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New One [07 Apr 2003|05:21pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | The true silence of feeling alone ]

So heres my newest one. The other ones all became blank, white screens taking up valuble internet space. I'm gonna make this journal a step better. I'll try to add pictures to a lot of the entrys (I'm getting a web cam soon) and I'll make the appearence better. I have a background to add, I'm just afraid that I'll mess everything up again, so I'm just gonna get Carrie to do it. Shes my tech princess because she does most of the things on it. I got the link from -- she has some killer icons.

OK, this is madness. Get this, its April and its snowing. I was gonna die when I found out. Its fucking spring and its fucking snowing! AHH! GET THE GUN OUT AND SHOOT ME WHY DONT YA! But yea. Its just not fair. In spring its supposed be the time to get the shorts out and turn the heater off. Well here in New Jersey I guess spring means get out your snow boots and start shoveling the snow from the sidewalk. Speaking of cold, my feet are freezing!

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