05:25am 30/04/2003
mood: amused
music: pieblad- mess with the bulls
you may laugh, but it is the most beautiful word.

jeff is coming over for breakfast this morning.
Mmm, waffles.

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my internet is up and running,   
04:26pm 26/04/2003
mood: agitated
music: none
but i don't want to talk.

silly people.
hollow promises.
broken hearts.

i get hurt, but i pick up everyone elses pieces.

look into my eyes.

give me a reason...   
01:15am 22/04/2003
  ... to go on.

this seems ever so pointless now.

no one knows me.
no one cares to know me.
no one should bother.

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this was a last resort.   
11:56am 13/04/2003
mood: optimistic
music: mindless self indulgence- bitches
melissa called me this morning, i was woken up to her phone call. letting her know all the crazy shit that has been going on in this house. she isn't coming back this month. she is coming back in july, for like three weeks i think it is. YAY! that makes me happy. i miss melissa A LOT.

well, my day has just begun, so i will talk to you kids later.


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01:41am 12/04/2003
  how come no one ever comments on my journal?  

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07:00pm 11/04/2003
mood: bitchy
i was accepted to the charter school. this please me very much so. i can't wait to get going and get shit on track.

harmony has been kicked out of the house. lots of tension is in the house, i want to get out. house court, probation, and community service is in my near future.

p.s. i am quitting smoking. no more marijuana for me. i am getting drug tested regularly, by my own free will.

please do not tempt me.

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03:50am 10/04/2003
  userability engineering = how to sell shit.  

look into my eyes.

01:03am 10/04/2003
  why does everyone want my ex's and not me.  

look into my eyes.

oh hypocracy.   
12:36am 08/04/2003
mood: high
music: smart guy on the t.v.
let it snow.
seriously, bring it on.
i could use a day off from school.

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03:03pm 06/04/2003
mood: moody
this weekend was interesting.

-drugs and alcohol flow too freely throughout this house
-anthony wouldn't lay off of me [all he talks to me for is sex]
-alex is out right now cutting of his fro
-my tummy hurts, and i want someone to snuggle with

look into my eyes.

a lesson well learned.   
02:34pm 03/04/2003
mood: giggly
music: i am at the local library, no music for me.
share your happiness with the world.
everyone is unique and beatiful in their own way.
express your self daily,
and let your beauty be seen/heard.
guide others to the enlightenment you are experiencing.
touch people deeply in their hearts and minds,
and let it be known that everything in this world is good.
we are all in this together, everyone.
arguing is pointless.

let's never argue again.

look into my eyes.

battle me!   
03:43am 01/04/2003
is a
Cake-Eating Robot Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 8.3

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat Jennifer, enter your name:


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stolen from kevin.   
05:47pm 28/03/2003
  I ____ Jennn.
Jennn is ____.
If I were alone in a room with Jennn, I would _______.
I think Jennn should _____.
Jennn needs ______.
I want to ____________ Jennn.
Jennn reminds me of _______.
Without Jennn _______.
Memories of Jennn are ________.
Jennn can be __________.
Worst thing about Jennn is _________.
Best thing about Jennn is _________.
I am ________ with Jennn.

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04:42am 27/03/2003
  doop doop doop.
i went to the ER last night.
i have strrooong pain pills for my neck.
yippee skippee.

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hello loves.   
12:55am 25/03/2003
  i sent kevin a five page letter today. i hope he replies this time.
i am working on jays next letter. i hope he replies too.

maaan, do i really suck that bad?

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just so you know.   
04:09pm 24/03/2003
  my internet is down, i am in the office at my house right now. we are trying to get it up and running again.

i am going through withdrawls.

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made my morning.   
01:42pm 21/03/2003
  Does it seem like the world is filled with time wasting morons? Everybody hate you because of your superior intellect? Does your profound commentary on everything go un-noticed by your peers? Maybe it’s time to read the Insta-Cynic How-To Guide. Let’s get cynical!

In order to become a successful cynic, one must establish clear opinions on everything. You might think this would require actual thinking, but you’re wrong. I find it doesn’t really matter what you think – just pick the opposite of what everybody else thinks. You can also save yourself from the tedium of research by simply making up facts. If anyone contradicts you, call them “naive” or “ignorant.” This brings us to the first rule of cynicism:

Cynic Rule #1: Everybody else is wrong.

Remember, this includes people who agree with you. Make sure your arguments aren’t coherent enough to allow any real debate. If it seems like you’re stuck, try switching sides and then denying your earlier position.

Cynic Rule #2: You are an expert on everything.

As long as you don’t have a problem with lying and taking quotes out of context this one is pretty easy.

Cynic Rule #3: The position being taken by the opposition is directly responsible for everything from terrorism to the time you fell off your bike in second grade.

The really fun part of being a cynic lies in blame shifting. With a dash of pseudo-intellectualism and a pinch of evidence, you can make it seem like Mother Theresa was responsible for World War II. This one can take a while to master, so be sure to practice at home in front of a mirror. If you just can’t seem to pull it off, resort to insulting the physical appearance of your opponent.

Cynic Rule #4: Always belittle your opponent.

Suggested insults:

-You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about….. fatass.

-Go read a book you f—king illiterate moron.

-That would be true… if you weren’t so ugly. Christ, seriously, you should wear a mask or something.

-No offense, but (insert horribly offensive comment here). Example: “No offence, but is that your face or is did something die a horrible death while crawling into your shirt?”

Belittling your opponent is key in establishing your intellectual superiority. For this reason you should probably stick to easy targets like fat chicks. Nerds might seem like easy targets, but don’t be fooled by their soft, pudgy exterior! Many a cynic has been ruined by their uncanny sarcastic wit.

Overall, if you have relatively good hair and a can-do attitude, you won’t have much trouble becoming a cynic. The most important thing to remember is however inane your points, however half-assed you arguments, as long as you pick people stupider than you to pick on nobody will know. Stupid people aren’t hard to identify, look for people with “WWJD” bracelets or spike necklaces. Both Christians and Goths are fairly easy targets for the well-practiced cynic. Keep this in mind and maybe someday you can have a satisfying relationship with a pet iguana or something. Good luck!

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05:25am 21/03/2003
  how come people don't realize that persistance isn't a turn on?
polka-dotted thongs are though.

look into my eyes.

08:30pm 20/03/2003
  today i had a revalation.

i was on the bus and the woman next to me was in deep passionate prayer. i had much respect for her. she was praying outloud, when she was finished she made eye contact with me for a good 30 seconds without saying a word. it wasn't strange, after she said "you are beautiful inside" it was nice, and i thanked her and got off the bus.

some people really are good.

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02:52pm 17/03/2003
You are "Ghost World"

Which of Josh's favorite movies are you?
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