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[10 Aug 2004|01:56pm]
Hey.. Blurty is gay so im switching over to live journal -- my user name is aD0RKable_xxo soOo add me over there!

[02 Aug 2004|08:53pm]
[ mood | hot ]
[ music | Dashboard Confessional- Age Six Racer ]

Hey!! I was just re-reading some of my entries and i never write in this thing. And since im bored i thought i'd write a little bit. Im in texas right now.. as I write this :-p. I've been here for 8 days so far. I've done alot.. lets see saturday- I woke up at 4am and left the house at 5am for the airport.. got on the plane at 7 and arrived in houston at 1pm. We drove to my grandmas house, i got there unpacked and swam and layed out all day then that night around 5ish we went to an old friend of the familys house for this cookout it was nice .. then we went back to my grandmas and went to bed sunday- didnt do much, went to my aunts and got on the computer, went back to my grandmas and swam monday- left for the beach house in galveston.. stayed there with the family, my aunt, and a friend of the family and their sons. (like age 10-12) untill thursday (we swam in the ocean, layed out on the beach, and went to the city and ate dinner and shopped.. i got a cute belly button ring) and when we were down there, there was 2 shark attacks, one like 5 minles west of us and one like 3 miles east of us--freaky! Thursday Came back to houston packed and swam for a little bit in the pool, then left for Lake Travis, to stay at my cousin and his wifes condo with the family etc. We got there thursday around 4 ish so we went down to the lake and swam, and cooked out and stuff, they have this cool swing thing on their dock that u can swing into the water with its awesome, and a really really nice boat with a wakeboarding tower, I wakeboarded for the first time!! It took me 4 times to get up but it was fun I got up and went in and outta the wake and shit. Its awesome Friday Saturday Basically did the same thing as thursday, hung out on the lake all day, and came back and crashed at the condo for the night.. Saturday we left at like 3 pm to go back to houston sunday Didnt do much, got home from the Lake in austin around 6ish and we ate out at Luthers this bbq place it was good.. and came back to my g-mas house and swam and crashed. Monday (today) my sisters left early this morning because they had to work, my mom and my dad and I are staying here till wednesday, I just layed out by the pool today, ate out lunch, and hung out here at my aunts. --> thats my week basically.. Im going home wednesday and tomorrow i'm going to the galleria mall in houston (a huge mall) to shop with my mom and Jo and her son (a friend of the family too) then wedensday i leave early morning. My family has been talking about moving down here like SERIOUSLY talking about it, and i've been all for it because I hate the snow and the cold in NY but since i've been down here, i've realized some things. I really do miss everyone down here, and its so beautiful and warm and i'd love to live here, but i would miss my friends and my house soo much. Like Im a little homesick already after 8 days here. I dont know, Im still on the fence abotu the whole moving thing. My mom had another interview today with katy school districts, b.c my dad can for sure get a job down here he has like 3 offerings, but i guess he wants my mom to get a job before we move. So i d k we'll see what happens. I gtg tho we're going out to a movie!

P.S im really really tan--yay!! It was 101 degrees yesterday!!


[13 Jul 2004|02:39am]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | Dispatch-The general ]

Hey!! Sorry, havent updated in forever, Even though i havent been really busy, cause like last week it rained sooo much practically all week, and i was grounded and kay was with rob, so I didnt do too much. Well yesterday I spent the night at amandas, with kay, and we kinda had a lil girls bonding night, it was fun, we made s'mores in amandas microwave and camped out in her tent, it was cool haha we talked alot, :) about like everything. I love that, it makes me so happy. But what doesnt make me happy is the fact that I havent hung out with amanda m in like forever, she always seems to be with josh (her lil boy toy) and the girls he hangs out with, like christy brown and stuff.. I mean i wanted this summer to be like all of us hangin out, but she never wants to hang out, like shes always busy or whatever. But i d k i guess thats what happens.. So today I came home from amandas and slept till 5:30 PM yah thats right, im lazy. Then I went to gymnastics with kali and kristy around 7:30-9 and it was a good one, we conditioned SOOO hard i thought I was gonna die, and i got my back hand spring by myself on the hard mat, yah go me :) Then we picked amanda j up from her house and went back to kays and we got dressed and stuff and headed over jays, :) it was fun, not as fun as it usually is though.. rob ended up coming, him and kali were cuddling all night, they're adorable im sorta glad they're back together because kali seems so happy when shes with him, even if shes gonna spend alot of her time with him, as long as shes happy, I cant be selfish. I think my problem is, relasonships scare me. I know that sounds really immature and shit, but putting your heart, trust, and happyness in a guys hands, how safe can that be?! Its just going to end in tears and anger anyways. I dont know, maybe i'll figure it out later. This week theres not too much goin on, im jus gonna lay around by the pool if it doesnt rain all week like it did last week, and thursday kali amanda justin jay and i are going 2 darien lake, matty might go 2. Jonny cant go hes workin, blah. But it should be fun regardless, since i love justin, jay, and matt to death (except when matts in a pissy mood). And then friday gingerich is havin ppl over, and i think the girls are spendin the night at amandas. it should be fun. I went to the doctors the other day though, for a physical, and we mentioned how i sleep alot latley, so they tested me for anemia, it came back negeitve but i have to go back b/c the dr. thinks im tired because im depressed or some shit.. UGH okay im not depressed go away, honestly. But anyways they also tested for my choloresteral cause it runs in my family and shit, and it turns out its high.. so i have to go back for that too.. to get my blood taken again. ER i mean i dont understand, im not fat, and i exercise, yah my diet is HORRIBLE!! But I never think of myself as someone with high chlorseteral, and what if i take this blood test again and its still high, do i have to go on a strict diet and exercise 10x more.. ah im nervous haha, but im tryin not to worry about it, cause im leavin for texas in 1 1/2 weeks, :) but i gotta go its like 3am and i feel like shit, cause I was dehydrated from gymnastics i like threw up and im shaking .. plus im exhausted. Later
sexy mother fuckers *Die young and save yourself*- brand new


[29 Jun 2004|03:56pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | Im a joker- Tom petty ]

::What is your full name: Kara Anne Henderson
::Nicknames: LoLo, Kare, Loppy, A bunch of random bull shit ones haha
::Birthdate: 05/22/89 <-- yes i am a blurty illegal
::Where do you live? A shit ass town, where everyone knows everything about you.
::What school do you attend? A shit ass school, where everyone knows everything that happens to you. and everyone GOSSIPS
::Siblings and their ages? Brooke (17) Shannon (19)
::Sex: Female
::Righty or Lefty: Lefty--the world hates us
::Hair color: Light brown w/ blonde highlights
::Eye color: A dark blue
::Height: 5'4.
::Do u wear contacts or glasses? I'm supposed to, but I don't. My glasses are hideous, and the contacts dry out my eyes.. so haha
::Do you have any piercings? Yeah, my belly and my ears
::Where do you want more if you do? Hopefully my nose when im 16
::Do you have a tattoo? noo, I want just one though, in the middle of my back (so overused ik)
::Do you wear any rings? No, I lose em all
::Do you have a certain fashion you follow? Cute, Trendy stuff

>>>Just Lately<<<
::How are you today? I'm okay. Could be worse. :)
::What pants are you wearing right now? "yoga'' stretch capris from old navy
::What shirt are you wearing right now? A sky blue one from american eagle, that has writing on it that says Jamacia Ninety four, and some hidden sexual innuendo no doubt..
::Where did you just come from? The kitchen 'cause I was making rice krispy treats
::What does your hair look like at the moment? Gross.. i jus rolled outta bed this morning, its all frizzy and in a pony tail haha
::What song are u listening to right now? Memory- Sugarcult
::What was the last thing u ate? a rice krispy treat
::How is the weather right now? Cloudy, 60's, about to rain <- - yah and its almost july.. er i hate NY
::Last person u talked to on the phone: thinking.. uhh my mom?
::Last Dream you can remember: Kali was turned into a skunk, i was sitting on this kids lap, and my 3 past crushes were there.. and i was drinking a hineken (sp) weird.. ik
::Who are you talking to right now? No one. I am away online
::What time is it? 4:04 PM.. woha wheres the day gone?
::What are the last four digits of your phone number? 3291
::If u were a crayon, what color would you be? Pink!!
::Have you ever almost died? Many a' time.. almost everyone has, its just modern medicine that makes it hard to believe, I mean people (george washington) died from strep throat, and we just pop a couple penicillen now, and we're fine
::How do u eat an Oreo: I bite the top off, then lick off the middle, and throw away the second bottom
::What makes u happy? Writing poems, *him*, my friends, MUSIC!, singing, dancing, acting, cooking, talking, going online, hangin out, partying, getting good grades, lots of stuff
::What's the next CD you are going to buy? Brand new's new CD <- blah tounge twister
::What's the best advice ever given to you? To think before I speak, haha
::Have u ever won any special awards? Yah, nothing to brag about tho
::What are your future goals? Go 2 college, do wat i love to do in life, get a nice fun job, and live it up.
::Do u like to dance? YES!! I live for it baby
::Worst sickness u ever had? Appendicitis
::What's the stupidest thing u've ever done? Steal clothes
::What's your favorite memory? Everything that makes me smile..
::If u could change one thing about yourself what would it be? My curly out of control hair
::Where do you shop the most? The mall
::How many kids do you want to have? 2ish
::Son's name? Eathen or Ian
::Daughter's? Isabella, Kristyna
::Do you do drugs? Sometimes, not serious ones though
::Do you drink? Yeah..
::What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? Suave, Blonde, or Herbel Encesses (sp)
::What sport do you hate the most? Lacrosse, to much effin running for me
::What are you most scared of? Drowning. Tight spaces. Darkness. Murder. Rape. Suffocation
::How many ppl in your house? 5
:Do you have your own phone line or cell phone? Yeah, im special (SYKE)
::Do you sleep with a stuffed animals? haha no i used to, (aww moment)
::Who do you tell your dreams too? Anyone who will listen, I love my dreams, their crazy and almost always guarenteed to get laughs and strange looks
::Who's the loudest friend you have? Kelly lol
Who's the quietest friend? Amanda jones

>Misc. Stuff<<<
::Is cheerleading a sport? YES. dont even sayyy its not
::Do you have a crush? Yeah..
::Who is your crush? Well everyone knows who it is so is there really a point in saying it here?
::Do you believe in Love at first sight? Lust at first site, love follows
::What song do you want played at your wedding? Something cheesy, and lovey dovey
::What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Body, smile
::Longest crush? a year or 2..
::Do you find yourself attractive? Not particularly.
::Do you find yourself ugly? Not particularly. Although at times, maybe.
::Do others find you attractive? Not sure.. maybe

>>>Which Is Worse<<<
::Making out with Boy George or Rob Zombie? Rob zombie is deffinetly worse
::Having your tonsils or appendix removed? Appendix

>>On Guys<<<
::Boxers or briefs: Boxers
::Long or short hair: Long.. like shaggy
::Curly or straight: Curly :)
::Tall or short: Mid height
::Six pack or muscular arms? Six pack
::who's your hottest friend? hmm all the hot ones have girlfriends haha

>>>This Or That<<<
::Lights on/off?: On
::Do u like snow, sun or rain? Sun
::Mickey D's or BK? Burger King
::Do u like scary or happy movies better? Happy
::Backstreet Boys or NSYNC? Nsync i guess... Im not one for boy bands though
::On the phone or in person? Person, the phone irritates me
::Paper or plastic? Plastic
::Susauge or pepperoni? Pepperoni
::Summer or winter? Summer
::Hugs or kisses? Hugs
::Chocolate or white milk: Chocolate (milk in general sucks though...)
::Root Beer or Dr. Pepper?: Dr. Pepper
::Glass half full or half empty: Depends on what kind of mood im in
::CD or Tape: CD
::Tape or DVD: DVD
::Cats or Dogs: Dogs
::Mud or Jell-O wrestling: Jell-O
::Vanilla or Chocolate: Chocolate
::Skiing or Boarding: Well i ski, i wish i could board tho
::Day or night: Night
::Cake or pie: CAKE
::Silver or gold: Silver but gold if its white gold
::Diamond or pearl: Diamond
::Sunset or sunrise: Sunrise.

::Color: Pink
::Food: Burger king's cheesburgers
::Fast Food: Burger king.. its good for ur soul
::Beverage: Coke
::Ice Cream Flavor: Butter Pecan
::sport: Cheerleading
::Animal: Dogs. Tigers. Horses
::Type of music? Emo. Scremo. Classic Rock. a lil hip-hop here and there
::Radio Station: ehh i d like the radio really
::Song: Memory- sugarcult, acoustic of course
::Band: Dash, Taking back sunday, Brand new, Saves the day
::Number: 10
:Actor or actress? Johnny Depp.
::day of the year? 12/25
::month? July.
::TV Show: Real world, but spongebob is my guilty pleasure, and so is thats so raven
::Store: Charlotte Rusee
::Scent: Warm Vanilla Sugar (from bath and body works)
::Game: Life or Payday, or grand theft auto vice city

>>>Have You Ever<<<
::Loved someone soo much it makes you cry? Yeah, when they die
::Smoked? yeah.
::Drank? Yah
::Broken the law? Yes
::Ran from the cops? haha uh no.
::Stole something? yeah..
::Tried to kill yourself? No. But if I ever *really* wanted to do, and jus hire my own hitman to kill me
::Made yourself throw up? no, im not a bulemic
::Been in love? No
::Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? once or twice

1 Have had enough of the world and it's PEOPLES MINDLESS GAMES*

[26 Jun 2004|12:13am]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | no I in team- taking back sunday ]

Hey, stranzes house was sooo much fun the other night!! We were all sittin around the fire and we chilled n' did stuff we usually do (wink win) it was alot of fun. Then the boys tried to sneak in at like 3 and my mom came downstairs haha it was halarious, im grounded for a while though, eh whatever i'll get out of it. Then yesterday i went out to dinner and a movie with kali amanda amanda and kristy for kristys birthday, and then wen we got back to kristys, we went on a walk and went and got jonny, it was a little awkward at first but then it was just like we were friends again.. Anyways, today it was a shitty day, we were suppsoed to go to stranzes again, but i guess his mom said no, so i jus sat around my PJS all day and had a lazy day cause i havent stayed home in like a week. Then later we went to keiths house and hung out with him luchessi and pat, i think kali has this thing for keith, its cute, and a lil awkward tho cause hes my sisters ex--oh well. Anyways im out later


[22 Jun 2004|01:34pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | All american Rejects- Time stands still ]

Hey hey, its officially summer!! AHhh im so excited, things have been going so great for me. I got in a few fights with some girls but we've resolved our issues and now everything is perfect. We have a crew the "fortys crew" its a crew of boys and girls, its basically who im gonna be hanging out with this whole summer. In fact, tonight we're going to amandas with the crew and partying it up :) its gonna be fun.. Ill make sure to write loooots of stuff about it when I get back. I am so confused latley though.. about boys. My ex-josh.. and his girlfriend recently broke up.. and before they got together I told him i liked him, but since him and meg got together i had no chance.. I was heartbroken, but I moved on, and i got introduced to this other kid-jonny, hes really sweet and pretty cute. We just click, because we have similar interests, and hes just really fun.. so i gave up on josh and started to focus on jonny. Then like 3 days ago josh and meg broke up, and hes been flirting with me really bad, because he knows i used to be interested in him.. and the truth is now that they are broken up I have a chance. But I still like jonny.. I really do, and now, tonight, both of them are going to amandas. I dont know what to do. And i dont want to be like "no one can touch jonny or josh, because I like them both" like I cant have crushes on them both.. is it possible ahh i hate it, and jonny is attracted to my best friend amanda because she has like huge boobs.. and guys only like her for that. But jonny flirts with me CONSTANTLY and we talk about hooking up and stuff. Seriously i need some advice, ahhh so lost. I HATE BOYS hahaa im out tho love you

2 Have had enough of the world and it's PEOPLES MINDLESS GAMES*

[24 May 2004|05:34pm]
hey hey! Whats goin on ;).. n2m here just got back from tanning, its nice out today finally but it looks like its gonna rain.. *tear* anyways.. nothing new really going on.. Just school, its so gay though b/c im not doing ne thing all week except reviewing and watching videos, and then on thursday we have an assembly and like free time the rest of the periods, and we dont have school friday or the following monday, whats the point of eve going.. and they wont let us have a feild day/spring fling b/c the attendecne was too low.. GROSS ew i hate our effin school we dont even get february break next year. La la la la so boreed when is summer going to be here? I have so much to do this summer though, I have cheerleading camps, gymnastics, and im going to texas for two weeks.. and i still gotta find time to go somewhere fun with the girls.. Know whats really gay though..? Im soO tottaly sick of girls, like theres like 3 or 4 that dont bother me right now, all the rest are fake and full of sooO much drama and bull shit, its really gay. Like if you stuck me in a room with just guys and we just like hung out I'd be fine, like their so much easier to talk to.. idk i'll probably get over it but idk how much longer I can take it before I yell at some of the girls that are seriously bothering me.. Like they always put up a front and its soo annoying and bull shit, its like they think I cant see through it uk. Whatever tho, haha im still happy with everything besides that factor.. any whoo Im out i gotta go running so I can loose 10-20 pounds. .wOot..

loVe.. *KaRa
3 Have had enough of the world and it's PEOPLES MINDLESS GAMES*

[28 Dec 2003|12:24am]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | At your funeral- Saves the day ]

Hey... Sorry haven't updated with a real entry in a while. I just got back from texas like 4 days ago.. christmas eve actually, because my grandpa died. It was pretty sad, Although I do have to admit, I always have fun when I got down there because I get to see my cousins and we just have a ball.. Its the greatest. I was like bawling at the funeral though, because I feel so awful that we never get to come down hardly like only once or twice a year, and i know that seems like alot, but its honestly not, because I dont even know like half of my family, its sort of sad. I think my dad might be thinking about moving down there agian anyways, he always says that but it never really happens. *sigh* anyways, christmas was a surprise I got alot of stuff that I didnt think i was getting. I got these adorable volatile shoes.., I also got a cell phone >> http://www.nokia.com/nokia/0,,120,00.html but its blue.. and i got a comforter set that I have wanted for like EVER, its like satin with stars on it from jcpennys, it was expensive like 1/4 of my christmas but I <3 it.. I also got a guess creme jacket its really cute, clothes, umm.. and I got headphones, DVD, a poster of the beatles it is AMAZING, lotion and bath stuff, makeup extra. Anyways, off the christmas note.. theres trouble in paradise :(.. yesterday i went snowboarding with amanda J and some of the boys and amanda friken fell on her ass and tryed to catch her self and she landed on her arm, so she was like bawwwling like seriously bawling and it was swelling up really bad, the ski patrol came and everything, I tried to stay with her but the guys like theres not room for u to ride down with us ur going 2 have to snowboard down the mountain and meet her down there and give us some information and talk to her parents, so i agreed. But guess what, I DONT SNOWBOARD today was my first time like ever doing it, so it took me like 2 hours to get down a 30 minute hill, it was trecherous, and i fianlly got down ther eand her parents were already on their way.. shes okay but she shattered one bone in her arm and chipped antoher, she has a cast all the way up to her shoulder now. I dont think i'll be back on the board anytime soon, because my tailbone hurts like a mo, and my knees banged up and i have a burn on the ankle from it rubbing against my boots.. ALSO i reallly hurt my wrist, like i cant move it, but im not goin g2 the doctor because i dont want to be injured and let my team down, so maybe i'll go like after january.. haha i gotta go though its like 1 im the morning, time for bed :)


5 Have had enough of the world and it's PEOPLES MINDLESS GAMES*

[25 Dec 2003|08:50pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | kelis- milkshake ]

people take what I say in here to seriously..

you stuff:
001. spell your name: k-A-R-A
002. spell your name backwards: A-R-A-K
003. date of birth: May 22, 1989
004. male or female: female
005. astrological sign: Gemini*woot woot
006. nicknames: Kare
007. occupation: student (not a very good one)
008. height: 5'2"
009. weight: 115lbs
010. hair color: dirty blonde
011. eye color: dark blue
012. where were you born? Katy, Texas
013. where do you reside now? Upstate shitville new york
014. age: 14
015. screen names: Justxme23
016. e-mail: sunkissed8o4@yahoo.com
017. what does your screen name stand for: Justxme .. um well i was trying to find like a word that describes me for my sn, and i realized uhh a word doesnt really describe me.. Im just mee (but people also think it means like just kiss me cause the x=kiss.. thats true too) hehe
018. what is your blurty name: inner_beautyx
019. what does your blurty name stand for: real beauty is within :)
020. pets: 2 dogs, 2 cats
021. number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake: 14
022. piercings: ears but belly in april :)
023. tattoos: none but for my 18th b-day im getting a gemini sign on my back
024. shoe size: 5 1/2
025. righty or lefty? lefty (did u know leftys die 7-10 years earlier then rightys!?)
026. wearing: Pajamas with monkeys on them, my pig slippers and shirt from the class of 2004 CA (idk)
027. hearing: my fingers against the keyboard (132 wpm to be exact ;))
028. feeling: tired
029. eating/drinking: uh air

friends stuff:
which one of your friends is the....
030. craziest: hm. Emily cutting
031. loudest: Amanda jones
032. nicest: Sarah Davis
033. bitchiest: Me.. right here
034. life of the party: uh. Sarah davis when she dances
035. jock: Kyra
036. prep: See above
037. rebel: none, we're all angels :)
038. cutest: amanda jones, awww shes so cuddly :)
039. best friend of the same sex: KAK and SAK
040. best friend of the opposite sex: :( i wanna cry, Joey burke but he moved and i havent talked to him in foreverrrr
041. most popular: Ky and Jax
042. rudest: haha Amanda J jus cause shes clueless
043. most shy: Pat Giak
044. dumbest: hhahah amanda J gotta lurrve her tho
045. smartest: Nicky or Leigh
046. weirdest: Marianetti haha
047. has the best hair: Kali or Marientti
048. best personality: Davis
049. most talented: Davis
050. most ghetto: Kali haha
051. most spoiled: Ashonta
052. drama queen: Marianetti
053. pain in the ass: Amanda J hahah
054. funniest: amanda J hha
055. best advice giver: emily
056. druggie: uh.
057. most likely to join a cult: AMANDA JONES lmfao
058. have you lost touch with a good friend recently: yeah
059. person you've been friends with the longest: Kali :) 12 years baby
060. how many friends do you have on your buddy list? 200

061. have you ever been in love? no
062. how many people have you told "i love you" and meant it: My whole family and my friends
063. how many people have you been in love with: zippo
064. how many people have you kissed: four
065. have you ever kissed someone of the same sex: uh no
066. how many people have you dated: like 5
067. what do you look for in a guy/girl: good sense of humor, nice personality, kindess, trustworthy, nice eyes, good with kids, big hands, nice stomach is a pluss too, oh and artistic I LOVE artistic guys
068. what's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex: smile
069. what type of guy/girl do you usually go for: surfer boys :)
070. do you have a bf: yah
071. if so, where did you meet them: uh amanda J's house
072. what do you like most about your bf: he treats me really good :) ik he'd never hurt me
073. do you have a crush right now: yeah
074. if so, who is it: mmy bf?
075. do you believe in love at first sight: infatuation at first sight, then comes love
076. do you remember your first love: yeah...connor schwabl in kinndergarten aww..
077. who is the first person you kissed: some kid none of yawl know, hes from tx
078. do you believe in fate: Yes :)
079. do you believe in soul mates: yes
080. if so, do you believe you'll ever find yours: I hope so

family stuff:
104. how many siblings do you have: 2
105. what are your parents names: Kathy and Gerard (pronounced Gurr-ard) .. ik its a weird irish name
106. what are your siblings names: Shannon and Brooke
107. how many siblings does your mother have: 1
108. how many siblings does your father have: 3
109. where are your parents from: Texas and Louisianna
110. is your family close: Yes when we want to be
111. does your family get together for holidays: yep
112. do you have a drunk uncle: drunk aunt.
113. any medical problems run through your family: Yes alot, damn I wouldnt be surprised if i was dead by the age of 50
114. does someone in your family wear a toupee: haha my aunt wore a wig
115. do you have any nieces or nephews: nope
116. are your parents divorced: nope
117. do you have step parents: no
118. has your family ever disowned anybody:Completley lost on the word disowned
119. how come: see above
120. did some of your family come to Canada from another country: ? We've been to canada if thats what u mean

121. what song do you swear was written about you or your life: Beautiful- Christina aguilera
122. what's the most embarrassing cd you own: Holes soundtrack (haha)
123. what's the best cd you own: Christina aguilera
124. what song do you absolutely hate: "Big yellow taxi" Counting Crowes and Vanessa Carlton
125. do you sing in the shower: yes :)
126. what song reminds you of that special someone: "sex and candyyy" hahah just kiddin' idk..
127. pink: trouble now
128. aerosmith: Walk this way
129. madonna: weirdo who kisses girls on tv.
130. korn: Freak on a leash
131. backstreet boys: old fantasy band
132. the beatles: AMAZING
133. sublime: good band good band
134. jLo: Don't be fooled by the rocks thatI got I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block
135. *nsync: chris kerpatrick u gonna get ur ass kicked.
136. limp bizkit: gross
137. britney spears: gross
138. creed: tra lah.. arms wide open blah blah
139. enrique iglesias: *growwl*
140. good charlotte: BILLY BILLY BILLLLLY :-* I LOVE YOU
141. christina aguilera: the best
142. eminem: talented.
143. new found glory: okay.
144. kelly clarkston: cheesy
145. kelly osbourne: Shut up (seriously)
146. mandy moore: classy
147. eve: Fetish
148. aaliyah: That dr. doolittle song-try again
149. nelly: hot in hurr
150. alicia keys: jus got her new cd today
151. incubus: i wish you were hereeee stellllarr.. my fave band ever :)

152. color: pink
153. food: Southern cookinn'
154. song: currently: new GC song
155. show: Friends/Extreme makeover
156. school subject: Chorus.. Easy A
157. band/singer: Christina aguilera, or billy martin from GC
158. animal: Horse
159. outfit: My stilleto timbs, wid my black guess parchute pant thingys, and a white vneck
160. radio station: 107.3 old rock or 106.7 kiss FM
161. movie: holes or pirates of the cariabean
162. pair of shoes: my stiletto timbs or my volatile clunkers :)
163. cartoon: spongebob or anything on adult swim (haha rob)
164. actor: shia labeouf
165. actress: Keira Knightley
166. potato chip: Lay's
167. drink: Coke
168. alcholic drink: I dont drink..Im underage remmmemmber (innocent smile)
169. holiday: Christmas
170. perfume/cologne: Versace yellow jeans
171. pizza topping: cheese
172. jello flavor: i hate jello
173. lunch meat: turkey
174. board game: risk
175. video game: tony hawk
176. website: www.bored.com
177. book: Lots and lots of them, I love reading
178. computer game: The Sims
179. number: 22
180. cereal: Lucky charms
181. comedian: Chris rock
182. dessert: aynthing chocolate
183. disney character: jasmine, or nala
184. clothing store: Charlotte rusee
185. pastime: writing, singing, dancing, reading, hanging with my gurliez/boyz, drawing
186. teacher: Mrs. Askin
187. childhood toy: erm.
188. carnival game/ride: that one ride at st. marys fair thats a ferris wheel but the seats spin upside down and ur in a lil cage thing.. oh screw it
189. candy bar: 100 grand, or resees
190. magazine: Cosmp girl
191. salad dressing: dont like salad
192. thing to do on the weekend: "chill" shop, go 2 movies, sleep, and eat lol
193. hot drink/cold drink: Hot Chocolate and the frozen white carmel oreo drink from gloria jeans
194. season: Summer
195. sport to watch: Slam ball.. or cheerleading
196. person to talk to online: amanda jones hahah

sleeping/bedroom habits:
197. what color are your sheets: white
198. what color are your bedroom walls: one blue wall all the rest white
199. do you have posters on your wall: Yes, tons
200. if so, of what: Beatles, Colin Farell, ashton kutchner, justin timberlake, Comso hotties, and Christina aguilera, and lil pics of other hottie stars hehe
201. do you have a tv in your bedroom: yes
202. how many pillows are on your bed: 4
203. what do you normally sleep in: pj pants and a shirt
204. describe your favorite pair of pajamas: My kitte ones with a matching shirt :)!
205. what size bed do you have: twin
206. do you have a waterbed/bunkbed/daybed: uh. regular
207. do you have your own phone line in your bedroom: nope
208. do you listen to music while trying to fall asleep: no, cause then I cant hear murders come in!
209. describe the last nightmare you had: haha thats between me and billy martin
210. do you sleep with stuffed animals: my big stuffed animal with a beating heart (my dog maxie)
211. how many people can comfortably sleep in your bed: two
212. do you sleep in any unusual positions: yah sort of.
213. do you have to share your bedroom with a sibling: no
214. do you snore: haha yessss
215. how about drool: yep.
216. do you have an alarm clock in your room: yah but i always sleep through it
217. what color is the carpet in your room: white/tanish
218. what's under your bed: a mess

this or that:
219. coke/pepsi: COKEEEEE
220. doughnuts/bagels: doughnuts
221. day/night: depends
222. wicked witch of the east/wicked witch of the west: erm. south
223. heaven/hell: heaven
224. make love/have sex: have sex
225. coffee/tea: coffee
226. hamburgers/hotdogs: hamburgers
227. rap/rock: rock old rock
228. britney/christina: christinaa by far
229. swiss cheese/american cheese: american
230. real world/road rules: road rules
231. backstreet boys/*nsync: *nsync
232. silver/gold: silver
233. nike/adidas: adidas
234. mcdonalds/taco bell: Taco bell
235. sweet/sour: sweet
236. punk/emo: emo
237. hot/cold: hot
238. winter/summer: summer
239. spring/fall: spring
240. operas/plays: plays
241. read/watch tv: read
242. cd's/tapes: cds
243. dvd's/vhs: DVD
244. old/new: new
245. shorts/skirts: shorts
246. pink/red: pink
247. colored pictures/black and white photos: black and white >> oh so vintage ;)
248. meat/vegetables: vegetables
249. mexican food/chinese food: tex mex
250. commercials/infomercials: infomercials
251. scary movies/comedies: comedies
252. bikinis/one piece bathing suits: bikini
253. sandals/tennis shoes: sandals
254. dogs/cats: dogs
255. unicorns/faeries: idk thats how u spell faeries, i always spelled it faries
256. water/land: water
257. sugar/spice: sugar
258. black/white: uh is this a racial thing?
259. ribbons/bows: ribbons
260. chicken/beef: chicken
261. colored christmas lights/regular white christmas lights: white
262. cars/trucks: cars
263. austin powers/james bond: powers
264. popcorn/pretzels: popcorn
265. hip/hop: hop
266. passionate kiss/peck: depends with who
267. wwe wrestling/real wrestling: real
268. back rub/foot massage: back
269. picture frames/photo albums: photo albums
270. pens/pencils: pen

what is your opinion of the following:
271. eminem: soo talented
272. virgins: determined
273. god: iiss goood good is greatt yah yahh what if GOD was onne off uss
274. the osbournes: usual american family :)
275. reality tv: some of it is ok
276. jLo: too perfect
277. religion: if its for u then thats great :)
278. emo music: awesome, awesome awesome I lurrvee ittt
279. valentine's day: eh, not to great
280. christina aguilera's comeback: great..
281. homosexuals: haha gay guys ROCK.
282. abortion: eh, its okay under CERTAIN circumstances, but other wise no.
283. inter-racial relationships: there should be more
284. murder: for self defense yes, other wise no
285. death: sucks, but it has to happen
286. obesity: sadness :(
287. pre-marital sex: is fine, whatever you wanna do, im not stoppin yah
288. terrorism: bites the big one
289. pornography: is for pathetic loserrs lol
290. fortune tellers: scams
291. threesomes: eh no
292. prostitution: FUNNY
293. politics: bastards.
294. selling out: sucks
295. george w. bush: is a texan so u gotta luv em
296. cloning: mini-me rocks :)
297. britney's boobs: fake
298. gas prices in america: to high

name game:
what do you think of when you hear these common names?...
299. jack: frost
300. tiffany: and co.
301. ben: and jen
302. maria: mexican
303. jennifer: shithead
304. nicole: dennis
305. amy: ugly name
306. adam: fat
307. richard: dick
308. justin: buff
309. arnold: dumb mayor who cant speak english correctly
310. tom: the cat
311. melissa: the teenage witch
312. charlotte: good
313. harold: HARK the
314. john: chili head!!
315. joel: and benji
316. vanessa: carlton
317. michelle: poufy hair
318. kevin: artist
319. trent: daria
320. jake: big nose
321. billy: MARTIN is my husband
322. sarah: scara
323. natalie: imbrugia
324. christy: crusty
325. nick: carter bites
326. linda: smart
327. taylor: eh.
328. jordan: perverts
329. jaime: african americans
330. adrian: indian

have you ever:
331. mooned anyone: yeah
332. been on a diet: yah for a day
333. been to a foreign country: mexico and canada?
334. broken a bone: yes
335. swallowed a tooth/cap/filling: yes
336. swear at a teacher: under my breath
337. talked to a blurty member via e-mails or instant messages: yah to get an icon
338. got in a fist fight: no.
339. dated a teacher: erm yah i date my english professor whos 87 hes sexay (siikke)
340. laughed so hard you peed your pants: ahha yah
341. thought about killing your enemy: yes, but not like for real
342. gone skinny dipping: nope
343. met another blurty member in the flesh: uh . if u count my friends who have a blurty account?
344. told a little white lie: most def.
345. told a secret you swore not to tell: yes i regret it
346. stolen anything: yah
347. miss used a swear word and it sounded absolutely stupid: hahah yah
348. been on tv: erm no?
349. been on the radio: no
350. been in a mosh pit: no
351. been to a concert: yeah
352. dated one of your best friends: yah, joe for like a day
353. loved someone so much it makes you cry: when they die
354. decieved somebody close to you: noo
355. broken the law: yah but its not like biiig lawwss
356. been to a rodeo: no! surprise surprise.. lil miss texan hick here
357. been on a talk show: no
358. been on a game show: no
359. been on an airplane: yeah plenty of times
360. got to ride on a firetruck: no
361. came close to dying: uh sorta
362. cheated on a bf: no
363. gave someone a piggy back ride?: yeah
364. terrorized a babysitter: nope
365. made a mud pie: yah
366. had a dream that your falling off a cliff: yah
367. snuck out of the house at night: yep
368. been so drunk you don't remember your name: no
369. had an eating disorder: no
370. felt like you didn't belong?: Yes.
371. felt like the 3rd wheel: yes
372. smoked: -see below
373. done drugs: no comment. my fam reads this
374. been arrested: no
375. had your tonsils removed: no
376. gone to camp: cheerleadinnng :)
377. won a bet: yep
378. written a love letter: yeah
380. written a love poem: no i write other poems though
381. kissed in the rain: no
382. slow danced with someone you love: .. no
383. participated in cyber sex: when i was like 4 and i didnt know what was happening
384. faked an orgasm?: no...
385. stolen a kiss: a hershey kiss from amanda j hahahaaa
386. asked a friend for relationship advice: yes just 2day i did.
387. had a friend steal your bf: naw
388. watched the sunset/rise with someone you love: nope
389. gotten a speeding ticket: nope
390. done jail time: nope
391. had to wear a uniform to work: never had a job, to young
392. won a trophy: yep
393. thrown up in public: uh i dont think so
394. bowled a perfect game: nnooo haha my highest score is like 2
395. failed/got held back: noo
396. got perfect attendance in grade school: ew no im not a nerd whos dedicated to school
397. roasted pumpkin seeds: yes
398. taken ballet lessons: yah fur 6 years
399. attempted suicide: naw

childhood stuff:
401. did you play with barbies: yeah
402. did you own treasure trolls: yah awwww
403. did you watch beverly hills 90210: sometimes
404. did you play simon: like simon says? yes
405. did you watch fraggle rock: noooo
406. did you wet the bed: nope
407. did you believe there were monsters in your closet or under your bed: ew no i wasnt a retard
408. did you wear the underwear with the days of the week on them: yah haha i wore like mondays on fridays tho.
409. were you shy: soort of
410. were you spoiled: no
411. were you abused: no
412. did you go to the circus: yah even thouygh I had a circus right in my very home. hahaha
413. did you go to the zoo: yeah
414. were you in a car accident: yeah wehn i was in my moms stomache
415. did you build snowmen: yes
416. did you cry when you scraped your knee: yeah awww i was sucha lil pansy
417. were your older cousins mean to you: only when I called them names first
418. did you think slinkies were cool: yeah!!!
419. did you think the ninja turtles really lived in the sewer: yah!
420. were you afraid of the dark: I loved that show, and yes i had a lil night light
421. did you have slumber parties: yep aw emily choens 5th grade one was the best tho!
422. did you have nkotb sheets, curtains, sleeping bags, dolls and pajamas: nkotb? huh
423. did you tease your hair out like tiffany: no my hair was already really curly/poufy
424. did you believe in the easter bunny/santa claus/and the tooth fairy: yah aw


[25 Dec 2003|08:28pm]
My new journal. Testing 1..2..3 :)
1 Have had enough of the world and it's PEOPLES MINDLESS GAMES*

[21 Aug 2003|02:42pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]

Hey.. I've been really patient, I requested a backround 1-2 months ago, and I understand that you guys are busy and stuff.. but 1-2 months? I imed mestxdork.. like 3 weeks ago and she apologized and said it would b done the next day but it never was. Sorry if i sound bitchy.. but i have been waiting a long time.. So please fill my request, or at least tell me whats going on.. thankies



[20 Aug 2003|12:34pm]
[ mood | nervous ]
[ music | Band chant # 1 haha ]

Hey!! Lets see, Im trying to think about the last time I updated and what I wrote about.. Oh yah cheerleading camp!! Well not much has happend since then, except I went a little school shopping and cheer practice started. I have tryouts today!! I am so nervous because we have to do 4 band chants, a cheer, a dance, and our jumps! Can you belevie it. I mean we're supposed to know alla those perfectly after only 2 days of practice, Oh well I think I have every thing down pretty well, and shayla and bausha are coming over today so we can practice before tryouts. Im starting to get nervous as school is getting closer, I mean im going to b a freshmen, how weird is that. I mean im gonna miss middle school because everything was so planned out for you, you were friends with all of the people in your houses, and you never had to bother and make new friends because your friends we're in every class with you. But highschool is going to be so much different. Im not going to be used to seeing blue house and green house people in my classes this year. I won't be alone though because everyone has to make new friends. Im going to miss the red house crew though. I had so much fun over those three years. Except for that one winter.. but I dont want to go into that. Im excited because im ready to meet new people from other houses, and get to know them past the stereotypes and rumors. Im ready for the challenge i think, because I've been meeting new people from other houses this summer. :-( im worried that im going to split up with my friends though, because some of them arent doing the same sports as me, and I know for a fact that in highschool everything changes and everyone makes new friends, I know from seeing it.. (both of my sisters).. but it'll b okay .. I mean maybe its for the best. I have to go though bausha and shayla are gonna b here soon and Im gonna go eat some peanut butter toast for energy (im gonna need it) bye bye


1 Have had enough of the world and it's PEOPLES MINDLESS GAMES*

[15 Aug 2003|11:23am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Come what may- Moulin rouge ]

Hey!! I havent updated in a long while, but i've been busy and stuff. Well I had cheercamp last weekend, and It was fun..I got to learn alotta new material and stuff, and I got to know the sophmores :).. I thought alla the sophmores were the biggest bitches, but the gurls that we hung out with where really sweet and cool. There was this one girl in my grade though (not saying any names).. who was like being the biggesttt bitch to me!! Like I would say something and she would have some kind of sarcastic reply. She would like say alla these bitchy things to me, and I was like wth did i do.. do you have a problem with me or something?? So I got really upset about it because she kept sayin all of this stuff about me and then when she found out people knew why I was upset she was bein all nice to me again it was like wohhhaa ur a crazy bitch haha. But other then that it was pretty fun. Then when I got home I jus hung out and didnt do much all week, I went to amanda m's for the night but that was it. And then yesterday I was at the waterpark with kali and amanda jones. In the wavepool around 4:30 they couldnt get the waves to start, and none of the slides in the waterpark worked! So we got out of the wave pool and we heard this lady on her cell phone talking about some power plant in new jersey or nyc that malfuctioned.. and alla the east coast was out of power! So there was no way to get ahold of my mom, who was planning to come get us @ 6:30! So me amanda and kali sat outfront in the heat for 2 hours untill my mom came.. it was crazy. And then when we got home it was soo hot in my house cause the air-conditiong was out. When it got dark we lit the candels and played cards it wasnt that bad. But i already had to go thru that once tihs year (the march/april ice storm) but yay the power came on at 5:00 this morning! YAY its so great, I love it.. It makes you stop and think though. Of all the people who have to live without indoor plumbing and no electricity every day. wow.. :( But on a happier note, this saturday (tomorrow) my familia rented a boat again.. and jonesy is coming with! So thats gonan b fun! Well I gotta go.. leave it!!

Love always


2 Have had enough of the world and it's PEOPLES MINDLESS GAMES*

[07 Aug 2003|06:30pm]
[ mood | pleased ]
[ music | Harry potter movie music..? ]

OMG!! Do you like my new layout? yay.. I did it all by myself.. but i got the wallpaper from http://www.mugglenet.com .. wow.. i love harry hes so gorgeous i wish it was real.. hahaha well its offical im a really big nerd.. LOL i gotta go tho.. sammys party.. sorry couldnt write much!! Bye

love the biggest nerd ever!!


6 Have had enough of the world and it's PEOPLES MINDLESS GAMES*

[07 Aug 2003|06:29pm]
OMG!! Do you like my new layout? yay.. I did it all by myself.. but i got the wallpaper from http://www.mugglenet.com .. wow.. i love harry hes so gorgeous i wish it was real.. hahaha well its offical im a really big nerd.. LOL i gotta go tho.. sammys party.. sorry couldnt write much!! Bye

love the biggest nerd ever!!


[06 Aug 2003|01:30am]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | Dirrttyyy-X-tina ]

Hey!! OMG sorry havent updated with a real entrie in a pretty long while, its been like a week and two days.. Anywhoo.. I went to the concert friday.. and what can I say.. IT WAS AMAZING.. dude like amazing isnt even the word im looking for it was jus awesome . period. christina looked beautiful and she sounded awesome! No lypsyncin or anything, she sang around 7 or 8 songs including some old songs like that one song called at last and remakes of songs from her last CD (what a gurl wants, genie in a bottle) and justin. OOOOH justin soo sexy .. I want to touch the hiney.. LOL he looked gorjuz, and those moves! He can dance .. soooo good, if guys at our school had half his dancing ability and i would b set!! haha, he didnt sing as much as christina but he was more entertaining because he beat-boxed and danced and he got the crowd more into it.. not saying christina wasnt good.. (which she was!!) but justin beat her by a hair! hehe.. anways so yah the concert rocked, and afterwards manddaaa spent the night and we hung out and talked and stuff and then sat she went home, I sat around the house saturday and sunday basically jus recovering from the excitiment and tiredness of the concert, and then monday i spent the night at amandas wid sarah! It was fun we went put-putting (NOT MINATURE GOLFING) haha.. and then we went back to her house and ate watched movies and had a gurls night in.. it was fun!! Then tuesday (today) we woke up kinda early and had doughnuts and i went home early (10ish) cause she had to go to her ants house.. but wen i got home i slept untill 4:30 in the evening omg it was crazy, i slept like half the day away. So today.. nothing special happend.. its been pouring all day and my last summer leauge softball game got canceld and it was a triple header and we were gonna play under the lights! HOW COOL IS THAT.. but it got canceled :( hopefully they reschedual. Me and sarah had a really long talk tonight, about boys and how much we'd risk for them and jus doing stuff wid em'..and everyything it was really great.. we talked for like 2 hours i was confused about some stuff.. she helped me wid that too. Tomorrow me and my mom r having a "bonding" day haha aww.. we're goin 2 get somethin for lunch and buyin me some work out shorts and sneakers, and sammys b-day gift cause her partys thursday .. and i need sneakers and shorts for cheerleading camp tihs wkend.. Oh that reminds me.. Im sorta nervous about camp because like none of my really good friends are going, like some gurls i know are going but none of my goood firneds, so im gonna like room with someone i dont even know, ack scary, its kinda like the first time i've ever done something with out someone coming along with me.. you know what i mean? But im sort of looking forward to it, cause i need to be more independent and meet some new people you know! Its gonna b fun and so is sammys party thursday I gotta go tho, its like 1:30 and im pretty tired.. Probably gonna sleep till 2 or 3 again tomorrow haha..!

Love always-

1 Have had enough of the world and it's PEOPLES MINDLESS GAMES*

[02 Aug 2003|11:59pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | freakish- saves the day ]


*1. Full Birth Name: Kara Anne Henderson

*2. Natural Hair Color: Dirty blonde to light brown wid blonde streaks

*3. Hair Color Currently: see above

*4. Eye Color At Birth: dark brown but then it went really blonde

*5. Eye Color Currently: dark oceanish blue color

*6. Height Currently: 5'2 and 3/4

*7. Glasses/Contacts: yah, but i never wear either

*8. Birth date: may 22nd 1989

*9. Sign: *GEMENI* :)

*11. Parents Names: Kathy and Gerard

*12. Siblings: Shannon (18) Brooke (16)

*13. Location: Shittsville, New york haha

*14. School Attended: CMS.. soon to be CHS :)

*15. Grade attend: 8th.. soon 2 b a *frosh chicc*

*16. G. P. A.: uhh.. well my average wsa 89

*17. College Plans: Well eventually

*18. Planned College Major: Not yet

*19. Planned College Minor: Not yet

*20. Any Piercing: only one .. in my ears, i had 2 more but they closed up

*21. Any Tattoos: Not yet, I wanna get a fairy on my bad.. or a gemini sign


*1 Best Girl Friend(s): Amanda M, and Sarah

*2. Best Guy Friend(s): Joey burke/Ronald hehe

*3. If You Could marry Anyone Who Would It Be? <3SHIA LABEOUF<3

*4. Current Dating Partner: - no one

*5. Current Crush: shia labeouf.. uuh sexy

*6. Hobbies: Shopping, Chillen, AIMing, Movies, Swimming, tanning, hangin wid my gurls/guys

*7. Where Can You Usually Be Found: Online, Mall, friends houses, outside chillen wif my gurls/guys

*8. Who Can You Usually Be Found With: Amanda M or kali cause she lives right by me and we've been close since we were 2 .. aww moment haha

*9. Cell Phone: Noo my stupid ass parents can be thanked for that

*10. Pager: naww

*11. Are You Center Of Attention Or Wallflower: Center of attention.. (hehe especially at dances) I love dancin in the middle of everyone, what can i say.. I love attention :)

*12. What Type Automobile Do You Drive: I dont have a car .. only 14

*13. What Type Automobile Do You Wish You Drove: Spyder eclipse 2003 electric blue with a white convortable top and white leather interior.. with a black light that goes in the grill of the car :)

*14. Who Do You Know Personally That Has The Best Car: .. my dad..? eew ik that sounds gay.. but thats all i can think of

*15. Are You Timely Or Always Late: I call it .. fashionably late lol

*16. Would You Rather Be With Friends Or On A Date: With friends while on a date= group date :)

*17. Where Is The Best Hangout: peoples basements!!

*18. Do You Have A Job: I wish .. cause i need $ .. but once again.. age check

*19. Where Do You Attend Church: I used to.. but ne more

*21. Are You Active In Your Youth Group: Not since 2nd grade

*22. Do You Like Being Around People: Yes.. unless their bitchy

FRIENDS: Out Of Your BFF's (or friends in general)


*1. Have You Known The longest ?: Kali hickman.. known since i was 2

*2. Do You Argue The Most With: Emily Cutting or kali

*3. Do You Always Get Along With: Amanda M

*4. Is The Most Trustworthy: Sarah Davis

*5. Makes You Laugh The Most: Well emily c used to.. but we're not so close ne more, so prolly sammy c

*6. Has Been There Through All The Hard Times: Emily cutting

*7. Always Has A Man/Woman: Shayla glynn haha

*8. Is The Most Sensitive: me

*9. Has The Coolest Parents: Marianetti.. her moms a sweetie idk her dad 2 well.. but kalis dad rox :)

*13. Is The Most Blunt: .. dk?

*14. Is The Shyest: Nicky dennis

*15. Is The Most Outgoing: Ashonta Jones

*16. Is Most Rebellious: Kali..? idk lol

*18. Is Most Likely To Become Famous: Sarah davis :)

*19. Is Most Likely To Become Rich: Leigh waymouth

*20. Is Most Likely To Wind Up In Jail: Kali hahaha jpin

*21. Is Most Likely To Have a Million kids: Gretchen coates

*22. Is Most Likely To never Have Kids: kali or sarah

*23. Always Wears A Smile: sarah

*24. Is Smartest: nicky

*25. Has The Biggest Attitude: alysia

*26. Without Thinking About It, Who would die for you: I would only die for 3 .. kali amanda and sarah.. but i love all my other gurls truly..

*27. Complains The Least: nicky

*28. Biggest Flirt: arika

*29. Needs A Good Man: me and sarah haha

*30. who would Never EVER Betray You: .. amanda.. marianetti..


*1. Who Is Your Role Model: christina aguilera .. I know that sounds shallow and stupid dizty gurl sounding.. but I mean if u think about it, even though she is a lil skanky.. shes still true to her self, I mean she gets all that shit from the media and she still works through it shes had to go through alot of bad friendships (like me) and she jus makes me beleive in myself and that I can b strong, and I dont need people who brng me down

*2. What Are Your Pet Peeves: POSERS.. posers posers posers.. people pretending to be what their not just to fit their friends images or ideas of what they tihnk is cool or whatever..

*3. Have You Ever Been In Love: No

*4. Have You Ever Really Liked Someone You Had No Chance With: Yes.. sadly

*5. Have You Ever Cried Over The Opposite Sex: Yes..

*6. Do You Have A "Type" Of Person You Always Go After: Well I have 2 types, but their completley different form eachother

*7. How Long Was Your Longest Relationship: 1 month hahaha

*8. Have You Ever Lied To Your Best Friend(s): Not the ones that I really considered best friends..

*9. Ever Wanted To Get Revenge On Someone Because They Hurt You: YES

*10. Ever Been Lied To By A Significant Other: Probably

*11. Ever Been Cheated On: I dont think so

*12. Ever Said I Love You To A Significant Other: Yes and i didnt mean it.. and he didnt mean it either, I found out soon after lol

*14. Rather Be Dumper Or Dumpee: uhh this is a hard one.. obviously dumper

*15. Rather Have a Relationship or A "Hookup": Depends, if i really like someone and I like them more then jus physically relasonship.. other wise .. 'hoookup'

*16. Want Someone You Don't Have Right Now: Yes, always

*17. Ever Liked Your Best Guy/Girl Friend: well sort of.. but i never admitted it

*18. Are You Lonely Right Now: for a guy that will treat me right.. for friends and family, no

*19. Ever Afraid You'll Never Get Married: Kinda.. not really..

*20. Do You Want To Get Married: Probably yes

*21. Do You Want Kids: Im not even goin to think of that right now

*22. Do You Believe In Psychics: No

*23. Do You Believe You Know Who You Are Going To Marry: Like.. idk.. wait what?

*24. What Is Your Favorite Part Of Your Physical Looks: My hair when its being agreeable

*25. What Is Your Favorite Part Of Your Emotional Being: Im sensitive.. that can b good and bad, cause im sensitvie when people say things i get offended and emotional easily, but I am also sensitive twoards others feelings and stuff

*26. Are You Happy With You: *sigh*.. Well each day I am becoming more so..

*27. Are You Happy With Your Life: I'm happy with parts of it-other parts theres people I wish I woulda never met and guys I never even thought of liking

*28. Are You Scared Right Now: Yes.. cause im home alone and its scary at nighttime ahh haha

*29. If You Could Change Something In Your Life, Right Now, What Would it be? Not changing the negetive aspects of my life for a long time.. I waited to do that for a while

30. Say Something To Someone That May Or May Not Read This: Every word that comes out of your mouth is bull shit


*1. Quote: "Things happen in your past..you cant stop, but thats no reason to shut out the world just live your life to its fullest"

*2. Room In house: my room

*3. Girl's Name: Shanikwa.. haha jpin.. umm Kristina.. cause i like the name Kris for a gurl

*4. Guy's Name: Ian or Eathen

*5. Ice cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Butter Almond crunch.. mm haha

*6. Person to talk to about your problems: Sarah or emily

*7. Type of music: emo, rap, hip-hop

*8. Magazine: Cosmogirl

*9. Song: Anything saves the day

*10. Shampoo: Fruit sensations- herbal encesses

*12. Soap: Body soap

*13. Movie: holes

*14. Actor/Actress: Shia labeouf

*15. Beverage: coke

*16. Candy: hershys hugs- werthers- after dinner mints-ermm.. resees :)

*17. Gum: Big Red or bazooka

*18. Sport To Play: Softball.. Cheerleading- (dont hate me).. Volleyball, gymnastics

*19. Sport To Watch: Cheerleading championships or gymnastics

*20. Subject In School: English and Social studies

*21. Time Of Day: Late after noon

*22. Family Member: Thats mean! haha

*23. Number: 10

*24. Salad Dressing: NONE

*25. Blanket/Stuffed Animal: Flomo

*27. Quote From A Movie: too tired to thinkin of it right now

*28: Day Of The Week: Friday

*29. Color: black and hot pink together, and kind of pink, electric blue

*30. Perfume And Cologne: -

*31. TV Show: Will & Grace, Survivor, Degrassi

*32. Flower: Somehing prettyyy

*33. Pair Of Jeans: LEI's or paris blues

*34. Fast Food Place Burger king or Tom wahls

*35. Game: Pay day

*36. Teacher: Summertime.. sry

*37. Love Song: Are u ready for love- India Arie

*41. Month: July

*42. Season: Summer

*43. Vacation Spot: The beach

*44. Person To Give Advice To: ??

*45. Person To Get Advice From: Emily or sarah


1. Cried? no

3. Gotten Sick? yes

4. Sang? Yeah

5. Eaten? yes

6. Been Kissed? Nope

7. Felt Stupid? Oh yahhhh thats a definte

8. Said I love you? Yep

9. Wanted To tell someone you loved them but didn't? No

10. Met someone new? nope

11. Moved on? No

12. Talked to an Ex: Yes

14. where did 13 &14 go? huh ooh i get it.. haha i feel stupid now.. umm they got erased?

15. Had a Serious Talk: Yeah

16. Missed someone? yes.. chippie

17. Hugged Someone? Yes

18. Fought with you parents? Kinda no

19. Fought with a friend? erm *thinks* noo

20. Dreamed about someone you can't be with? yesss

21. Had a lot of sleep? Yes.. slept till 3:30 in the afternoon the other day

22. Describe the Funniest thing that happened: eeh to lazy and tired

23. Wanted the Survey to be over: YES LEMME GO TO BED


[28 Jul 2003|12:27pm]
[ mood | shocked ]
[ music | Summertime- Sublime ]

Hey!! I just woke up.. its monday :) and my weekend tottaly rocked! Me and amanda had the best time.. except on sunday the second day we were supposed to go on the boat.. it got rained out :(.. but thats okay cause my parents booked another boat for a day in august :).. and my sisters gona teach me how to wakeboard! I got hurt pretty bad though. I was waterskiing, and you have to hold on to a rope thing that is connected to the boat.. and the rope is connected to a handle thing.. its sorta shaped like a triangle.. so i was holding on to that and my dad started to go and i was getting up.. but my hands slipped and the handle got jammed in between my upper thighs and the boat kept going because no one saw me fall.. So the whole weight and power of the boat was on my thighs.. it was pretty bad, they finally stopped cause they noticed I was down.. and i couldnt swim cause it hurt so bad, so i kinda floated back to the boat, and I looked at my thighs, and i had these 2 huggee welts along my thighs.. but im okay.. there like big huge bruises now and there all swollen.. *yuck* but its alrite haha.. Anyways like the new lay? Tell me what cha think.. I have so much on my mind though, Im going thru the thing where u like a boy and he likes you, but 2 of ur bf's like him too.. and they wont admit it, but you know they would b hurt if you went out with him.. I need advice, its driving me crazy lol! Well im gonna go cause its finally nice out, and i think im gonna go walk over kali's and hang out wid her and amanda :).. so BBL leave the love..


4 Have had enough of the world and it's PEOPLES MINDLESS GAMES*

[25 Jul 2003|02:51pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Cant hold us down- xtina and lil kim ]

Hey!! Whats up! NM here.. Im still in my PJs though because i just woke up :-[ haha IK its 3 o'clock but I was up late last night reading harry potter haha.. anyways.. Im really excited though becuse Im leaving today (that reminds me I have to go pack..) to go to keukaa lake! We're renting this camper/RV thing and we're staying at a campground for the whole weekend.. we're also renting this really nice speed/ski or whatever u call it boat.. Im goin wid tha fam but my parents said we could all bring some one so im bringing marianetti! Its gonna b soo much fun.. heeh im gonna get a tan.. we're gonna tube and ski and wakeboard and shit.. So it should b fun! Well I gotta go shower and pack.. check out the blinkie i made!! Tell me what u think, oh and check out the icons i made in the previous entry and tell me what you think.. I got a new host so they should all be working now.. well peace.. leave the love!

Love always.. <3

5 Have had enough of the world and it's PEOPLES MINDLESS GAMES*

[22 Jul 2003|01:28pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | Hold- saves the day ]

Hey.. I have gotten pretty used to jasc animation shop... and im getting pretty good at it.. So im thinking maybe sometimes I'll start putting icons in here.. If u want one jus tell me ur taking it and credit :-) .. tell me what u think of my icons also.. and gimme a break cause these are my first ones.. so here they are.. ( PS they should work now.. cause i got a new host.. so enjoy!! tell me what u think)


thats my second one ^^ that i ever made.. and heres the first one (that i am currently using)


I got that base of that one from bubble_yum :-) but i put in the animation and stuff..


^ that one says Soak it up but since the writing backround part is transparent u cant see it on my black backround cause the font is black.. but its ucte.. so once u upload it u can see it..

.. thats all i have made so far.. but more will b coming soon!! If u think i should post more.. tell me

2 Have had enough of the world and it's PEOPLES MINDLESS GAMES*

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