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O_O!!! [29 Jul 2003|06:29pm]
NEW JOURNAL!, NEW JOURNAL!!!!! >O!!! (www.caleida.com/~shidou) GO! GO! GO OR DIE!!
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Caleida; [29 Jul 2003|09:12am]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | The Little Mermaid · Part of Your World ]

I'm so pissed off. >;( I wanted something for my layout, but no one will help me! Since Rui had what I wanted, I asked her for help. I told her that I needed help with my journal and she replies, "=) I can't help." Then signs off. Crystal has the same problem. We need overrides. x.o; So she asked Geni, who's supposedly Rui's "friend," for help. Geni did the same thing to Crystal. I got frustrated. All hope was lost. ;( Apparently, someone knows the override codes and they're keeping it all to themselves. It's a lot like the situation where people had constantly asked for the 'spell check' secret for profiles and people just kept it to themselves. Only it just got to the point where everyone either knew, figured it out, or was told. I'm so desperate, I'm even considering hacking into their journals. Rofl. I can and I will.

Another thing's that both Rui and Geni get all of the nice users for Caleida and put absolutely no use to them. That really grinds my beans. Well, the problem now is that I need the overrides of what I want. I'm going to keep trying to look some more. As said, I might even hack into your journals. Just watch me. Muahahaha. :3

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[26 Jul 2003|01:06pm]
[ mood | Mmm, toasty ]
[ music | The Clash · Charlie Don't Surf ]

Omg. Cj heard my funky voice. o_o; I would make another wav., but Crystal's in the room sleeping. e_e; xD Oh, Cj and I were talking about my pink "penguin" icon:

Yuuryouji: OMFG
GIitra: o_o;
Yuuryouji: ROFLMAO
Yuuryouji: OMFG
Yuuryouji: Brb lemme block Icons
GIitra: Okie. xD
Yuuryouji: -Shudder.
GIitra: Why do you hate it? ;-;
Yuuryouji: It scares me almost as bad as the Smile face on Yahoo.
Yuuryouji: With the big teeth
GIitra: Lol.
Yuuryouji: Its like..A WEIRD THING
GIitra: But, it's a penguin. ;D You like penguins.
Yuuryouji: OMFG
GIitra: I know it looks like a fish, but the icon said it was a penguin. oo;
GIitra: XD
Yuuryouji: ITS EVIL
Yuuryouji: ;-;
GIitra: xD
Yuuryouji: It wants to kill me.
Yuuryouji: Its ON MY ROOF
Yuuryouji: OMFG
GIitra: o.o;
Yuuryouji: ;-;
GIitra: It kinda symbolizes me in a way. ;D
Yuuryouji: o.o your on my roof trying to kill me with your beak?
GIitra: No. XD
Yuuryouji: Oh.
Yuuryouji: Well then I see nothing that symbolizes you.
Yuuryouji: ITS AT MY DOOR
Yuuryouji: OMFG
GIitra: The smile. :3!
GIitra: o.o;
Yuuryouji: ;-;!!
GIitra: Prolly.. the mail man? >>
Yuuryouji: NO
GIitra: Maybe someone's pushing him on the door? xD
GIitra: xDD
GIitra: I love my icon. ^-^;
Yuuryouji: -Twitch
Yuuryouji: Its there.
GIitra: I can't see why you find it scary... ^.^;; It's so cute. ;D
Yuuryouji: Its staring at me dri.
Yuuryouji: IT WINKED
Yuuryouji: OMFG
Yuuryouji: I SAW IT
GIitra: o.o;
GIitra: XD
GIitra: Omi.. x_X It did not wink. ;o
(He signs off and switches to Omoikiiru.)
Omoikiiru: ITS ON AIM TOO
GIitra: o_o;
Omoikiiru: AHHH

Lol, my baby's so cute. I luff you, Cj. ;x <3 It's seriously not that freaky-looking. x_X If you all have NO clue of what it looks like, IM me. ;x Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

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Rotfl; [24 Jul 2003|08:26am]

I made this last night. xD I would've posted it then, but my sister came home even before I could update. Listed from left to right are: Ana, Cj, Me, Vash (Muahaha), Melis, Tes, and Travis. Aww, we all look so cute. :D Well, that's all wanted to show you for now. >>; Bye.
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'Victory dance' Time; [21 Jul 2003|06:38pm]
Oh, my fish. Crystal's going to be gone every day 'til 9:30/pm this week. She's taking a driver's class. That extends my time by two hours and thirty minutes. ;x Woo. Go Dri. It's your easter day. e.e Erhem. I just finished taking my nap. I have nothing to do, so I decided I should post. This morning I had dreams about zombies living under my house again. And I had it again during my nap!! x_x; They wouldn't go away! Freakin' dead people. I was just drawing some stuff on my computer desk .. In fact, I think I was on AOL at the time. Well, anywho, I heard these sounds coming from my floor. Then this ugly-poop hand popped up and grabbed my foot. o_o; I tried kicking it away, but it just wouldn't let go!! >< I yelled for help, and the only one who heard me was my dad. He came over and laughed at me. "Sweetie, he's only playing with you!" e.o; Yeah. He really was. Pft. It pulled me down and I just woke up before it could suck my brains out, or whatever zombies do for a living. o_o; And I've been paranoid throughout the whole day. I'm going to go now. I might post again. Buh-bye. ;o
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[20 Jul 2003|03:20pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Chevelle · Grab Thy Hand ]

Ist beraubend nicht einfach für mich. Ich werde häufig vom Sehen der Sachen außerhalb dieser Gefangenschaft beraubt. Ich bin immer in diesem Raum verriegelt. Ich werde häufig von der Atmung der Luft gehalten, die ich hoffnungslos benötige. Ich werde von die am meisten sehen I Obacht gehalten; Ich werde vom Sehen Sie gehalten. Ich möchte aus diesen staubigen Wänden und Recht heraus in Ihre Arme sein. Ich möchte gehalten werden und gestreichelt werden. Ich möchte mit Ihnen sein (mehr als noch etwas, erkläre ich) und allein nicht verlassen werden. Link alleine zur Fäule in der bloßen Einsamkeit. Lassen Sie mich nicht, wie Sie dann zurückzogen. Wie vor gesagt, ist es nicht für mich einfach gewesen. Und ich weiß, daß es nicht für Sie gewesen ist. Entriegeln Sie meine Tür, meinen Raum, mein Gefängnis. Ich möchte nicht mehr beraubt werden. Ich möchte in der LagenSEIN, die reizenden Himmel zu sehen. Ich wünsche zum frolick um das breite, geöffnet auffange vom goldenen Korn. Ich möchte gerade frei laufen!! Meistens möchte ich in der LagenSEIN, Sie zu sehen, durch meine Seite recht hier zu stehen. Ich möchte Ihre Stimme hören. Ich möchte Sie halten und sicherzustellen Sie lassen Sie nie meinen Anblick. Gleichwohl stark, um anzunehmen, ich diese Wände nie lassen kann. Ich kann die Welt nie sehen oder die Luft I lang atmen, um zu atmen. Und am schlechtesten von allen, kann ich nie in der LagenSEIN, Sie zu sehen oder Ihre Stimme zu hören. Überhaupt.

( Being deprived is not easy for me. I'm often deprived from seeing the things outside of this imprisonment. I'm always locked in this room. I'm often kept from breathing the air I desperately need. I'm kept from seeing the ones I care most; I'm kept from seeing you. I want to be out of these dusty walls and right into your arms. I want to be held and caressed. I want to be with you (more than anything else, I declare) and not be left alone. Left alone to rot in mere solitude. Don't leave me like you did back then. As said before, It hasn't been easy for me. And I know it hasn't been for you. Unlock my door, my room, my prison. I no longer wish to be deprived. I want to be able to see the lovely skies. I want to frolick around the wide, open fields of golden grain. I just want to run free!! Mostly, I want to be able to see you standing right here, by my side. I want to hear your voice. I want to hold you and make sure you never leave my sight. However hard to accept, I can never leave these walls. I can never see the world or breathe the air I long to breathe. And worst of all, I can never be able to see you or hear your voice. Ever. )

That was just something I wrote recently. I've been so depressed all day. I just finished talking to Brooke. She cheered me up a bit. I guess I needed an afternoon pick-me-up. I'm now talking to Cj. ^^ And yes, I will listen to the wav. you sent me. o_o Then I'll laugh at your cute-ness. :3 Heh. I need to wait until I'm left alone. It's kind of odd that I've been asking for attention for the past five weeks and now I'm wanting to be left alone suddenly. e_E Rofl. I'm considering on re-doing the Vash layout. In my opinion, I feel it's kind of "off," you know? It needs a little pizzaz in it. xD Okay. I might write more later. If not, too bad for you. o.o; Ciao.

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(DROOL); [19 Jul 2003|12:24pm]
[ mood | whee ]
[ music | The Smashing Pumpkins · Eye ]

I completed my masterpeice! I LOVE Vash the Stampede! He's so adorable. ^^; This reminds me of the time when Crystal, Daniel, and I went to the a-kon 14. Crystal was filming all of these people in their costumes and we came across this guy that was dressed up as Vash. o_O She yelled out, "Hey, everyone! Look! It's a Vash!" Then he looked our way and walked passed us. Then a second later, he came back, posed, and said, "You can't escape." Then walked off. Omfg, it was HILARIOUS. Crystal and I were laughing our asses off, while Daniel was just sitting in the corner, "pretending" that he had no clue what was going on. e_e; I still look at that tape over and over. He was so cute. ^^ On top of that, he looked exactly like the real thing!!

Okay. Melis, let's start our own 'Fetish' group. You'll be the member with the Inu fetish and I'll be the member with the Vash/Houshi-sama fetish. Oki-dok? XD Omi. That's not a bad idea. o.o Okay, I'll write more later. DRI HAS SPOKEN. For now. Toodles, y0.

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HOLY HOBOS; [17 Jul 2003|05:43pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Coldplay · The Scientist ]

OH MY GOD. Melis is back!! O_O I missed her SO much! ;_; I just finished working on her layout. It's pretty! I'm glad she likes it. ^^ I luff ya, Mel. :P You're meh best buddie. <3 AOL was not the same without you. ; ; I'm glad she's back. Now I can stop nagging God to bring her back. e_E; Rofl.

I've been feeling under the weather again. I just stopped being sick.. and now I'm sick again. o_O Right now I'm downloading more Coldplay songs. They're my all-time favourite band. Chevelle's growing on me. I think I'm gettting used to their constant screaming or, as they like to call it, their "music." xD I must hit the mall.. or else my head will pop off like a pop-up waffle. e_e! And I miss Cj so much. I wish he was on. Last night I had a dream about him. He came over to my house and he met my family. My whole family. o.o; It was scary. ANYWAY. My little cousins were playing outside and this express-way just popped outta' no where. And for some reason, they all decided to go play ball in there, with all of the traffic and whatnot. e_E; Then this 18-wheeler, HUGE truck ran over them. ALL of them. But my aunts and uncles were all "Oh, uhm.. look. Outside.. I suppose we can get new nephews and nieces/daughters and sons." Then we ate dinner. Afterwards, Cj and I were just talking about stuff, while everyone was watching TV. Then stuff happened. More had happened. I just can't remember it all. It was quite an amusing dream. xD In it, I enjoyed being around him. :P After I woke up, I thought about him a lot. And this was like 4 o' clock in the morning. I guess you can say that I didn't sleep well. e.e; I just wanted to, but I couldn't. I had a lot on my mind.

Okay. I'm going to get a bite to eat. I did not have breakfast or lunch. Much luff to all meh peeps. <3 Luff you, Cj.

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ARGH; [16 Jul 2003|05:04pm]
[ mood | uhm? ]
[ music | Gackt · Neuromancer ]

I'm pissed off. I miss Cj. I'm bored. And today's been short. It feels like I just woke up. @_@ And it's the afternoon! Oh well. ;D I'm listening to some Gackt & Chevelle music. It's not bad. Me likey. ;x I'm off to look up Eriol-like shoes off of E-bay. E-bay, E-bay, E-bay. How I luff you. :3

I've been sad all day. Cj, if you got my new e-mail, you'll know why. I'm just going to have to talk to you through Blurty/CL. :\ It's only temporary; it's only until you know who forgets about you know what. I still love you. ;.; Don't EVER leave me for someone else. If you do, I'll just die. I'll die, die, die. o.o You hear? xD

Must go now. Much luff all.

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Down with DSL; [15 Jul 2003|10:11am]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | Chevelle · Closure ]

My sister wants to get DSL so that she can play this stupid chinese game that she'll never understand. If we do get it, I would end up losing AOL and I would keep AIM. It won't be the same without it though. S'not fair. No one's on now. I'm waiting for CJ to get on. I hope he does. x_X While I wait, I'll listen to some music. Download 'em, rather.

Hurricane Claudette is coming. Dri is scared, since it's heading this way. >>; Someone protect me. I was going to go to Hot Topic today, but I think it's safer if I'd stay home. Maybe tomorrow, or the next day. :D I should measure myself, so I can get started on the costume. :\ It looks tough to make. I guess I should stick with the Eriol costume. xD I wanna have a staff, a large hat, and more! Roflmao.

Dri is now going to wait for people to sign on. She'll write more later on. Buh-bye. :o

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Convention; [14 Jul 2003|12:37pm]
I designed an outfit for Sakura Kinomoto. I'm hoping I can make it. That way I can dress up like that for the upcoming anime convention. I can't wait. ^^ I'm so excited. Right now I'm trying to edit in Cj's layout into his journal. I know he didn't want my help, but I'm doing it anyway. I just love him so much. <3 I want to surprise him when he gets on. =D Well, that's all I wanted to bring up. Toodles.
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Bah, Hum Bug; [14 Jul 2003|09:20am]
I haven't slept at all last night. I look like a zombie! xD I've been thinking about high school, the people, my future,.. everything. To me, it feels as if the summer's already going to end. When it does, I won't be online at all. Maybe an hour or two a day, but that's all. S'not fair!! Computer geeks need more computer time on! We have feelings just like everyone else! x)

I'll write more later. Since I can't get some shut-eye, I'll start working on some layouts. Bye. ^_^
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WOW; [13 Jul 2003|06:50pm]
[ music | Kelly Osbourne · Come Dig Me Out ]

This new journal looks great! The bad thing's that I might end up changing it again. I don't want to though. I had put so much effort and work into it. Pft. I'm such a dork. ;x I don't think I'll have time to work on Cj's layout for his journal. I'm sorry, Cj. ; ; I PROMISE to work on it. First thing in the morning!

I only have eight minutes left of "computer" time. No.. I must not go! I need to type more. I need to IM more! Not want. Need. o_o Okay. I have to get some rest. There's no one to talk to, so I might as well leave. Boo hoo.

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Weak; [12 Jul 2003|01:56pm]
Things have been changing. A lot. First of all, I've been feeling under the weather. Tired. Depressed. I'm screwed. I need to call Ana and Celeste. I wonder what they're doing. I hope they're alright. I know Ana's alright. I know she's alive, unlike Celeste. xD She never updates in her journal! Well, I hope I can get better. I need some pills or something. x_x

I also need to find Bianca's address. I wrote it down in my little address booklet. I left it in my room.. somewhere. Poopie. I should go now and do some.. stuff. Much love.
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Hurt; [10 Jul 2003|10:05am]
I've read Cj's journal. How I react is this: It's true that I may not be on at times. It's true that I can't help him when he needs me. I feel like I'm holding him back from the things he wants to do. What hurts me the most is that I'm not his first choice of help or advice. This tells me that I must be unreliable. I can't help. I'm no help at all. I'm just in the way, I suppose.

I'm going to try harder for him.
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Jolly; [10 Jul 2003|08:50am]
The movie was good. They didn't come over. I have my apple juice. Everything is peachy.

Yesterday wasn't bad at all. I enjoyed the movie (so I've said), my cousins didn't cause any trouble, and they didn't ask to come over. I'm so relieved. They're preventing so much chaos from befalling this house. I love those little monkeys. :D After that we came home and slept. I kept waking up, during the night. Dri had a nightmare. ; ; After I woke up the first time, I went back to sleep and had the same nightmare. And after I woke up from that, I slept again and so on.

I think I'm going to write to Bianca again. I wrote her seven pages of post-filth. And I drew her an exclusive Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory comic strip. Charlie was raping little children and stole chocolate from the factory. That's how the real story went. o_o Yup. I also want to write to Travis, but I need his address. ;( Give me your damn address, okay? And maybe I can write to Cj. <3 I can just say that he was my old friend from school that moved to Florida. Well, everyone lives there, damnit. 1. Cj 2. Travis 3. Damian 4. Sarah 5. Rach and I think that's about it. >>; I guess not everyone lives there. So I exaggerate :D Big whoopie.

I'm going to write more later on. Why? Because that's all I have to say for now. Much love. ;x
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OMI; [09 Jul 2003|03:13pm]
I have to see my crazy cousins again. My aunt is leaving my mom with tons of kids. Evil. We're going to the movies to see "Pirates of the Caribbean." And they might want to come over. They only bother to so they could go on the computer and ruin it! Last time, Sabrina borrowed one of my screen names and she met this strange guy. After the she left for Tomball, the same guy kept IMing me, mistakening me for her. After I told him to get lost, he kept threatening me. I notified him, but it didn't work. So I had to delete that screen name. My good Kero screen name. ; ; Anywho, it's not safe for us if she uses AOL.

I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today. I hate today.

Okay, I'm going to try to get Travis to get off of his Away Message. Ciao.
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Yay; [08 Jul 2003|03:45pm]
I fixed my journal. It is complete. I'm so happy. ^^ I don't need my CL anymore. And I'm just glad I figured out how to use Onlinerock. After you sign up, you click Build Website on the top left side of the page. You sign in and click Upload Files. You can upload any image you want. After, you go to File Manager and I guess you can figure out the rest yourself. It's quite simple. It's the best thing that had ever occurred in my entire life!! o___O

Just kidding. Cj's the best thing that had ever happened to me in my life! I love you. ;D
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Stupid; [08 Jul 2003|11:50am]
I'm sorry that I haven't been writing much lately, but I've been busy. I promised Cj I would write in this today. <3 Well, right now I have to get ready to go see my folks again. Just peachy. Earlier I was making a layout for this journal. I'm currently trying to figure out how to upload it in here. I can't use boomspeed. I can use Onlinerock, but my sister won't tell me where to upload images. Isn't she nice? @#$%-no.

I should be able to write more later on today. If I don't get back by 7:00/pm, I guess I won't. So.. toodles.

I love you, Cj. =3
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Die, me. Die; [04 Jul 2003|05:43pm]
Happy Deathday!
Your name:inhumane
You will die on:Friday, November 8, 2024
You will die of:Deleted from the Matrix
Created by Quill
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