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Wednesday, June 25th, 2003

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    Being a newcomer, I felt very alone in this wide world of journals they call Because of this, I decided to join a community about my favorite existing band, Incubus... (My other favorite is the Jimi Hendrix Experience... But... You know... It's been a done deal for over 30 years now...) I would write something about how much I love the band but after seeing the warning on the overview page for this community, I fear that I will be deleted... Therefore, I just introduce myself and the reason why I like the band, in hopes that I will get to know some of you better... My name is Frimiliac Frones and I live in MD... I've always liked Incubus but it was only about two weeks that I became truly interested in them... For a while now, I was very heavy in the Hendrix scene and the whole late 60's, early 70s vibe, like Zeppelin and the like... Then a friend of mine, after realizing that I owned absolutely no Incubus albums, burned all of his for me, including some fairly rare acoustic performances... You know how it feels when you hear a piece of music and it's right on your wavelength? I mean, when you hear something and it feels as though it has been resonating in your sub-conscious for over a dozen lifetimes and you're just finally hearing it out loud for the first time? Yeah... That's how it was when I first listened to Make Yourself... And since then, I've been hooked... No only because they're a kick-ass band but because I like what they stand for... They're not "pussies" or anything like that but they aren't afraid to compose things that might be closer to the heart rather than the fist... I like their collective mind and the fact that they are intelligent and yet, cool at the same time... Like Elvis Costello in his time... Except, without the horn-rim glasses and fitted suits... Yes... The Incubus... I am truly possessed... Hmmm... I've just realized that this is quite long... So... I'll leave now...

    Current Music: Are You In? by Incubus

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