creme
[ .. ] choice: ummmmmmmmm
[ .. ] Shit: corn
[ .. ] bisexual: michael
[ .. ] black: turtle neck
[ .. ] insane clown posse: grr
[ .. ] linkin park: kiss my ass mofo
[ .. ] jack: JACKIE ! WAHH
[ .. ] rainbow: colors
[ .. ] cherry: red
[ .. ] cucumber: yum
[ .. ] shark: teeth
[ .. ] lifehouse: blonde hair
[ .. ] bat: wings
[ .. ] leather: material
[ .. ] whips: chains
[ .. ] america: fucks my mom
[ .. ] water: blue waves
[ .. ] volcano: erin is lame

:private life :
[ .. ] do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: sure thing
[ .. ] do you have a crush: i guess
[ .. ] how many hearts of have you broken: they've all broken mine
[ .. ] how many people broke your heart: like about 4 or 5
[ .. ] so what is your bf/gf/crush like: sexy calves
[ .. ] do you have a picture of him/her: maybe
[ .. ] do you have a picture of yourself: maybe
[ .. ] do you go by looks or personality: personality

: would you ever :
[ .. ] bungee jump: sure
[ .. ] sky dive: sure
[ .. ] swim with dolphins: if they don't eat me
[ .. ] scuba dive: sure
[ .. ] go rock climbing: sure
[ .. ] eat shit for $1,000,000: nope
[ .. ] turn your back on your friends for personal gain: nope
[ .. ] who's hot: Adam... but wait.. would i ever who's hot?! i don't get it.. THATS WHY I HATE THESE THINGS
[ .. ] steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: nope
[ .. ] cross-dress: sure

[.. ] lie to the police: nope
[ .. ] run from the police: nope
[ .. ] lie to your parents: yes
[ .. ] walk up to a stranger and kiss them: maybe
[ .. ] walk out of a restaurant without paying: haha i wish

: have you ever :
[ .. ] flashed someone: yup
[ .. ] told the person you liked how you felt: yeah
[ .. ] been to Michigan: nope
[ .. ] gotten really REALLY wasted: haahhahaha... yea..
[ .. ] gone to jail or juvi: nope
[ .. ] skateboarded: unsuccessfully
[ .. ] skinny dipped: noppe
[ .. ] stolen anything: yea
[ .. ] kicked someone's ass: thought about it..
[ .. ] pegged someone in the head with a snowball: i have bad aim
[ .. ] broken a beer bottle: i don't think so
[ .. ] flipped someone off: sure
[ .. ] gone on a road trip: yes
[ .. ] gone on vacation without adult supervision: yea, just got back
[ .. ] been to a concert: sure
[ .. ] been to another country: yes
[ .. ] talked back to an adult: i am an adult and i like talking back to myself
[ .. ] got pulled over: not when i was driving
[ .. ] got in a car accident: unfortunately

[ .. ] broken a law: yea, the time i got wasted.. oops and more
[ .. ] given money to a homeless person: prolly
[ .. ] tried to kill yourself: we won't get started
[ .. ] cried to get out of trouble: doesn't work
[ .. ] kissed a friend's brother or sister: yea
[ .. ] kissed a brother or sister's friend: maybe if i was a pedifile
[ .. ] dropped something on the floor that you were cooking and let someone eat it anyways: giggle.. i work at mc donalds.. duh... lol actually no
. : opinions : .
[ .. ] what do you think...about pop music: okay
[ .. ] about boy bands: fuck my mom
[ .. ] about flag burning: wow
[ .. ] of the war on terrorists: do you want a novel? fuck the war
[ .. ] about suicide: once again, we won't go there
[ .. ] about people who try to force their opinions on you: oh well
[ .. ] about abortion: wrong - thats killing a life
[ .. ] about rock/metal music: nice
[ .. ] where do you think you'll be in 10 years: in a big comfty bed
[ .. ] who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: Jackie (tears), Jenelle, Jenell, Adam, Cheryl, Lori

: what did you do :
[ .. ] last birthday: um.. i don't quite remember
[ .. ] last weekend: walking around boston
[ .. ] christmas: family
[ .. ] thanksgiving: i dunno
[ .. ] new year's eve: went bowling
[ .. ] halloween: mm, i can't recall
[ .. ] easter: florida
[ .. ] valentine's day: did something with adam.. but i can't remember exactly what we did

: the last :
[ .. ] thing you ate: chocolate chip mini muffins
[ .. ] thing you drank: kool aid - it was grape
[ .. ] thing you wore: plaid pants and a gray shirt
[ .. ] place you went: Adam's
[ .. ] thing you got pierced/tattooed: nothing
[ .. ] person you saw: my dad
[ .. ] person you hugged: my mom
[ .. ] person you talked to: matt
[ .. ] song you heard: mmmmmmmm i dunno
[ .. ] any shoes on: no
[ .. ] hair: still light brown
[ .. ] listening to: infomerical
[ .. ] talking to anyone: nope

: yes or no :
[ .. ] are you a vegetarian: nope
[ .. ] do you like cows: they smell
[ .. ] are you a bitch: on occasions

[ .. ] are you artistic: nope
[ .. ] do you write poetry: yes
[ .. ] can you ski: no
[ .. ] are you british: no
[ .. ] did you ever give barbie a haircut: i dunno
[ .. ] would you eat mac & cheese with hot dogs in it: prolly
[ .. ] are you straight: yea
[ .. ] are you short: kinda
[ .. ] are you tall: not really
[ .. ] are you a typical teenager: def not among today's standards
[ .. ] do you shop at hot topic: sometimes

.: random questions :
[ .. ] if you could be any animal, what would you be: kitty
[ .. ] if you had to eat and drink one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be: coke and pez
[ .. ] do you remember any of your dreams: yea
[ .. ] do you dream in color or black and white: color
[ .. ] do you admit when you need help with a problem: sometimes
[ .. ] can people read you like a book: certian people
[ .. ] what's your biggest fear: being murdered
[ .. ] do you talk a lot: yea
[ .. ] are you afraid of clowns: no
[ .. ] do you like spiders: no, they've been bitting me at nite
[ .. ] how about grape kool-aid: :) yum
[ .. ] do you drive: yes
[ .. ] are you spoiled: nope
[ .. ] are you anti-social: nope
[ .. ] any last words: yuck
[ .. ] now that this is over, what are you going to do: blow my nose

[ .. ] what is the time now: 11:14 AM
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jackie [10 Aug 2003|10:33am]
jackie come home.
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home at last.. [10 Aug 2003|12:35am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Toot Sweets ]

this was the longest vacation i have taken w/o the rents - and hey it wasn't so bad

boston was pretty cool but thank god we didn't stay any longer then we did a) we would be living off pennies and b) any more tourism and i think all three of us would have been REALLY BORED.. by the last day we found it hard to do much of anything and we were tired of walking everywhere. We had a grand ol' time.. starting with mine and adam's explosive digestive systems, spending a fortune on dessert, meeting our best friend david, and ending with a relaxation at the frog pond. those were the best memories.. okay maybe not but the most interesting, by far.

seeing my sister was splendid.. being able to spend time with her is something i have longed for .. she took a while to warm up to adam but ended up making conversation with him after he brought her pink princess balloons home from the pharmacy. she reminds me of myself at 4. adorable and determined. i love her.

now that i have a sinus infection and unable to get "toot sweets" f/chitty chitty bang bang out of my head.. i'm home after spending about 2 1/2 hours on the train with this chick who decided to yap on her phone when the whole joint was trying to sleep.. grr..

more later..

oh yea, i've decided to start this journal over when i get to college -- also GREGORY if ur out there i need back that damn calculator.

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my love is like whoa [01 Aug 2003|03:32am]
i'm leaving for boston soon
my boyfriend is snoring... i hope he's happy when he wakes up to find out he doesn't have much time to get his stuff together and go..
i'm excited about boston - but a little weary bcuz sara said something about us not being able to check in bcuz we used her mom's card on hotwire where you apparently have to be 21.. sara is about 5 months shy of 21 and adam is like 9.. grr, we're all adults! since when does 18 not cut it anymore disregarding alcohol.. geez i could order the weed wacker do hicky to perfect my lawn that belongs with the house i almost have at 18 but i can't even check into a hotel room reserved off the internet.. okay well i guess that's not a good comparison. but it sounds good... at the moment

sleep- i need it.. i just went to bed at 2 am and couldn't even fall asleep..

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ahh [28 Jul 2003|11:45pm]
well and so i haven't updated becuz i haven't been home and its not that i even would have bcuz i don't feel like it frankly.

i'm depressed.
i know it.
i can't control it.

i know i am bcuz it's this feeling i get, mostly to my head. and i hate it. but it's not like i'm suicidial again.. nope thank god for that.

when do i realize that? when i'm out with my friends w/o adam for once. it between two of my best friends. one that i love and i know will never betray me as long as we live bcuz she lacks alot of true friends so she values the ones she has till no end. and the other one i love that loves to tear me open and pull me to bits making my heart ache and burn with fury. and the boy on my mind is the only boy that has made me feel complete and whole. and calmed my waves of insanity. but he's also the only boy i fight with and bicker constantly with pissing me off and tormenting my brain. only to find out that i can't live a waking moment without his arms around me, or the scent of him filling my nostrils, his beard against my smooth skin.. i know it's pathetic but it's true... and when did i feel most welcome? ironically in the arms of my longest friends two nights ago.. the ones that i once flashed that i hated on this site. the ones that always are behind me and understand and never really argue and if we do we get over it .. but one is leaving forever and the other is well i dunno, maybe i should have faith..

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and so.. [11 Jul 2003|03:15pm]
well.. i got the mail today and my dad got some business magaizine that he gets free bcuz he signed up for something and put himself as the CEO of our family.. the title: MC BUST .. yea all about mcdonalds.. yipee.. so as being hired by the fuckers, i decided to read and find out what is going on .. it seems these crackheads in charge thought that by the end of this year they were going to have some computer system which would be linked to every single mc donalds in the world.. and like meadow dr. could check up on some mc donald's in the middle east's ttyls.. yea dawg.. anyways.. that seems like out of the park for me.. i mean is it really necessary to see if our buns are toasted at the precise temperature ? .. the was one of the features of this damn thing.. seriously.. i think it was alittle overboard.. but then i think there was good to it, bcuz if the corporation could get into the system and see how many lemons and water no charges we were selling, they could tell that we were cheating on our ttyls and alot of managers would get in trouble.. and then maybe our ttyls would get fixed the right way. so whatever, i guess mcdonalds is going through this relapse and is only shortly faster then all the other fast food chains but actually lower on appeal.. i just hope my bf gets out of his manager job if mc d's is going under - it's not worth it man..

i'm playing sims and i had 2 kids and they are FUGLY! they must get it from their father. i swear he's a fag, i caught him playing with our daughter's frank wright doll house. fucker.
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my mom [07 Jul 2003|12:34am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | vice city's "car" music haha ]

i got drunk last night
and did some awesome stuff..

my feet hurt.. and if they jew me out of my 0.86 hrs of overtime.. i'll be a LITTLE pissed... hahah

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4th of July [05 Jul 2003|01:53pm]
yuck my mouth tastes gross.. i think it was the combination of cheese and apple cinniamon oatmeal

anywho.. i spent the 4th of july with my hunney.. and his family.. that adores me.. and i adore them.. i never felt so loved by people that weren't actually my family.. it's to the point where i call his mom 'mom' and she calls me 'daughter, the good daughter' haha..

boston, loveland, alleghany.. it's all coming up really fast and i'm freaking.. i have to sit down and make plans and shit, good thing i work with sara tonight.. bcuz we really need to talk about what we are gonna do .. me and adam need more money .. really fast.. he keeps talking about how he wants all this money when we go places but he won't give any to me to put away.. well he does but i need more and i already am sneaking money from underneath my mother's nose.. and i put half of my checks in the bank.. grr.. no more denny's and no more claw!! lol

i miss adam

oh yea, anyone who loves gone with the wind, the movie.. GET THE BOOK! its totally different, and i'm not even half way through it... damn..

ooo oo my brother made me food again! gotta love him.. byes
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ahh.. [03 Jul 2003|11:01pm]
i'm sipping coke, my brother is cooking me dinner at 11 pm and i'm talking to my buddy matt.. nothing could be better.. so i lie.. but this is pretty awesome.. if i could only have a pedicure done at the same time.

today i worked my buns off.. and then me and cheryl and lori and lina ( :) ) went to go see legally blonde 2.. i fell asleep bcuz i was soo tired ... then lori convinced me to take out my bra wires and then i poked cheryl tatum with them.. hehehe.. now they are adam's as a present..

there is so much more SHIT i could blab about but i don't fucking care anymore.. i'm spent

i'm reading gone with the wind.. i don't want to take my nose out of it but sometimes it puts me to sleep

dammit steph go to the high school and get shit sent to college!
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i'm weird.. [02 Jul 2003|03:02pm]
does anyone else like to fill their music satisfaction with the lovely lyrics of john mayer but could also be seen enjoying any hardcore show? dammit, that's me..

last night my cousin came over and hung out with me and adam for about an hour. she brought her new bf, he's really cool, i really like him. he's totally smart and he knows adam.. they practically grew up together.. they talked the whole night.. i looked at my cousin and realized that she really is happy.. and for the first time she wasn't acting fake or trying to be someone she isn't.. no, she was completely beautiful.. and i told her how beautiful she was.. i loved it. then she had to piss off adam which sent him into a joking "i'm going to leave, get the fuck away from me" attitude.. which erupting into more then it should have been and adam ended up staying until 2 am patching things up with me...

we've set our goals and have added a new one that we are determined to work on, oddly enough

today adam took his entrance exams.. he did alright but is planning to retake his reading section becuz he failed it by a mere 12 points.. he actually did better on his math score but he doesn't want to retake it bcuz he knows that he needs help with his math.. which i totally understand - i'm happy he's made it this far..

i'm tired
i have to get dressed and walk to work
and i don't get to see adam for 2 days.. :(
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AOL BITES MY TUSH [28 Jun 2003|12:21pm]
nobody really uses the word tush anymore so i wanted to use it today.

i hate aol. i have 464 junk e-mails .. since i don't use my e-mail addy anymore (only my college one) bcuz my mailbox has a million junk mails a day. i thought today would be a nice day to delete them all.. BUT THEY WON'T FING DELETE!! god dammit..

today is my grad party.. i woke up to an empty house and confusion..

adam was so incredibly sweet last nite.. he came through drive thru and made me close my eyes.. then he proceeded to slowly bring two roses, one at a time to my nose.. mmm i love him so much.. it's like the most sweetest thing he's ever done for me.. really.. ugh i love that boy..

i'm a fool.. last nite i heard the live "innocent" song by olp.. the one i saw live, and raine had the crowd sing "we are all innocent" when ur at the concert you are to mezmorized to understand but when i heard it .. it was the crowd replacing the children on cd.. ahh he's a smart man raine is.. :)
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fate [22 Jun 2003|12:11am]
and beige thinks she knows fate... lemme tell you a story and be like my sappy boyfriend at the same time..
this is a story of true fate..

i met adam in the fall of my 11th grade year.. taping him while he worked at mc donalds for brad who i was currently head over heals for. i thought me and brad would be together forever becuz we were exactly alike and our love grew from our favorite band - our lady peace.. i was mezmorized.. adam was friends with my very best friend, lori potter. late decemeber there was this local show at a fire hall.. this happened to be the same day i met brad in person, so i took him with me along with a bunch of other people (oddly enough, lori is the only one who went with me that day that i still talk to and enjoy, and i brought 5 people!) anyways.. adam happened to be at the same show, bcuz his friends were in a couple of the bands.. i saw lori talking to him, and not realizing this was the mc d kid, i asked why she was talking to strangers.. she explained who he was and i said my hello's.. but then i continued to be all over brad.. we made out and smooched and rumors ended up floating *rumors, rumors* and well when i got my pictures developed.. theres adam in the background behind me and brad, you can't miss him really.. from then on me and lori and adam hung out frequently and went to concerts.. and i'll never forget the day i realized my true feelings for adam - only about a month after he knew i was the one.. (he tells me he fell in love with my fruit pants) .. i remember being like why the fuck do i like this kid? bcuz adam is not a pretty boy, he is not fashion wise, and really people don't find him overly attractive.. but thats without even knowing who the hell he is and without gazing into those eyes and knowing who he is.. but anyways.. haha.. come march, me and adam had been set on going to a concert with each other.. me and him were suppose to date bcuz i finally revealed to him my big crush.. (which was him) .. and then he decided to fuck it all up and go out with some fat ugly chick.. so i decided to break the concert date to see brad and fuck up our friendship (we cheated on his gf at the time, which i ended up telling her and ending mine and brad's frienship).. so anyways.. me and adam got in a huge fight and i was crying and cursing and blah.. this lasted 2 months.. and still i couldn't figure out why i cared so much about adam, i really didn't know why i was crying so much bcuz i didn't think i liked him as much as i really did.. okay and so we went a couple months not on the best terms and then we started hanging out once and a while.. then i saw him at canal fest, and i remember he was with his gf at the time but he didn't have the heart to tell me that they were going out.. and i remember being like GOOD.. but i don't remember why. haha.. so then i got a job at mc d's.. and then adam came back to mc d's and then in dec we went on our first date and since then we won't ever give up on each other ever again.. needless to say, i figured that no matter if i knew him prior to us working together, that we would have ended up together anyways bcuz we would have met each other at work.. so that's my little story about fate...

i just got back from concert for toronto.. kick ass.. i love OLP! BNL was so funny they put on these masks and started doing the chicken dance.. hahahaha... it was great.. and i fell asleep during the hip hahah they sucked
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gah.. [21 Jun 2003|10:57am]
i hate to burst amber's bubble so early in the morning but neil young isn't going to be at the sky dome.. :( there is actually 2 seperate concerts.. one at the air canada thingy and one at skydome... :( that means we're missing alot of great bands and really only seeing the sellout bands (yes i'm calling olp sellout even tho they are my most favorite band in the whole world)

i'm waiting for them to pick me up now..

i miss foofy.. although i am so proud of him! he got a promotion to manager!!!!! YAY!! i love him so much..

haha last nite closing was so much fun! me and lori really had a riot .. cheryl was all pissed off at us.. but OH WELL! haha i was flirting with eric all nite long. we went out for 2 hours and then we broke up bcuz i had to go back out with adam..

ambers here.. byes
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eek.. [19 Jun 2003|07:26am]
[ mood | happy ]

i have a wonderful boyfriend.. mmm words can't decribe how wonderful he is..

last night after i told him i wear the pants in the relationship, he told me he wears the panties..

i'm going to miss him next year..

i finally found my lost cousin. it was so good to see her, i really missed her a whole lot. she wrote me a note to read at graduation- she knows me best and told me that i would read it before.. and by golly i did..

she says she won't fade away but i'm shaky on that..

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ehhhh [13 Jun 2003|01:29pm]
[ mood | blah ]

yesterday i worked 12.22 hours.. which is alot for me and like i complained alot and whined... we finished really early like at 15 after.. then we had to wait for the managers.. anyways.. louise .. aka luann .. schedule sarah j to close next thursday so she can do what adam did this thursday - run the shift.. GREAT! bcuz we all know that sarah j just looooves me..

lol, luann was closing labor and adam was standing next to her watching .. and she goes 'number 6! who's number 6?!' and adam just stood there with a complex look on his face wondering.. and she asks him his number and he goes '6' ... lol me and becky NWOKI (is that it?) laughed and laughed. and i think eric let a giggle out.. then we were locked inside and i said HEY WE'RE LOCKED OUT! lol.. humor i guess ya had to be there..

yea so i dunno what we are going to do about boston cuz i checked buses.. just as much as the train.. GRR.. i hope sara can drive... we'll see.. grrrrr I WANNA GO

oh yea jenell and liz woke me up by pounding on my door at 11 am.. garr

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veggies? [08 Jun 2003|05:13pm]
um.. you know how mircosoft word will fix minor errors for you while you're typing? like if you mess up the i and e or something lame like that? well.. when i type in peoples it turns into veggies... i don't get it
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somedays.. [08 Jun 2003|01:55pm]
some days i wish i could just live my life naked.. like now.. i just wanna take off all my clothes..
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Mc D fun [31 May 2003|01:22pm]
[ mood | tired ]

last night me and cheryl and sara h and erin and rob and lori and jackie and adam all went out the royal to eat.. it was soo much fun.. we joked and laughed and lori ate like a pig.. we also had some awesome convos.. and there was this guy with this big ugly nose..

ugh.. work is my life, i think i should buy a cot, pitch it up and sleep there.. last night alot of people loved me.. i did alot of detail work for donna so rob, lori, and erin helped me do a bunch of regular stuff.. it was fun.. tonite i month end - OH JOY!!

haha. apparently becky saw nicole bollinger's pictures and said my dress was pretty but i shoulda went with someone else.. i wanna know who that someone else was.. so i asked her.. she got all red and told me she never said it.. but i laughed and told her to tell me.. she wouldn't though.. haha oh well


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spending my hours defending who i really am inside.. [26 May 2003|11:02pm]
i remember posting this:

2003-04-02 19:05 (link)
wait- you were the one that told me that punk was dead
and you still don't know me.. if you knew me then you'd know that i don't shop at punk stores.. occasionally hot topic, but they've become so commerical.. i normally shop at AMVETS, SALVO, WALMART.. oh yea and i make my own clothes too..

i was defending the punk now, bcuz you were mentioning all the "punk" bands now.. of course i know about all the past punk bands - i listen to every type of music that was created - which makes me not punk becuz a) i don't label myself and b) i never considered myself punk to begin with.. i just hang out with the punk crowd in my city.. which you have never really truely experienced so fuck you anyways

you don't know me, so please just stop saying crap that makes you look dumb!


i hate being called punk bcuz i'm not! GOD! all the fucked up preppy rich boys at school think i am too! and i'm not, just bcuz i'm anti-racism, anti-discrimination ... AND HELL I HAVE A GAY FRIEND.. god! i fucking hate preps i hope they die eating shit.. bcuz the world wasn't handed to me on a gold platter i'm a punk? bcuz i lack conformity? bcuz i can listen to anti-flag and justin timberlake in the same sitting?! led zeppelin and integrity? ooooooookay... cuz thats almost saying i'm punk!

i think i should get a sign and wear it around that says whoo hoo look at me i'm punk! and then all the real punks would laugh at me and i would say, hey all the preps think i am...

god, if people just opened their eyes.. and stopped being oblivous.. maybe if people worried more about themselves then people they don't even know.. which pisses me off bcuz more people that don't know me have tried to butt their noses into my life.. it's like hello i don't know you and guess what i don't want you in my life anyways..

i wish people that were in high school would grow up... i can't wait to get out of this hell hole - honestly. i don't care if college isn't any better... at least i will only know one person there and i don't have to deal with being everybody's friend.. oh yea but then again there are alot of people there that DON'T KNOW ME.. and who knows i might have another ashely on my hands.. oh yea one that thinks shes always right about EVERYTHING... when in fact she doesn't know shit bcuz she hasn't even lived!

when your father declares bankruptcy (ohhh wait.. YOURS CAN'T!!!!) .. when your mother leaves your father (oh wait SHE CAN'T!!!) ... when your father goes and has a kid in another state (oh wait.. YOURS CAN'T!!) when your father bitches to you everyday (oh wait.. YOURS CAN'T!!!) .... when your father is unemployed for almost a year bcuz his store goes out of business and your living on his 401 (oh wait.. YOURS CAN'T) .. when you have to be the mother of the house bcuz your father is a single parent (OH YEA YOUR DAD IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!) FUCK YOU ASHELY! I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR SCUMMY WHITE TRASH ASS!!! LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!

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