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bleh blah [20 Jul 2003|02:07pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | blink 182:all the small things ]

whoa i juss choked onna pretzel..haha but n e ways...im tirrrrred. friday i ended up goin to this party with sum friends we went round 11pm and came back bout 1am. then yesterday i was at the skatepark all day n i came home n lexi had her friends over. u try sleeping with 4 girls in the next ro0m talkin bout what their bfs do to them lol scary so i didnt get to sleep till round 3 and this morning chrissy came over round 9 cuz her n brad are having problems so i made her a bowl of cereal n we watched carto0ns for a while. ahh but im tired. i juss wanna sleeeep so ill see ya round

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