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    Saturday, March 19th, 2005
    10:45 pm
    he lead me into the room holding my hand lovingly ready for some action. wed already been at the party for about 2 hours. wed been dancing and drinking but i guess he finally couldnt wait ne more. nthe door closed and he pinned me to the wall. my arms as high above my head as they would go. his lips pressed into mine roughly. i was getting excited and i could feel my thong starting to get wet. he kissed a line from my lips over to my jaw and down my neck. then he kissed above my breasts and down between them and then up the other side of my neck back to my mouth. i was whimpering already just having him near me. he let go of my hands and untied my halter. then my pants came off and he felt my wet thong before moving it aside. he rubbed my clit and then stuck his fingers in me. i started moaning and begging him for more. we moved to the bed. i ripped off his shirt and pants. i saw his dick already hard through his boxers. the boxers came off too and i grabbed his dick excitedly. i swirled my tounge around the head while rubbing up and down the shaft with my hands. then i took as much of him as i could in my mouth and throated him while swirling designs on his dick with my tounge. it was his turn to moan. i started to suck hard i wanted to taste him. but just as he was aboout to come he pulled me off him and layed me back against the head board. i felt the head of his dick on my pussy and then i felt his big dick go in my pussy. it felt so good i started maoning as he pumped in and out of me. harder baby harder i was screaming. o god id missed him. i forgot how good it felt. he was going as fast as possible now. he was getting sweaty and i was moaning loudly. we both orgasimed at the same time. his warm cum shot inot me and my wet cunt poured over his dick pulling him in tighter. after the orgasims were over i turned over onto my hands and knees andwiggled my tight ass at him. i wasnt done with the fun yet. niether was he taking my cue he plunged his dick into my asshole. o god that felt good 2!! ooooooooo id missed him sooo much. he started going hard again mkaking me moan louder than before. i reached down and started rubbing my clit and then fingering myself. this made him want me more and he started going harder wich i hadnt thought possible. after a second i felt his hot cum in my ass. i pullled away quickly and grabbed his dick with my teeth. i throted him again and sucked hard tasting the wet salty cum. yum!!! i sucked him totally dry. then we layed back on the bed exhasted and content. he was worth waiting around for!