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Saturday, July 24th, 2004
1:27 am - woo hoo
ooo.look what i did. now all i need is a livejournal and everyone will be happy. so yeah. yummy egg rolls...and low carb chocolate milk. isn't that a fantabulous combination? my to do list for tomorrow: wash my clothes, burn some cds, get together with my cousin, get my hair cut...FINALLY! i'm chopping a good 4 inches off. maybe it's time for another dye job. the red undertones are starting to show...i dyed my hair this red color, garnier #66, a year ago. i left it that way for about 4 months and then started dying it closer to my natural color. the red is still underneath it and it shows?!?! i don't get it. it should be grown out. oh well. the smell of leather fills my house. it makes me think of that cake song, "italian leather sofa". why? because it's a leather sofa that's smelling up the house. tomorrow's going to be a long day. hope it goes by faster than what i think it will. i'm sleepy.

current mood: full
current music: incubus - monuments and melodies

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