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skanks [09 Apr 2004|04:57pm]
[ mood | entertained ]
[ music | usher *yeah* ]

i hope joey has a good time tonight. i hope he meets a lil skank. i hope his friend doesnt.

thats his friend. name not available to you guys. i need balls to talk to him. i like him alot. i really do. joey said i should just say hey in my loewest voice and he'll start laughing. im like scared to talk to him. hes intimidating. i dont wanna seem like a fruit in front of him. i dont want to look like shit in front of him either. but i gotta start talking to him. im the photographer for their band. and i gotta talk to all the members. yeah. well im done. hope they hate him.

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freaking xanga [14 Nov 2003|06:25am]
[ music | britney spears: breathe on me ]

jeez! xanga sucks! they have to upgrade when i need to write!!! should i or shouldnt i? should u what you say? give alex my website thing. hmm and risk the chance of getting my ass kicked by her ugly girlfriend? i dont think so! maybe im too ugly for her..... or not ugly enough. i dunno. i need to stop liking peepole who are taken.... doesnt that ever happen to you? i bet it does! it happens to everyone.


andrew wants to move to arizona after 11th or 10th grade! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! oh mi gosh! and why? he wants to be a professional basketball player and theres too many good players out here and it would be easier to be out there cuz it is. i cant stop what he wants to be or do, but hes by far the hottest guy at sylmar! no andrew! i was getting ready to cry when i heard that! i wanted to go to homecoming with andrew soooo badly! but c.j asked me and i like him also. yeah.... damn puerto ricans! breaking my heart..... hes the only one but yeah.

AnDrEw Is ThE sHiT!!!!

yesterday rain said that alex was mean cuz she dropped my haterade...... yeah i guess she could be butt yeah i needa think negativly too.

is it funny to you when i sttttuttteerrr!? do you think this is a laughing mmmmattttteeer!? lol

aerobics umm sucked? ilda used my phone but i dont care cuz i dont use the minutes but yeah. kiara aka: shit talker (( i call her that for VARIOUS reasons )) had to be a smart ass and say yeah right youre drug free... i said yeah youre right 2 hits and i was out. moron! you dont know my life!

today was fun! rain had some drink and i almost DIED! ahh GOD that was nasty! i ate 3 pizzas and i was still hungie! i got the munchies! me and alex were looking at the clouds.... haha! funniness i got dizzy. i saw ceasar #2!!!! yeah. but of course my druggie friends were to out of it to see him.... especially aqua...... haha.

yeah well i made up my mind, ill give her the address. so what if her gf kicks my ass...... funny thing is i cant fight till i know im in danger! lol........... just ask veronica..... you should have never pushed me stupid trick. yeah if im not in danger ill let her beat on me.

haha! you swear!

cleaning my room cuz homecoming is tomorrow and i gotta clean it cuz aqua is coming over! her first time! who! we need a camera!!!

i love you rain!!!!


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bored [15 Aug 2003|12:44pm]
[ music | nothing ]

well this is my first entry! ya me! well ill write more later i just wanted 2 see if this worked and i think it did

buh byez,

practice safe sex in tha bed, wear it on tha head

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