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Wednesday, March 17th, 2004

Time:9:28 pm.
Mood: tired.
hmm HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAYYY!!! yay! well today was a fun day ... school was exciting..not really but it's was deffinitly eventful ... as always :-p. woot woot...well at work today i was with maria..what fun...but anyways ... we had a party for st. patricks day ... and everyone was going crazy because no one knew exactly what raegen could have because of diabetes ... soo i was like waiting for donna...but we did alright :). hehe...i was talking to tara a bit and got down in the dumps but the people i work with changed it lol and made me chuckle :-p...while the girls were in dance class other children decided to tackle me to the ground [sean, eric, karim, kaitlyn, etc] and they all like grabbed my legs and of course i tried walking and was fun lol..they got excited when i fell...because now they are "strong" haha....well hmm...what else...all of them wouldn't say my name so i was like "i'm leaving" and they were like "noooo ms alexis!!!!" it was cute so i walked back...and i was standing my a little boy christopher and he looked up at me and was like ms. alexis..and i was like what...he's like you're cute...i was like oh thanks :-\ lol. it was funny..he's a funny doggy is a reallll funn game!! doggy doogy where's your bone is it far away from home...COME IN DOGGY!!! ahh soo funn! hehe...limbo too :-p. well was eventful though and before leaving me and michele were talking and we were just both oh so pissed...and well she wanted to say to someone "suck my big black cock" and well...that just doesn't sound right in a daycare so she didn't say it...but i was like michele you don't have one!! ... well unless it's a strap on! ahahahah i was laughing i thought it was'm to cool! wellllll hmmm....and little children like 2 years old beat me up because i said it was my house...and like elisa and nicky both like started punching me..OWWW! well i think i'm going to get going...but that was my great day at work :-p. love you all <3. xo
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Monday, March 15th, 2004

Subject:half day
Time:1:02 pm.
Mood: tired.
Music:i believe in a thing called love - the darkness.
last night this fellow was being a total dick to me...stupid head...and then today he acted like nothing ever happened...i don't understand...oh well...anyways...

today was went by slow but it was a good day...i had fun lol...8th period was hylarious....jake always leans back ... and he almost fell hahahahha. i was laughing!! the whole class was....even ms. h. lol it was funny....hmmm we had a fire drill...nothing interesting lol...well i should be getting ready for work...soo talk to you's later xox...
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Sunday, March 14th, 2004

Time:8:49 pm.
Mood: depressed.
yeah well earlier was a lot better then and kelly hung out old times....i was suppose to be hanging out with kaitlyn today but she never called, and now we are fighting....i don't even remember why....must have been a good fight right? NO because i mean she is like one of my best friends and now she's not...what's going on...idk what's happening...i've just been more depressed the ever lately....what's happening to me :-\...oh no! well i said i might have a horse...i will never have a horse....well not the one i want anyways....i'll have one when i move down to west virginia me and tara are going to own some hot horses...hopefully well be lucky and have nice ones...i can't wait to move......maybe it will be sooner then expected...the only think i would miss would be my friends....the ones i love because they are the best....

well back to and kelly went to church and by golly gee it was fun...i saw ryan and dave and i haven't seen them in forever...then kelly and i went back to her house and took some funny pictures...[lol kelly]...a candle...WHERE! lol ahahah! well in the mist of taking the pictures claire came downstairs and was like lexi its your mom...well actually it was my sister lol...she called to see if me and kel wanted to go for a ride to go get her ex we went for a ride to get him..then to home depot and then wawa...what fun eh? yea!! well after wawa we dropped kel off and we came back home..i tried taking a nap and i couldn't fall asleep so i came online and told kelly to come over...when she got here we played some hardcore palace [i won most of the time] GO ME! woot woot....well i downloaded a hot song..JUMP ON and kel always thought that it said "ride a pony..." where did we get ride a pony from jump on it? who knows! lol ... i'm a blonde in a brunette lol...well now i'm just blah and going to probably go to bed early...well after i eat my ice cream :). later gator...
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Saturday, March 13th, 2004

Subject:long time no type
Time:3:38 pm.
Mood: giddy.
Music:TNT - dynamite boy.
hey there everyone :). well nothing really happened lately...i did get sick though :tear: i know saddness right there...ummm well i might have a horse but i don't exactly know yet because i haven't paid for him yet lol because i don't have the $$ right now..OH NO! well i'll get it though don't worry guys :). oh but on the other note...I CUT MY HAIR!!! hotness mMmMm lol just kidding...i'm in such a good mood lallaa. today i'm going to be hanging out with the kel meister and we are going to be going to freehold mall and looking at prom dresses...i have to look good for my date...[danielle] lol we are going as friends guys :). lol ... we are awesome people and we are going to be the hottest ones there....and kelly too...umm yeah today is going to be FUNNNN! AND me and kelly are going to take a ride to BLOCKBUSTER and get MARIO PARTY 5 because we are cool like that 8-)...ohhh yeahhh lol...well hmm today wasn't that great of a day in the beginning me and my mom and sister got in a fight..oh no. but we are good now .. my mommy is going to join me kelly and claire to freehold mall....well we should get going soon...sooo see ya guys later...later alligator! xoxox
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Sunday, February 15th, 2004

Time:5:32 pm.
Mood: crazy.
Music:kellys annoying voice..
today was a fun day [so far]. tara called me last night asking if i wanted to go to alexis's to hang out with her and the boys. i was so mad because tara was going to leave at 9 but i had to go to church so i whined and then she gave it and we left at 945. hehe. well after church we were off to manchester to hang out with alexis, christopher, and nicholas. when we got there we went to BJs to go food shopping. they had this nifty cart that the boys went it! nicholas started chewing on the cart so stupid me put my finger near his mouth for him to stop! and guess what, HE BIT ME! lol. left teeth marks but it's okay, i'd rather him bite me then the dirty carraige. well we went home [alexis's house] and dropped off all the groceries and then off again we went. we went to fuddruckers! great place! the boys had fun, christopher kept lifting up the tablecloth and nicholas was throwing his cherrios on the floor. we left a big ole mess for the bus boys to clean haha. alright. and after dinner we went back to alexis's and and watched some finding nemo, i was falling asleep until christopher decided to bite my toe. teething children, you have to watch all body parts...after all that we went home. tara brought me to kellys, we are having a SLUMBER PARTY! erin, melissa, me, kelly, and kaitlyn are going to sleep over [unless people back out for no reason] erin and melissa are going to chill but not sleep over...least they have a reason. well i'm going to go chill. PARTY AT KELLYS!! just kidding! lol xo love you [although i haven't known you for long]
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Saturday, February 14th, 2004

Subject:valentines day...
Time:8:45 pm.
Mood: tired.
well today wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. i thought i'd be sitting home doing nothing, but kelly IMed me asking if i wanted to go out to dinner with them...of course i'd say yes! lol. so i went out to eat with kelly, claire, micheal, grammie, and aunt shirley. it was fun! me and kelly played with our food [crabs legs] lol. what fun. today was one of the best valentines day ever. spending it with a friend and their family lol. on the way home i smelt my jacket and ew it smelt like cat piss. YUCK! i think my cat had an accident...GROSS! yuckie. claire and i and kelly went off to kassidys because kel needed to babysit. damn they gots a nice house!! lol. what a fun ride there. blah. well i'm tired i'm going to go lie down. xo night.
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Friday, February 13th, 2004

Time:8:38 pm.
Mood: content.
Music:this bitter pill - dashboard.
yeah well i haven't updated in a couple days. let me catch you's up.

tuesday - well the usual. school and work. i don't think anything interesting happened. blah. i really don't remember...woops

wednesday - well wed. i was sick and didn't go to school or work. i got medicine and now i'm feeling better. yay. well when i was home, i was talking to michele, and i read her journal and it said HOTEL PARTY and i kept reading and it said with people from work!! NOT FAIR I WASNT INVITED. everyone was invited except me. what am i invisible? i think so. i'll get over it....maybe

thursday - same as tuesday. lol

today - well school was blah. it was an easy day. it was a 1/2 day WOOT WOOT! easy and short. lol. well i got home and took a nap. didn't wake up till like 2:00 and i had to go off to work. i called kel to see what was going on and her mommy wasn't home..OH NO! lol. but she wound up coming home..we were a bit late for work but it's all good :). we had to stop at WAWA to get me some foodage. MmMm it was gooood! well got to work and after snack me and michele were just chillin on the floor and i was laying on my stomache and michael jumped on me..and i looked at michele, and michele mouthed to me "is he humping you?" and i looked and was like OMG. it was scary! lol. me and michele couldn't stop laughing. then we were horseys and all the kids got on our backs and we crawled around. what fun right? it hurt my back after a while lol. it's all good though :). well kris picked me up from work, and we went to carries...i was tired so i didn't have that much fun. lol. dylan has a tiny peepee it's not even as big as a tootsie roll! ahahaha i have some good times with kristi and carrie. they are funny girls lol. well before we left carrie was trying to point out this guy in the sky with the bow and arrow...bill or something? idk...but then we were both tired so we came home. and now i'm home writing in this thingy. i wonder what i'm going to be doing this weekend..i bet i know...NOTHING. the usual :'(. :tear:. well i'm talking to todd and ryan, so i'm going to go. talk to you's later xox.
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Monday, February 9th, 2004

Subject:stole from meesh
Time:8:59 pm.
*First real memory of something: first trip to florida that took 4 days. oh man
*First Best Friend: chel and danielle
*First Job: remsterville learning center [still there]
*First screen name: karatekid...what a dork i know
*First self purchased album: ummm who knows
*First funeral: daddys..when i was 8 months old
*First pets: misty..[black lab]
*First piercing/tattoo: earings when i was a baby and everytime they closed.
*First credit card: don't have one
*First enemy: rather not say :)
*First big trip: florida [disney]
*First play/musical/performance: i think snow white in 1st grade
*First musician you remember hearing in your house: don't know

*Last cigarette: never.
*Last big car ride: the trip to PA for the haunted house
*Last kiss: way long time ago
*Last good cry: couple days ago
*Last library book checked out: i haven't been to the library in a while
*Last movie seen: currently watching Grease.
*Last beverage drank: coke
*Last food consumed: chicken holiday
*Last crush: anthony
*Last phone call made: my mom while i was at work
*Last TV show watched: GUTS [oh yeah] haha
*Last time showered: this morning
*Last shoes worn: my vans
*Last item bought: idk something at the mall yesterday
*Last ice cream eaten: rainbow chocolate
*Last shirt worn: my grey sweatshirt
*Last time you were really happy: don't know
*Last time you were hurt: a conversation w/ a certain someone
*Last website visited: [michele's journal]
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Time:8:44 pm.
Mood: full.
well the rest of yesterday was pretty darn fun. me kristi and kaite went to the mall, we met up with joe, boy he lost weight and he was skinny from the beginning...woah. anyways that was fun. me and kaite were nuts, and joe was just funny and lunch haha. [right kaite] lol and when i got home i did homework and then went to bed. lol. and then today well hm...arrived at school and received a 4 page note from heidi. haha, i replied too!! well to her 4 page note...i gave her 1 front and back lol. so what i had nothing to say! i went to work, and boy michael ran into the sleepstuff bin and got a nice shiner lol. and then we were trying to watch t.v. but it was being 1/2 retarted...well until anthony saved the day.. WOOHOO. haha. and then i came home. [thanks to michele and her mom lol]. when i got home alex and bob were up in the attic putting floor down...[as a matter of fact they still are]. bang bang boom. that is all you hear. gosh. for dinner i had chicken! yay for chicken!! lol. now i'm i should get started on my homework. xox.
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Sunday, February 8th, 2004

Time:11:10 am.
Mood: blah.
saturday night:
well yesterday i sat home on my butt for the rest of the night after the last entry. kaite decided to continue hanging out with anthony, soo she didn't want to hang out..and erin i couldn't get a hold of...sooo i sat home and watch family fighting. what fun. after a while, they all apologized..and kristi decided to go to alex's and spend the night there. and boy last night ... i wanted dominos and no one would call for me!! so i had too.. GO LEXI! hehe i'm a dork. i had a tummy ache...but 4 slices and some cheesy bread can do that to you lol. me and heidi also made a list of what needs to be in a guy ...
1. funny
2. honest
3. never think about cheating on you
4. loving
5. can sing
6. nice eyes
7. nice smile
8. nice body
9. tan
10. short hair
11. not a stalker
12. taller then us
13. nice size penis
14. not around just for sex
15. sweet
16. buy me flowers for no reason [roses]
17. outgoing
18. likes to cuddle
19. romantic
20. smart
haha we know you like that!! <3.

well earlier i had to wake up and go to church. what fun right? we didn't have a good was boring, the usual. well then after church me and my mommy went to dunkin donuts to get some donuts for me kris and her to eat when we got home. but since i don't like dunkin donuts coffee we then had to travel to 7-11 to get me and kristi french vanilla :-). YuMMy! heh. well nothing is planned for today..i'm suppose to be going to the mall with kristi and joe but kristi hasn't talked to joe so who knows what's going me and heidi are talking about having a party and cooking for her dad!! YES! what fun lol. we are going to burn the house down...oh no lol. well i'll come back with the rest of the day..xox
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Saturday, February 7th, 2004

Subject:long time no see
Time:5:55 pm.
Mood: blank.
Music:Scooby Doo Credits.
haha i forgot about this thing! woops! well...monday - friday..nothing new happened..just went to school and then work. one of those days i hung out with kaite...boy was that a fun filled day. haha. i almost killed myself walking out of her drive way but it's all good :). and today .. well i was suppose to be going out with kaite to the live stock auction, but we didn't do that because daddy is working late's impossible to go. and then me, michele, jennie, erin, and kaite were going to go to sports n stuff and makes dumbasses of ourself..but then we find out jennie has no money [maybe another time]. so i don't exactly know what's going to be happening today. maybe still going with kaite, erin, and my sister...watching my sister would be pretty darn funny. um well my sister and mommy and alex are at home depot..soo i should go start getting ready because i think we are going out to eat [?]. hm. well i'll get back to you all with the rest of my day :-D
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Monday, February 2nd, 2004

Time:9:05 pm.
Mood: gloomy.
Music:the movie - little giants.
well i didn't get to talk to ryan last night like i planned...alls well. today, back to school...ugh. what a loooong day. it was an easy day i went to school, and then went to work. work was a bit interesting today. i wasn't suppose to work ... but i ended up in the YT room with kel. we were both hungry soo i went to go get the bread and meats..and i almost killed myself going over the gate thingy. oh gosh. the kids were cute...they all ran to kelly when something was wrong, and i just continued to sing barney haha. then i went up to the front room to see my children...goodness kids don't know the meaning of no when they are in preschool. no playing pretend guns ... ugh. on the other note, my mom almost had a heart attack b/c she didn't kno where i was because i told her i didn't know if i had to work...woops my fault. well after work i just sat home on my bottom...talking to .... thinking. thinking just makes things worse :(. now i think that i don't have a chance, that he doesn't like me, that blah blah blah! well that was my day...interesting eh? NOT...xox
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Sunday, February 1st, 2004

Subject:yeah yeah
Time:5:36 pm.
Mood: crappy.
Music:allister - chasing amy.
well carries was fun, until her mother came home..that's when all hell broke loose...carrie and her mom started bitching, then kristi and john wanted to get in it...and yeah her mom needs some help...but the kids are always there to make you smile..i called ryan at like 3, and well i could really talk because everyone kept coming in the room, and well ryan was talking to his family [sorry i didn't call back..shit just went on for a while]...and i thought the day would maybe get better, well i was wrong! alex and kristi started fighting...over a friggin SAMMICH!! of all things to fight over, they choose that!! i hate seeing my sister upset, i keep thinking she will never have someone :(. i hope she finds the one person that can put up with her crap...maybe if i talk to ryan one more time...i could keep a smile on my face. ryan you're the best. talk to you all later xo love yous.
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Subject:AHHH hehe
Time:12:28 pm.
Mood: happy.
Music:letters to cleo - i want you to want me.
oh man i don't think i have been in this great of mood in a loooong time. yesterday was the BEST day ever! yesterday i talked to kaitlyn, and i think i got it threw my head that i'm never going to loose her to guys, other friends or anything. she's the best and i love her :). [good luck with anthony]. and anthony, well i talked to him too and me and him are also better now :-)! and THENNN!! i found out the guy i like LIKES ME!! and i found out from him <3. woopwoop! ahh lol. to bad he lives not close :'(. but things will work out. they better! haha and ryan did well in his recording [yay ryan!!] and well today was a boring day. went to church [got coffee before]...came home [got more coffee] and then i'm sitting here talking on the computer. my sister just left to take alex to his house to get ready, and then they are coming back here to get me and off we go to carries. soo ill be playing with arianna, kayla, and dylan while carrie, alex, kristi, and maybe john will be doing grown up talk haha. well i'm going to go and get ready <3. love you's!
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Saturday, January 31st, 2004

Time:6:45 pm.
well today was a boring day. i woke up and guys came over and put our window in. looks kinda nice. well they didn't leave until like 2 ish....and then me mommy and kristi took a ride to home depot to get some things for the house. boy was that a fun experience. on the way home, we couldn't fit everything in the car, boy was kristi getting mad ahhahah..i was squashed in back :(. not fair! well we made it home safely!! i'm still alive :). well i was suppose to clean like a couple nights ago, and still didn't. right now SUPER TROOPERS is on. omg it's sooo funny. well i'm going to go watch it, and clean [maybe].

"i pulled you over for littering and....littering and....smoking the reefer." [ST]

hardy har har..that is to funny
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Friday, January 30th, 2004

Subject:and today..
Time:6:46 pm.
Mood: silly.
Music:the tv show known as full house.
well finally midterms are OVER! thank goodness! well today was eh. i had alg and chorus midterm, pretty easy. then i came home and argued with my sister..ugh she annoys me at times. well then at like 2 kel picked me up and it was off to work we went. today wasn't that bad. i had run. [michael didn't call me maria YAY] and now i'm here talking to you's :-). tonight i have to clean my room because i didn't when i was suppose to like a couple days ago. heehee. woops. well i should get going and "clean" xo.
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Thursday, January 29th, 2004

Time:8:34 pm.
Mood: chipper.
Music:dashboard and ryans voice.
alexis anna kotomski

purple, yellow, and white [they are clouds]

dashboard and ryans voice

veil parm.

IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? yellow, pink, green, baby blue, purple, black or white

pretty darn cold

i'm currently talking to ryan
-- the sexiest hillbilly in the world


yes danielle is awesome and i love her :)

capri sun

soccer, baseball, horseback

brown and andrea says highlights but i don't see it

yes i do

tara - 30 kristi 27

veil parm.


FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR! 4th of july because i'm out of jersey

my bed

yup but i did in 6th grade and got turned down *tear*

haha Johnathan taylor thomas!! JTT BABY <-- i agree with danielle


hugs and kisses are both good

relationship i guess


LIVING ARRANGEMENTS? my house with my mommy and sister

none at the moment

WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD?dell, what shit.
deffinitly scatagories [right danielle?]

umm i think sat in front of my computer

good ones

nope not talented enough





i lost my keys :-\


i don't like wine

went to eat w/ danielle, kaite, and kel in a limo to basilles..and then a surprise party

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Time:7:12 pm.
Mood: bored.
Music:sister act 2.
well like a 1/2 hour ago i got home from work. what a fun day. michael called me ms. maria!! total diss, she's fat AND old! oh man i wanted to cry! but anyways todays midterms were alright i guess. comm tech was pretty easy, but then language i had no fukking idea what i was doing! after school i went to sister yues with kel kim and claire. it was fun seeing her again. we got taco bell and me and kel found out that it gives you gas! hahah..well on our way home i fell asleep. when we got to kelz i almost fell asleep again [that would have been bad]. we were running a little late, we left the house at 215 to get there by 230 haha. well we made it kind of on hugs are the best thing when you're down. i <3 my class they are awesome [micheal, brooke, jaimee, nicholas, danny, andrew, troy, steph, etc] well i'm going to get back to watching sister act 2. talk to you all later. xox
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Wednesday, January 28th, 2004

Time:10:09 am.
Mood: lonely.
Music:dashboard - hands down.
well today is a snow day, what a boring day. i was scrolling threw my friends journal and she got what she lol. anyways. i wonder how today is going to be. i hope to be in a better mood then yesterday, but as of now..don't think so. only one person could make me smile and he's oh so far away. depressing. i think today i'm going to clean my room [like i was suppose to a while ago]. maybe i'll actually get it done. well i'm going to go finish watching heavyweights. xo
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Tuesday, January 27th, 2004

Subject:no school
Time:9:40 pm.
Mood: confused.
well this is my first entry, thanks to kelly. i just found out we had no school, an exciting moment. but that went down quickly. i'm very confused as of now. guys just disappoint me, i don't get them. i mean people going to tell a guy i liked that i like him? i just don't understand. well as for today, it was an easy day, midterm [working with kids], and then work, and home. well it was rough when i got home, i mean it took me a while to figure out how this sucker worked. i think i got it now. hehe. tonight at 11 on disney there is a movie called, the thirteenth year, and i don't know wether to watch it or not. but also gremlins is on. hm i think i decide gremlins. they are to cute. specially gizmo. well i think i'm going to go. i need to rest and think more. eek. well love you's xo.
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