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[17 Jun 2003|12:42pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

heh.. lookie..

Dispositional Report
Hearing: 6/13/2003
1:00 PM

RE: Travis M. Penick
File #00/144DL
Petition #03/189
DOB: 12/07/87 (15)
School: New Campus-wil attend Central High School next year-(10th)
Attorney: None
Probation Status: 7/11/2000-current

#03/189-MIP-Alcohol (4/20/2003)

Bradley Penick, Kevin Hency, Ryan Martin, Chris Mendenhll, John Smith, Shelby Stuhr



See attached


"We were getting drunk on beer. The cops were called because this kid was playing loud music in his car." When asked where they received the beer from Travis stated, "One of my friends bought it." When asked which one and if they were 21, Travis stated, "They had another friend of theirs buy it."


Mother: See prior Dispo. Report.

Father: See prior Dispo. Report.

Home Environment: See prior Dispo. Report-Currently there are eight people living in the house-

Travis was attending New Campus, however will be atending Central High School (10th) next year. He states that he is looking forward to it.

When asked to describe himself, Travis stated,"Nice, gets along with others, thinks."

Parent(s)' Description of Youth
Travis' mother was not pesent during inerview-when asked what he thought his mother would say to describe him, Travis stated, "Nice kid, after saying something funny."

Hobbies and Interests

Fabian Mercado-10/6/98-Larceny-3 counts-less than $100
8/16/99-Break and enter w/intent
Malic dest of build-greater than $200
2/09/00-Home Invasion-2nd deg
7/14/00-Larceny over $1000
Stolen Prop-rec & conc
Doug Sheatzley, Mark (Guy) Samel


Currently not working.

Mother has involvement in adult system with OUIL. Brother Bradley involved in Family Court with 3 MIP's, Domestic Violence, Malic dest less than $200, and use of marijuana. Travis has also shown substance abuse patterns since his entrance to the court system.

Travis has been seeing Pete Zoutendyke for counseling.

Travis is currently taking Adderall for ADHD and Prevacid for heartburn. Travis reports side effects include dry mouth from the Adderall.


Travis is a very itelligent and talented young man that could truly make a successful future for himself providing he stay clean and continue to make better choices. Travis has come a long way with his anger and how he reacts in different situations. This writer has seen him mature immensely, and Travis should take great pride in his accomplishments.

Travis will benefit a great deal by keeping his time occupied with employment (full-time through out the summer.) Travis has also shown interest in football and would be excellent, once again provided that he remain abstinent from all substance abuse.

I respectfully submit the following recommendations to the Judge:


1.) Respondent shall be placed on 3 months probation with an expected discharge date of 12/03/03.
2.) Respondent shall be remanded to the In-Home PBT/Tether unit, to be arranged by the Court and will remain on same till further review. Costs incurred shall be paid by parents.
3.) 20 days on secure/non-secure detention to be held in abeyance and used at the discretion of the court.
4.) Respondent shall attain and retain full-time employment throughout summer-applying at a minimum of 5 places of employment per week-providing Probation Department with verification of same.
5.) All previous terms of probation will remain in full force.

look at that bullshit! forking probation officers.. i cant wait until im off.. bitches :o

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two things today.. [17 Jun 2003|11:30am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

hm.. it's been awhile.. but here's my report card!


First Semester

Interpersonal Communication - B
Geometry - B+
Physical Science - B
Technology Skills - A
Literature - B+
Criminology - A-

Excused Absences - 17
Unexcused Absences - 4

Second Semester

Interpersonal Communication - B+
Geometry/b> - A
Physical Science - A-
Literature - C+
Geography - A-
Vocational Skils - B
Speech - A

Excused Absences - 3
Unexcused Absences - 1

Credits - 6.5

YAY!!!!!! finally out of school! three months! woo!

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[27 Mar 2003|04:53pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | aesop rock - night light ]

i finished my community service today!!!! my mom left yesterday without giving me a pack of cigarettes! i need to kick her ass.. ;x anyway.. hm.. yeah.. that's it.. bye

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[26 Mar 2003|06:42pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | mr. lif - heavy artillery ]

haha.. i found my shitty poem i wrote a long time ago.. rofl.. hm.. yup.. it was really really really really really really shitty!!! but.. yeah.. here it is..

i lack the things you wish to have
fighting to break the bond
you realize the truth
filling your life with grief
i wish you would've stayed

why must i suffer for your wrongs?
where did our love go?
why did you leave me behind?
i wish i were with you

forgetting the reasons you hate me
we hoped to overcome the obstacles set in front of us
but then it all fell apart

i wanted to say "i love you"
but you just turned away
i knew it before your words
that we could never be

i don't want to neglect my life
just to live without you
i wish i said the things you deserved to hear
for the loving and caring ways you act

i didnt want to forget myself
i wanted to find myself in you
i used you as a stepping stone
and i crossed over your heart

i didn't realize you weren't lying
that you needed me as i need you now
im sorry for the ways i ignored you
i didn't consider your feelings

please forgive me
i just want you in my arms again
like it was before
thank you

see.. very shitty.. mhm.. shitty indeed.. anyway.. bye..

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[25 Mar 2003|08:00pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | lake afx - never left ]

heh.. i hacked gin's account.. first i deleted.. but then i felt bad.. she was begging me to put it back.. so.. i put it back.. but.. i also fucked up her journal.. too bad i dont remember the overrides i deleted.. huh? ;x that stupid hypocritical bitch.. anyway.. hm.. i just got home from anger management.. i got to tell about every fight i've been in ;x it was great.. anyway.. again.. hm.. like anyone reads this.. hm.. yeah.. that's it.. oh.. my school's taking me to cedar point in may!!!! woo!!!! and.. i cant wait till spring break ;x yeah.. that's it.. bye

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[16 Mar 2003|09:55pm]
[ mood | confused ]

times just seem to be getting harder.. i dont know what's up with me.. i've just been wondering about life.. what really makes me happy.. when i went to the detention home.. i didnt really care.. but then i began to think.. what am i doing to myself? are all of my choices correct? i dont know.. i've made mistakes.. but i guess i can only make them better by time.. it's not really fair for me.. but.. when has anything been fair for me? my life seemed to have no point for me today.. sure.. i was happy to be home and everything.. but.. it just didnt feel right.. i dont know what im feeling.. i guess.. it's lonliness finally coming in.. i havent talked to laura in a VERY long time.. and it's beginning to REALLY piss me off.. i miss her so much.. and i want to tell her so many things.. but.. i dont know.. i love her.. more than anything.. and.. i seriously dont know.. i dont know what im talking about.. i dont know what im saying.. it's just.. it just has to be out of my head.. and written into something.. i hate not being in control of my own feelings.. i feel.. depressed.. but i know im not.. i want attention.. but.. i cant get it.. i need to change my ways.. my anger drives people away from me.. no one really wants to be around me.. but.. oh well.. i guess im just readjusting to my.. so-called freedom.. it isnt freedom if i have to obide by what others tell me to do.. it's not freedom if you're not allowed to do something you want to do.. it's not freedom if you cant make choices without pathetic consequences the "society" has placed to make you feel dumb or neglected.. i hate everything.. this country isnt what it says it is.. it isnt the land of the free.. im not free! im not free to go every.. to drive.. to be able to not go to school.. i have to do it.. that isnt fucking freedom! i guess i needed to get that out.. and.. i know no one really reads this.. and.. i dont blame them.. who really wants to be my friend if i just push them away.. i'll stop bothering you with my on-going idiocy.. but.. sometimes i have to vent.. i know no one reads this anyway.. im private.. i hide things inside until i burst.. it's affected me.. and.. well.. i guess i just need to forget it all.. and just.. be happy just to be alive? but sometimes i dont want to be.. i guess.. you can say im depressed.. but i wont lower myself to doing something outrageous to get attention.. anyway.. that's it.. i'll stop now.. good bye..

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haha [16 Mar 2003|06:51pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | cannibal ox, rjd2 - feeling ignorant ]

sexiible [6:36 PM]: You're jealous cuz you're fat ass can't get any. So keep it shut, dickhead.
Empty lies [6:37 PM]: i thought you didnt care.. oh no.. im scared now.. you're hurting me so much.. i dont be little ao-heart can take it.. beth.. please.. dont be creul.. oh wait.. why am i wasting my time telling a stupid bitch this?
Empty lies [6:38 PM]: come on
Empty lies [6:38 PM]: im waiting for your comeback
Empty lies [6:38 PM]: make it good
Empty lies [6:38 PM]: come on
sexiible [6:38 PM]: This is for personal amusement. ;P And don't tell me you don't care, either that or you're a real charmer, all that shit you said to me.
sexiible [6:38 PM]: Comeback?
Empty lies [6:38 PM]: you're wasting my time
sexiible [6:38 PM]: I don't need good comebacks, hun.
sexiible [6:38 PM]: Can it.
Empty lies [6:39 PM]: can what? i dont believe my fingers are eligable to talk
Empty lies [6:39 PM]: or for that matter.. i dont even thionk they CAN talk
sexiible [6:40 PM]: Aw you're good. I'm afraid I can't come up with witty comebacks to get my point across. I'm not as cool as you, I guess.
Empty lies [6:40 PM]: hahaha.. all i saw that time was drama drama drama
Empty lies [6:40 PM]: :]
Empty lies [6:40 PM]: i believe that's your new nickname
Empty lies [6:40 PM]: well
Empty lies [6:40 PM]: im sorry for wasting your time that you could be out on the street fucking every thing that has a dick
sexiible [6:41 PM]: ROFL.
sexiible [6:41 PM]: I only slept with ONE guy.
sexiible [6:41 PM]: The night I was drunk wasn't even real SEX.
Empty lies [6:41 PM]: rofl.. i find it funny that you're laughing at yourself
sexiible [6:41 PM]: I'm laughing at your lack of knowledge.
sexiible [6:41 PM]: You weren't there, so you don't know.
Empty lies [6:41 PM]: my lack of knowledge?!
Empty lies [6:41 PM]: rofl
sexiible [6:42 PM]: Lack of knowledge of who I fucked.

Empty lies [6:42 PM]: well.. im sorry i dont ask sluts how many guys they fucked.. a sluts a slut.. no matter how many dicks they've sucked
sexiible [6:43 PM]: Rofl. I slept with one guy, OVER A YEAR AGO. I never sucked a dick, so if you wanna say shit, make sure you know what the fuck you're talking about.
sexiible [6:43 PM]: Don't worry you'll get laid some day. Don't take it the fuck out on me cuz no one wants yours.
Empty lies [6:43 PM]: oh wait.. you're getting defensive now? oh no.. am i hurting your precious ao-feelings
Empty lies [6:43 PM]: ?
sexiible [6:44 PM]: Yeah, that's it. You hurt my feelings. *RE*.
Empty lies [6:44 PM]: im sorry that words hurt.. especially dumb bitches like you
sexiible [6:45 PM]: That's the thing. I'm not hurt.
sexiible [6:45 PM]: So if that's your goal, you aren't getting anywhere.
Empty lies [6:45 PM]: it's not my goal.. in fact.. who's the one that IMed me first talking shit?
Empty lies [6:45 PM]: i believe the dumb slut was you
sexiible [6:46 PM]: Aw, you think you're tough AO-shit huh?
sexiible [6:46 PM]: You wanna show everyone the convo?
sexiible [6:46 PM]: Tell me who wants to see it, I'll show them.
sexiible [6:46 PM]: I'll AO-embarrass myself, cuz that's what you're trying to do to me. ;P
Empty lies [6:47 PM]: no.. haha
Empty lies [6:47 PM]: am i asking everyone who wants to see it?
sexiible [6:47 PM]: Apparently so.
Empty lies [6:47 PM]: bitch.. you're a dumb slut.. im through with looking at your dramatic "words"

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[22 Feb 2003|08:50pm]
CuTiEkHmAiGuY: wut ever ah lop
AzNcHiCa209: BRB
Empty lies: ah lop?
Empty lies: me no speak dipshit?
Blemished Beauty: AHAHA!
Blemished Beauty: rofl. <3
Blemished Beauty: ack.
AzNcHiCa209: BACK
CuTiEkHmAiGuY: me dont speak the fuck u saying
Empty lies: that.. made no sense whatsoever
CuTiEkHmAiGuY: april
AzNcHiCa209: WUT
Blemished Beauty: rofl.
Empty lies: so.. if you're from a different country.. why're you spe4aking english.. it's not your language.. use your own
Empty lies: speaking*
CuTiEkHmAiGuY: wut da hell just happen
Empty lies: you tell me
AzNcHiCa209: UM...
CuTiEkHmAiGuY: was i talking to u
CuTiEkHmAiGuY: no
CuTiEkHmAiGuY: !!!!!!!!!!!!
Empty lies: you*
Empty lies: :]
CuTiEkHmAiGuY: w/e
Empty lies: whatever*
CuTiEkHmAiGuY: >:o
NellyzcrippinBB: sup 16 rican f hea wit pix
Empty lies: aw.. getting defensive now? how cute :]
Blemished Beauty: ;x
Empty lies: you*
NellyzcrippinBB: me?
Empty lies: .. DUH
CuTiEkHmAiGuY: =-O
NellyzcrippinBB: ur point is?
AzNcHiCa209: YEA
CuTiEkHmAiGuY: >:o
Empty lies: your*
OoBebexDianaoO: 16/f/il/lao wid piks...
Empty lies: wow khamiguy.. you can make faces!
CuTiEkHmAiGuY: can i see?
Empty lies: no
Blemished Beauty: lol.
OoBebexDianaoO: lol
Blemished Beauty: ;x
CuTiEkHmAiGuY: ehani
Blemished Beauty: I got a new profile. ::dances:: ;-D
Empty lies: hahaha, too bad i dont undestand you, huh?
Blemished Beauty: aha.
Blemished Beauty: Travis, you're so mean. <33333333333
OoBebexDianaoO: sent cutie
Blemished Beauty: ;x
Empty lies: rofl laura
CuTiEkHmAiGuY: damn u so fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blemished Beauty: Isn't is grand!? [[-;
OoBebexDianaoO: lol
Empty lies: you*

hahaha.. that was amusing :]
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[05 Feb 2003|10:32pm]
[ mood | sore ]

wow.. this is actually.. a journal.. that im updating! woo? er.. no.. hm.. today.. hm.. i went snowboarding.. and i fucked up my knee again.. now im tired.. and getting a hedache.. i have community service tomorrow, hopefully i can get out of it..

my life fucking sucks

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[01 Jan 2003|01:27pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

blah blah blah, i was at a party last night, woke up with a hangover, that's about it, and, im done writing for today, im eating sandwiches and yeah, that's about it for now, hmm, just woke up, im probably going to go back to sleep, good night

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[29 Dec 2002|11:58pm]
[ mood | amused ]

rofl, dumb bitches!

luCkyBlunt00 [11:42 PM]: does he think she is cute

Empty lies [11:42 PM]: he just shrugged

Empty lies [11:42 PM]: why?

Empty lies [11:42 PM]: trying to hook her up?

luCkyBlunt00 [11:42 PM]: yeah kinda..

Empty lies [11:42 PM]: how old is she

Empty lies [11:42 PM]: ?

luCkyBlunt00 [11:43 PM]: 13

Empty lies [11:43 PM]: .. yeah.. exactly

luCkyBlunt00 [11:43 PM]: exactly what

Empty lies [11:43 PM]: nothing

luCkyBlunt00 [11:44 PM]: ok

luCkyBlunt00 [11:44 PM]: well yes or no

Empty lies [11:44 PM]: to?

luCkyBlunt00 [11:45 PM]: does he like her

Empty lies [11:45 PM]: i dont fucking know

Empty lies [11:45 PM]: he'll most likely say, too young

luCkyBlunt00 [11:45 PM]: ask him

luCkyBlunt00 [11:45 PM]: soo

Empty lies [11:46 PM]: thats statitory rape

luCkyBlunt00 [11:46 PM]: no it is it only if he is 4 years older then her she's 13
thats 3 years younger

Empty lies [11:47 PM]: no

luCkyBlunt00 [11:47 PM]: yea...

Empty lies [11:47 PM]: he's 16

Empty lies [11:47 PM]: og legal age

Empty lies [11:47 PM]: and she's 13

Empty lies [11:47 PM]: NOT of legal age

Empty lies [11:47 PM]: okay, who take criminology?

Empty lies [11:47 PM]: who knows?

Empty lies [11:47 PM]: ask anyone

Empty lies [11:47 PM]: it's statitory rape

Empty lies [11:47 PM]: even if she was 15, it's still statitory rape

luCkyBlunt00 [11:48 PM]: 3 years older u have to be 4 years older i sould know byran tryied to force her to have sex and she pressed chages against him

Empty lies [11:48 PM]: thats trying

Empty lies [11:49 PM]: not actually raping

Empty lies [11:49 PM]: or did he follow-through?

luCkyBlunt00 [11:49 PM]: he followed throught he did the same thing to betsy

luCkyBlunt00 [11:49 PM]: me

Empty lies [11:49 PM]: then he should've been sent away

Empty lies [11:49 PM]: that's REAL rape

Empty lies [11:50 PM]: not statitory

luCkyBlunt00 [11:50 PM]: yes i know

Empty lies [11:50 PM]: there's a difference

Empty lies [11:51 PM]: statitory rape is having sex, with consent or not, with a minor(a
minor being under the age of 16)

luCkyBlunt00 [11:51 PM]: ok w/e

luCkyBlunt00 [11:51 PM]: duhh]

Empty lies [11:52 PM]: statutory rape
n. Sexual relations with a person who has not reached the statutory age of consent.

luCkyBlunt00 [11:53 PM]: he denied everything to the cops and the fuckin cops beleived him

Empty lies [11:53 PM]: thats the cops then

Empty lies [11:55 PM]: well, if you want to be stupid, i'll just stop talking to you

luCkyBlunt00 [11:55 PM]: why are u being so mean

Empty lies [11:56 PM]: im not

Empty lies [11:56 PM]: you're just being so stupid

luCkyBlunt00 [11:56 PM]: about what


luCkyBlunt00 [11:56 PM]: forget that i even said anything ok

Empty lies [11:57 PM]: okay

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[29 Dec 2002|03:18pm]
last night fucking sucked, i had to ditch out some girl's window because her mom came home, and just sitting out her house sucked, because it was boring as hell, then i came home and went to sleep, heh, i slept till 2:30, that was good, anyway, that's all, bye
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