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Nothings change my mind. [29 Dec 2003|11:47pm]
I saw return of the king.

Man I wish I was born in the third age of middle earth or the middle ages or EVEN the 1930's so that my hair would be cooolyo.

hmmrmm. Growin it de very long again I thinks.
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This is shit. USELESS. [28 Dec 2003|02:26pm]
Don't give a damn what I say cause I'm out of my mind. Punk ass mother fucker son of a gun, one of a kind.
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Sometimes I want to shoot myself, but from the third person, not suicide... murder. [25 Dec 2003|02:42pm]
Do that again and I'll break your fucking nose. I swear to god I'll beat you to a pulp you fucking moron. You make so many promises and you break them all. Fuck you. FUCK YOU. Don't ever fucking do it again me.

"Inside the walls of hate
Absolve yourself of all your pain and regret
It's like a junky, hate fixes quick"
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[25 Dec 2003|10:08am]
hey! happiness! wooeee!

No unhappy! booo!

Ahhh fuck it, all I need is me friends. The rest of you do me a favor shoot yourselves, I don't care to worry myself anymore. JUST GO AWAY, LEAVE ME ALONE, BE GONE! WHAT IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND?
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Poopenstien I do! [22 Dec 2003|07:11pm]
I am impressed with the light side of the force. The number of coincidences that have happened concerning the internet and random disconnections totally says to me that they are no longer coincidences.
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A final dream to show me. [21 Dec 2003|01:27pm]
[ mood | fine ]
[ music | pour some sugar on me ]

My mind is stronger than I think. It makes more sense when I give it time.

I finally remembed a dream I had. It's not that interesting but I havn't remembed a dream in sometime, about six to seven months. I think I know what it's about. Last night I remembed my dream, and it was about what I thought it would be. But oddly it helped me... it showed everything I wanted in a bad light, almost that it was teaching me something, we were together, and no matter where we were, space ship, boat, school, I hated it and you, finally saw things that happened and understood them. And now I feel much different. From now on I precieve I shall remember my dreams, but they won't have anything to do with that.

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Conola. [20 Dec 2003|05:46pm]
Oil is good for something.

I'm bored. And I've been had trouble paying attention when people speak, or when doing anything lately, I just wanna chill... but whever I do I think of what I should be trying to do be... I dunoo... happier maybe... having solace... but I can't think of shit... so I just just daze out and can't hear anything.
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I lied for now, I wants critisismsmsmsmsm on this. [15 Dec 2003|08:58pm]
Heres my essay for english... cool isnt it?

Michael Kirschner New Ending

As Ralph is coming out of the woods and as he spots the naval officer.

"man, man, who are you? Help me, help!"
"Calm down boy, what's wrong, why are you running?"
"The others, they're trying to kill me."
"Ah I see, there are other survivors, are you playing at war?"
"Help me!" The trees that were the curtain between the bright shore and the dark and deadly jungle were moving and swaying. The noises of the others could be heard crashing through the underbrush, they were screaming their war cries and conferring with each other on the matter of were their most recent prey had gone to. They talked jovially and without concern, they knew that Ralph was theirs. There was nowhere else for him to run, nowhere for him to hide. As Ralph saw them coming through the trees and the looks on their faces at seeing the man, the officer, that shining light of civilization standing tall in his bright blue uniform; he almost forgot the deaths' of the friends he had made on the island. He stood absolutely still and he stared at the boys he had met on the plane and on the island that first day. They were returning, coming out of their primitive states, like a drug had suddenly woken them up. But they had forgotten the atrocities they had committed. They walked slowly as if in a dream, to the officer, carefully, as if he could disappear into dust at any moment. Most dropped their spears, they started moving faster, running to the man's side. The spears left on the ground were crushed and cracked under bear and calloused feet. Ralph stood and watched, dumbfounded by the transformation of these boys. The officer asked them questions, gave food to the litteun's out of his rut sack that he carried on his side and consoled the ones that were holding their heads. They told him it was out of joy that they were finally going home. The bushes and low hanging branches moved again. The rustle of them was faint and but the voices were not. Jack and Roger made their way slowly and each step was pure intent. They swaggered to the officer. Neither let his spear down.
"This is my island, man", Jack emphasized the last word, near to spitting it. Roger licked his lips and snarled like a cat. The man laughed. Heartily and deep, probably one of the few laughs that he had had in a long while during this cold time of war. He cocked his head toward the sky and bellowed.
Jack screamed,"Do not laugh at me, I am a hunter, I have killed" He lifted his bloodied spear to the sky, and howled like a wolf.
Ralph could take no more. He saw red. It boiled over. He only wished to get home, but that was not enough any longer. He remembered his true friends Simon and Piggy. He remembered their faces, their voices, their smells. He remembered who killed them, he saw his face, he heard his arrogant voice, his over confident and childish eyes. He pulled the pistol from the officer's belt and without hesitation pulled the trigger until there were no more bullets. There lay two dead bodies, that of Jack and Roger. The man was stunned into paralysis, he watched blankly as Ralph took another clip from his belt, reloaded and fired another seven shots into the already dead bodies. Ralph laughed at the way they moved on the ground, watched as the dead bodies came to life for split seconds, the blood was everywhere, on the ground, on the other boys, in Ralph's mouth.
The temporary paralysis wore off and the man struck Ralph down, unconscious. The other boys began to cry, but not from happiness. They remembered what they had helped to do. They should be lying next to Jack and Roger, the lifeless and bloody puppets of rage and sadness. But they had been saved. Ralph was corrupted by the thing he promised he would never become, he never played Jack's game of hunter and tried only to protect the others. But in the end it took control of him and his anger could not be contained. His outburst and rage helped the others the see, to finally see what they had done, they wished to take their own lives, but they had not the courage for even that, a cowardly act. They now must live their lives in guilt and shame. One day maybe they will learn their lesson, but if not for Ralph the start of class would have never begun.
The naval officer solemnly and slowly retrieved the gun, called a helicopter to retrieve them. He put down his radio. Then he picked it back up, and made a note for body bags to be brought.
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I still remember my password. [30 Nov 2003|05:36pm]
[ mood | lonely. ]
[ music | Godsmack. ]

Among other things, like the reason I began this failed and miserable thing. It's a document written in cryptic half sentences forleading at an event that I only now, six months later even begun to let go and heal from. Grow up me. I would delete this journal besides the fact that I use it for commenting, but you need not check here for updates. I hold nothing against you, but enough is enough and I know what is good for me.

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yeah [25 Sep 2003|06:28pm]
I think is dead... dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun. I hate you.
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little troll want your soul! [14 Sep 2003|07:21pm]
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Woah nelly! [13 Sep 2003|04:18pm]
Sperm havn't developed wings yet! Damn! EVOLVE ALREADY!
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Do what you want to mother fucker. [10 Sep 2003|08:32pm]
I wonder if there is a switch I can flip somewhere that turns off all the obliviousness, stupidty, and immorality of the scrotal scum called the human race, everywhere at at the same time, myslef included :). Immediately G-rod bush's head would explode or his CIA body guards would save the world by 'accidentaly' killing him. (just for the record i do not condone the killing of George Bush... Thats a lie, yes I do, or atleast the dismemberment of said human and keeping his head in a bottle.)
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God damned loggin in. [07 Sep 2003|07:34pm]

Big brothers #1 investment
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uh hu... [07 Sep 2003|05:50pm]
you know, why use this computer to convey a message of complaint, would like to every once and awhile, but for now I'm just gonna update art here and on livejournal.
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Wesa need [06 Sep 2003|01:28am]
To totally make a a movie, with the jimmy and the aaron, yes I didn't includa your name cause ima talkin to youusa, dumbassa. Thus the we.

stupid zombie
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blah jr. [04 Sep 2003|10:44pm]
meaningless. weeeeeeee wooooopeeeee
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Blarg!, someone steal my shotgun and unload into my face! [02 Sep 2003|01:28pm]
You can't see most of my images because angelfire has temporarily suspended my site due to my bandwith consumption being .16 gigs, fuckers... too many people going there or viewing the hosted images elsewhere... urrg. It'll be back later, I hope. Time to find another host.
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Wish I had a sword :sob: [01 Sep 2003|09:58pm]
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Nothing in there? look close [31 Aug 2003|09:20am]
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