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wondering... [02 Feb 2004|09:05pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]
[ music | the movie - little giants ]

well i didn't get to talk to ryan last night like i planned...alls well. today, back to school...ugh. what a loooong day. it was an easy day i went to school, and then went to work. work was a bit interesting today. i wasn't suppose to work ... but i ended up in the YT room with kel. we were both hungry soo i went to go get the bread and meats..and i almost killed myself going over the gate thingy. oh gosh. the kids were cute...they all ran to kelly when something was wrong, and i just continued to sing barney haha. then i went up to the front room to see my children...goodness kids don't know the meaning of no when they are in preschool. no playing pretend guns ... ugh. on the other note, my mom almost had a heart attack b/c she didn't kno where i was because i told her i didn't know if i had to work...woops my fault. well after work i just sat home on my bottom...talking to .... thinking. thinking just makes things worse :(. now i think that i don't have a chance, that he doesn't like me, that blah blah blah! well that was my day...interesting eh? NOT...xox

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